Backlash Hollywood - GRAND OPENING

Hello Friends!

This past weekend I got to take part in helping out my friends over at BACKLASH co. ltd. 

We were here to celebrate the Grand Opening of Isamu Katayama’s Backlash first store in America. What better place than to position themselves in the heart of Los Angeles. 

For those who haven’t read my post on the soft opening, Backlash Hollywood is a brand new store that offers luxury leathers, apparel, and accessories of import brands from Japan as well as luxury items from America. The designers we carry are:

Backlash The Line (our higher end line)
Backlash Ballet (women’s line)
Roar Guns (jp)
MIC (jp)
Love & Peace & Rock & Roll (jp)
e (exclusive denim band made just for Backlash Hlywd)
Good Art Hlywd (US)
Logan Riese (US)

Our gorgeous security guard keeping the store fresh 

Come and check out the store at 9061 Nemo St.  West Hollywood, CA 90069.
Yours truly will be watching the store next weekend ;)

There were so many cool musicians and designers that came to check out our store. 

Even Die came all the way from Japan!

And we were so lucky to have a very special event occur at our party. 
Special guest Naru-san blessed us with his unique skills. Narukiyo is a popular Izakaya located in Tokyo, known for their great food.

This was a 100lb tuna that was brought here from Japan by one of our Backlash Staff. Isn’t that CRAZY? You know what that means? 
Yes, we bought over $100 worth of ice to keep that sucker fresh. 
And yes, it was absolutely delicious.

Katayama-san making the first cut to start off our party. It was a great starting ceremony =)

People enjoying their delicious food. 
* You can see me in the back chatting w/ Die ;)

Enjoying the great food



The after party was held at Harvard & Stone.

BACKLASH VIP Pass for our guests

We continued on the night.. having good times. 

Have you heard of Logan Riese?.. Well you should.

Josh, Die, Me, and Moto! : >

Die showed me a new technique for picking that I have immediately began implementing in my playing. Thank you Die!


Thanks everyone who showed up and made the event what it was. Remember to check out BACKLASH on the instagram: http://instagram.com/backlash_hollywood

I can’t wait to see all my friends in Japan this December!

What do you guys think? Drop me a line.

-Gene W.