SPX 2013!!!!!!!

It was like this. I’m sorry to all the artist I did terrible impressions of, and the words I put in peoples mouths because this is from memory. I’m not sorry about the spelling mistakes.

But yeah. Amazing show. So glad I went, AND I STILL REGRET PASSING OUT ;_;


this weekend has turned me into gregor samsa only instead of a giant angsty bug that wants to die, i am turning into happy excited puppy with lots of comics to read. so many neat humans and their art and so many people that were nice to me about mine. :’)

THANKS MICE 2013, H.A.G.S xoxo 143 u rock don’t ever change, see you next year



Belated chunk of goodies from MICE and Locust Moon, plus a drawing I did for the AiB library while at MICE! I need to plan out my budget for all cons ahead of time next year- SPX wiped me out.

MICE goodies:

The Woodsman and the Bear by Ellen Crenshaw

Future Space by Mark Velard

Pony Tale by Lena Chandhok

Fox & Spirit by Laila Milevski

Rock On by Alisa Harris

Centaurfolds by a bunch of awesome boston-area folks

Rat King by Nikki Desautelle. Actually the third rat king item at MICE!! Ashley Almeida also had a sweet rat king button. rat kings for lyfe

Therman by Rick Pinchera

Fairy Tale comics, edited by Chris Duffy and featuring more amazing cartoonists than

Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue by Erin Filson & the Hollaback! Philly team

and an Amelia Onorato original from Iron Cartoonist!

Locust Moon goodies:

Urban Buzz by Ned Hugar

The Quintessential Copout Artists Comics by the copout crew!

Print from Chuck Dillon

Stray by Kayla Miller

Go to Hell Holga Braum by Mike Sgier

Do You Like Pasta by Maritsa Patrinos

Boys and Cats by Ned Hugar

Elsewhere by Hunter Heckroth

Print by Maritsa Patrinos

Cyanide Milkshake #5 by Liz Suburbia

Mess by Andy Hood

Spooked by Billy Wayne Martin

I also got an awesome print from Mia Schwartz but it’s up on my wall already!

I’m exhibiting at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo this weekend!

I’m bringing little freebie cards, postcard prints of comics and art, leftover sketchbooks from MeCAF, and articulated paper dolls. I’ll also be doing sketches.

If you’re in the area, come visit! It’ll be my first two day show and I might go a little crazy from too much awesome.

I… I just got an email about this today! This is a panel I would have killed to be on, but I did not find out about it until evandahm mentioned he would be on it, and all the people were already selected.

It seems my friend drawjereldraw dropped off of it and now I am on it? That is my guess because he is listed on the site but I was not told I would be paneling with him… I am unsure and maybe this is all wrong and I jumped the gun and I will have to make another post saying how I wont be on this, but for now,




MICE 2013 was really great. Here’s a few pictures from my phone. It’s not much, cause ya know, I was selling things and talking on panels the whole time. I have plenty more to say but this is where we will begin.

First is zoepiel recieving her grant mponey for her MICE debut book, The Adventures of Painless Parker! It is pretty great and I will pimp it all get out when I do one of those loot pictures. B|

Next is the VERY IMPORTANT picture of my coffee cup with my Twitter account in case I lost it. Sadly, I never did. I will make sure next year to “misplace” my coffee, so someone can tweet me all about it.

Then a picture I drew for I am pretty sure the Lesley Library, but I honestly couldn’t say. IGNORE THE UNINKED FOOT WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM RUSTY WITH PHYSICAL MEDIA.

Finally, LOOK AT THAT PAPER CRAFT HEADCRAB I AM WEARING!!!! It was given to me by a student artist named Victoria Chiu-Lin. I only have her Deviant art account, which you should go and check out. http://okamitsuki.deviantart.com/
Ahhhh this headcrab is so cool and I would love to see more things like it.

More to come (but not in photo form unless you send me pictures of me in my hat)!