So i’ve been trying to figure out how to make this into a gif for a year. This was taken May 17th, 2013 at Skate & Surf during O.G. Loko. None of Of Mice & Men’s microphones were working so the crowd sung  all of the words. Someone threw a giant signed Pikachu and people crowd surfed it up to Austin and well this happened.


SPX 2013!!!!!!!

It was like this. I’m sorry to all the artist I did terrible impressions of, and the words I put in peoples mouths because this is from memory. I’m not sorry about the spelling mistakes.

But yeah. Amazing show. So glad I went, AND I STILL REGRET PASSING OUT ;_;


this weekend has turned me into gregor samsa only instead of a giant angsty bug that wants to die, i am turning into happy excited puppy with lots of comics to read. so many neat humans and their art and so many people that were nice to me about mine. :’)

THANKS MICE 2013, H.A.G.S xoxo 143 u rock don’t ever change, see you next year



I just really love music and it’s helped me so fucking much. I couldn’t have gotten through the toughest struggles in life without it.