mice king



Hello, I am Amelie

I cook an egg with a spoon! Amelie

Fall in love again with me, Amelie, now on DVD

You miss that new relationship, well maybe fall in love with me, Amelie

Don’t look for me on Blu-ray, I’m not on Blu-ray. I’m on DVD. I’m too small to fit on the Blu-ray, they lose me. I am Amelie

I’m hiding near the spindle. I am Amelie

This laser disc is gigantique. I am on the edge of it. Helloooo! It is like a plate for my egg dinner. Delicious! I am Amelie

I am inside your pocket, you have enough money to buy my DVD.

I miss VHS tapes because I would get in the little holes and spin around.

Yes, I live in a hole with the Mice King. I’m married to the Mice King. My staff is a lollipop, Amelie

Thank you to the bands who made my life a little less crappy


  • Me: *listening to music*
  • Mom: can I see what kind of music are you listening to?
  • Me: *hands mom earbuds*
  • Me: *starts king for a day by PTV and Kellin Quinn*
  • Mom: ahh, this is nice...
  • Mom: oh dear fucking god
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