mice and mystics

turnthepage21  asked:

So my friends and I have started playing a lot of tabletop games (Pathfinder, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mansions of Madness, Mysterium, etc.) Any suggestions on other games we should check out?

Sounds like you enjoy heavily-themed games with a lot of player interaction. you may like The Last Night On Earth, Mice and Mystics, or any of the RPG-in-a-box titles. Maybe other Tumblrers will offer their own suggestions in replies.

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I love your work with the 40k marines and was wondering what you would recommend for a starter paint kit. Looking to paint he minis in mice and mystics

TBH, i generally use tamiya color acrylics these days for my standard paints, tamiya fine light grey primer for my primer, and good old Citadel Colour washes for easy details.

For sealing you cant do better than testors Dullcote.

For any super detailing i use gold/brass/silver sharpies, and Sakura branded permapaque paint markers.

Brush wise, id go with army painter branded brushes. They are pretty good quality.

For basing, school (PVA) glue, a brush you don’t give two shits about (but do wash it after every use), a jar of sand, and a small box of static grass.

That’s what i use and would recommend. 

Avoid citadel standard paint if you can, the pots are garbage and it dries out in months.

Voltron Pokemon Go Headcannons

I know fuck all about this game
-obvs Keith is Valour, Lance is Mystic, and Hunk is Instinct
-Keith and Lance are always trying to one up each other and claim shit for their teams
-Shiro wants to Stay Out Of It so he’s team instinct
-Everyone thinks Pidge is on their team
-they’re not wrong
-Pidge has multiple devices and accounts and is on all three teams
-only Shiro has picked up on this
-Lance and Keith were complaining about not having a Space Adult TM on their teams so Allura and Coran were forced into it
-Allura would have been on team Mystic but Lance opened his mouth so she’s valour and her and Keith use strategy and tech and the mice to try and beat Mystic
-Lance is disappointed at first but then Coran starts getting really good and they go for sheer numbers, they have the engine rooms and the out of the way areas as pretty much theirs. Take that Valour
-Everywhere is claimed for Instinct every morning. Shiro can’t sleep and just walks around the ship claiming everything
-Pidge is crazy competitive and has a heap of rare Pokemon and no one can work out how
-Hunk figures out they’re using lures in the vents so no one else can claim them
-Pidge also uses various robots to help triangulate the positions of Pokemon through the ship and sometimes uses a roomba to get more walking points

That’s all I’ve got at the moment feel free to add your own

Mice and Mystics

Hello and welcome to Suit-a-Nerd.

Yay, content. Sorry that I have been slacking off, but after writing a paper for my “American Media History and Theory” class, I simply could not write anymore in my free time I also could not read anything more complex than youtube comments. Writers block and all. 

But I had the nerve to play some games, and Mice and Mystics is one of them. (if you are interested in the rules, check out this video.) We played the game with 4 people: Jenny, Michael and Dominik and me. I had the board prepared for game night and we watched the above mentioned video to get familiar with the rules and it worked pretty well. We only had to check a few clarifications over the course of the game, and it went pretty quickly.

This is the set up for the first game, there are only three tiles, but all of them are flippable, so there are six tiles to be explored. There are some rules that not so much confuse me, but I thought that were odd. For one thing, the semi random movement. I usually am not a fan of random movement, since in my opinion makes no sense that in one instant, I can run 5 squares a round and in the next, only one. The thing is, in this game you need random movement, at least on the minion side. If they were to move a fixed distance, you could kite them all over the map.

Secondly, also something to with distance, you can shoot over the whole map. Which can somewhat off-putting, especially on huge open tiles.

But for this these two tiny things, the game went great. It had a great flow matching with the narrative idea behind the game. Every player was engaged in the game, which is pretty important in a coop game, since it often devolves into one guy calling the shots, while the rest sits around bored. Not in Mice and Mystics though. Lets see how the next few games of it work out.

Hope to see you next time, on Suit-a-Nerd.

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Any suggestions on either what game to play with a person who "hates" strategy games, or how to get said person to play strategy (she refuses to play Ticket to Ride or Seven Wonders. :( )

Instead of trying to push a person into a game they don’t want to play, find something they *do* want to play.

Maybe instead of a strategy game, look at a heavily-thematic game, like Last Night On Earth, or Mice and Mystics, or Dead of Winter. Maybe that experience will be positive, and she’ll want to play something more strategic in the future.

Also, keep in mind that heavily strategic games like Puerto Rico or Power Grid aren’t fun for new gamers to play against experienced gamers, because there isn’t as much luck involved, and it’s very hard for them to be competitive. If you can, look for something that has a high ratio of luck to skill, so everyone has a chance to win the game, regardless of skill level and experience.

Finally, never trade the joy of playing for the pursuit of winning, and PLAY MORE GAMES!

Mice and Mystics

Hello and welcome to Suit-a-Nerd.

Have a look at my newest acquisition, Mice and Mystics from PlaidHat Games. I fell in love with the art style and the theme, and I already told you about my love for Dungeon Crawlers. The great thing about this one is, it is full coop! Awesome! Have a look at the components.

There are a billion of pics of painted miniatures and custom game boxes for this on board game geek. Check them out if you want to, but be warned that they will seriously tempt you to buy the game yourself. I will bring you my Impressions on how the game plays next week.

Hope to see you then, on Suit-a-Nerd.