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TableTop: Mice and Mystics Part 1 with Anne Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton, and Nolan Kopp

For Part 1 of the TableTop Season 3 finale, Wil sits down with his family to play the tabletop RPG-in-a-box, Mice and Mystics. Anne, Ryan, and Nolan join Wil as they try to take back the castle in this all-inclusive and family friendly role playing game. Mice and Mystics is a self contained role …


Collin by Hannah Kennedy // Digital // 2015

A redesign of the character Collin that I printed as a valentines gift for personal use. (From Plaid Hat Game’s Mice and Mystics)

I would like to eventually work my way through all of the characters. Maginos is next. Will also post our paints for the figures once we get around to it. Enjoy! 

Character/design/icons are all property of the original studio.


Tabletop games have often put us in terrifying scenarios, from facing down numerous apocalyptic scenarios (including zombies, alien invasions, and the waking of the Elder Gods) to more practical but equally scary situations, like taking on the spread of virulent disease. But let’s face it: …

Preview: Tail Feathers


It’s really difficult for me to avoid writing this post without an excessive number of exclamation points. In fact, I even considered writing this post with nothing more than exclamation points. Why? Just look at this:

I am totally flipping out right now. Plaid Hat Games has announced that preorders for Tail Feathers will be up soon! For those of you curious, Tail Feathers is set in the Mice and Mystics world. And for those of you that are further curious, Mice and Mystics is definitely one of my favorite games, and has a permanent spot in my top 10 favorite games (speaking of which, I need to publish my 10 faves soon…but I digress). The minis in the game got me jammin’ right now:

Aerial combat. Ground combat. I can only assume aerial > ground > aerial combat. Shooooot dang this looks amazing. And obviously, I’m going to be busting out my paints on these. I’ve been working on a new set of painted minis lately and I’m looking forward to slapping some paints on these guys, too. Here’s a snippet of my recent painting project:

The game includes the following::

• 1 Tail Feathers Rulebook
• 1 Scenario Book
• 10 Action Dice
• 35 Unit Cards
• 60 Action Cards
• 12 Objective Card
• 23 Plastic Figures
• 5 Bird Bases
• 1 Plastic Range Finder
• 4 Tree Overlays
• 1 Sapling Overlay
• 8 Leaves
• 2 Nests
• 2 Nest Dials
• 2 Player Clipboards
• 1 Battlefield Axis Marker
• 6 Mouse Team Mission Cards
• 6 Rat Team Mission Cards
• 97 Tokens

The Scenario book allows you to play through a campaign, and it seems that preorders will allow you to do what appears to be a cross over Lost Chapter with Mice and Mystics, too. VERY FREAKING COOL. Also, 23 minis. SEE THAT? 23 MINIS!!! FIVE OF WHICH ARE BIRDS!!! 

I’m not sorry for shouting about this.

In the coming days, I’ll be showing off a few more previews of the game that they sent over, including more artwork, box art, and a few cards and details of the minis. Preorders show up soon (Monday at Noon CST)…check back here for more info when that happens! Retail price is going to be around $70 (which is still a pretty good deal), and if you get in on the preorder, you can have it for only $55. BOOM!

Guys, I’m super excited about this game, although I can’t promise I won’t use more exclamation points than absolutely necessary.


Evenin’ G'vnors!

Bought a comic album a few days back - Mouse Guard - and ploughed through it in an hour or so. Alas! The story was actually quite lame - or rather childish - and whoever is responsible for the layout and composition need to go a weekend course or such. My ol’ graphic designer eyes can not unsee what they have seen.

BUT! The images. O, the images. Charming, warm and very unique. There’s something about tiny, feudal, armed mice that gets your creative juices flowing. Linked picture is done by Kenneth Rocafort, though. Not Mouse Guard creator David Petersen. Speaking of which: want

And if that’s not enough. I know what I’m getting for Valentine… 


So I was able to have some friends over for new years, and we spent all weekend playing games! Pixel Tactics, Boss Monster, Dominion, and Mice and Mystics! It was a blast to have friends and family over, and I got to show off my partially-finished Mice and Mystics minis. Also, I’m terrible at playing Pixel Tactics, I keep getting defeated by everyone I play without even getting any damage onto their leader!

Trying to stay on topic though, I gotta say that Mice and Mystics is a very frustrating game to play. We had a lot of fun with it, but the game mechanics are extremely harsh. Even giving ourselves some decent advantages and extra health we got wrecked on the 2nd chapter. I have tried a few different bonus rules to give the party more help, but I am open to any suggestions if people have more experience playing this game. I love the concept, but unfortunately I believe that this game is just not my cup of tea with the rules as written, there is just too much randomness and not enough room for actual skill or tactics, there is virtually no way to plan or play differently since the maps are so small and the combat is basically all dice based. With no additional mechanics besides “hope you roll dice well” it is impossible to give your team any other advantages, I think some other mechanics are needed to make this game more enjoyable.

Anyways, so that is the end of my rant, if anybody has any comments about this game, if you either like it or dislike it, I’d love to hear them!