mice and man

Dysphoria playlist (please add on)

- My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire

- Smother by Daughter

- Home by Daughter

- Air Catcher by Twenty One Pilots

- Lullaby by Nickelback

- Trapdoor by Twenty One Pilots

- Stand In The Light by Jordan Smith

- Crawling In My Skin by Linkin Park

- Break Free by Ruby Rose

- Where Will You Go by Evanescence

- Outlaws Of Love by Adam Lambert

- Suicide Is Painless cover by The Crackling

- Sleep by My Chemical Romance

- The Real You by Three Days Grace

- Identity Disorder by Of Mice And Men

- Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan

- Reflections from Mulan

- Hello by Evanescence

- Perfect by Simple Plan

- Cut by Plumb

- I Found by Amber Run

- You Don’t Know by Katelyn Tarver

- Just A Little Girl by Trading Yesterday (this one hits me so fucking hard)

- Coma Baby by Nichole Dollanger

- The Other Side Of Me by Conchita Wurst

- Pure by Conchita Wurst

- Through Glass by Stone Sour

- The Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance

- Teen Idle by Marina And The Diamonds

- Solitaire by Marina And The Diamonds

- Hide And Seek by Imogen Heap (I know this song is a meme but I love it to death.)

- Can You Hear Me from A Normal Lost Phone

- Old Scars/Future Hearts by All Time Low

- Secrets by Marina Mena


- Come Here Boy by Imogen Heap

- A Sadness Runs Through Him by The Hoosiers (fellow trans boys- you’ll like this one)

- She’s Always A Woman by Billy Joel (Trans girls, it’s a classic, i know, but if you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favour and listen♡)

- I Don’t Hate My Body by MALLRAT

- Burn It Down by Daughter

Have I ever mentioned on here that a while back ago I saved two little mice from a sticky trap? well I was so happy and proud cause I have mice of my own and seeing them like that broke my heart. Today another one got stuck and it was definitely a baby. And In the midst of helping it, it died. Call me a baby but I’m cryin now.

One evening at the Castle Ship (probably):
  • Keith: There is something we need to tell you.
  • Lance: Well, Keith and I, we're together.
  • Matt: What, you are gay? How?
  • Allura: I’ve known for some time. I am glad you shared this with everyone. (The castle mice told her, of course - these snitches!)
  • Hunk: Yeah, I figured.
  • Pidge: Oh, yeah. Me too.
  • Coran: Wait, we were supposed to think you were just friends?
  • Shiro: Owning who you are is gonna make you better people.
  • Matt (who spend the last 3 days in pod): Wait, what? They are a couple and everybody knew? How long have I been out?
  • Pidge: Actually, it was pretty obvious. I guess you just missed most of the pining and the tacky moments, like that time Keith cradled Lance in his arms.
  • Hunk: Or that time Lance was jealous because Keith ran off with Allura?
  • Pidge: Or that time they went to the pool together?
  • Keith: Common! Shut up already!

That moment when you’re 95% sure your daughter is keeping multiple identical rats named Rosie but you can’t prove it because she hides them too well.