More angel!Mickey and mermaid!Minnie sketcheeeessssss.

For those of you who do not know:

  • Being a proper member of mice fandom means you think of every alternate universe possible to put the characters in because they can do anything and be anything. I should know, I’ve been doing it for years.
  • You shrug off the weird looks you get from everyone else
  • No don’t draw fur on them that’s not how you do it stop it
  • They’re just people who are mice okay they can be mermaids and angels and STOP LOOKING AT ME THAT WAY
  • Shut up they’re adorable
  • This is probably one of my favorite AUs I created, known simply as angels and mermaids. Everyone’s a mythical creature and it is fun.
  • Things are tough at first for Mickey the bird and Minnie the fish to live together, but sooner or later they figure things out and go to live happily ever after in a love cave/nest where there are plenty of pools and water tunnels for Minnie to swim through. The only way out are through these water tunnels/falls and through a hole in the roof that Mickey flies through. No centaurs allowed.
  • They sleep in a snuggly hammock together and have makeouts like in the pink picture all the time forever and ever and they never get bored of it because they are Mickey and Minnie and they do not know how to stop

For more angels and mermaids, visit my gallery and scraps at http://www.elera.deviantart.com

They’re almost always sketches. I don’t think I’ve colored a single one of these. ._.

I’d like to color these though. But haha I don’t keep my promises

Poor Mickey. He’ll never get used to being horrifyingly attracted to Minnie. Or that she uses this to her advantage.

~ Started the night before this one
~ Was drawing a completely different picture, randomly made Minnie’s leg way up there
~ Sketch took on a life of its own and all the sudden they were at the beach and Minnie was seducing him
~ Inked it hurriedly
~ Had no idea what to do with the stupid composition for twenty-four hours
~ All the sudden I have an artgasm just as I’m going to bed at 2:45 in the morning
~ Hastily work on picture until 4:30 when I should be sleeping

And that’s how it happened. I promise that when I do commissions the shading will be better. I just literally went swish-swish-swish ugly, quick shading ‘cause I wanted this to be doooone. So often I can’t even get myself started, but sometimes, when I’m in just the right mood, I can’t stop or else it’ll kill me.

So yes. Beach seduction. Discuss.
  • Listen

Me this afternoon: LOL I have two hours to kill before I have to pick up my sister what should I do oh I know I should sing cause I like to and I used to musicals lololololol










Speaking of Star Wars, here’s something dumb I scribbled last week (?) because I can’t sleep right now and because yeah. In this universe Mickey was raised to be the main villain’s right hand man, but of course we all know that he is secretly good (he just doesn’t know it yet) and that he has the hots for the pretty space princess he’s supposed to be holding captive.

Each scar and injury represents a time when he disobeyed his master by not going through with some cruel, sadistic order that went against Mickey’s noble spirit. He’s the most powerful person on the force though, so what are you gonna do. It looks like it’s going to be up to Minnie though to find the good in him and release it so Mickey can fight for what’s right~

Hurrr, my ideas are so original. *twitch*

See, this is the goodness we’re missing out on right now that other countries get. They get all the Disney comics from all over, not just the ones from Italy (which has a wildly different canon separate from everyone else’s. Srsly, Italy, you may like the idea of a Minnie with giant red lips and a Pete who has a girlfriend, but I frankly don’t). And they get Horace Horsecollar on their covers. At least in Brazil.

Brb, going to Brazil


If you know me, you know I’m usually not fond of the Italian Mickey comics or even a good number of the Donald comics that come out of Italy. It’s incredibly sad because Italy is so awesome, but it’s the truth. It gets even sadder when one realizes that Italy is one of the largest, most frequent, and most steady at producing Disney comics, so by all accounts that’s grounds for wanting something to be very awesome.

Unfortunately the most recent provider of Disney comics to Americans like myself was Boom! Studios, and their policy was to mostly import Italian comics, which storywise and characterwise can be wildly different from all the other Disney comics that have been produced throughout the decades and in various countries. So if in the last couple of years or so if you wanted more Disney comics to be translated into English and sold in the states, but didn’t have a thirst for the Topolino way of running the mice and duck universe, it was a too bad, so sad sort of situation (they also did a really flimsy job at translating - that’s Italian Mickey who should be calling a flashlight a ‘torch,’ Boom!, not American Mickey - and he doesn’t speak proper English over here the way much of the Disney cast in Italy speaks proper Italian to educate the little ones and please concerned parents).

A good litmus test for whether or not I will enjoy a Mickey comic is how Minnie is treated. If it insists on writing her - one of the few recurring female characters in these comics and supposedly a character girls are meant to relate to - to be some kind of difficult, selfish, irrational shrew who’s the butt of many sexist jokes, I’m not reading that crap. If she’s drawn terribly, wearing tacky clothes (those freaking poofy sleeves uuuuugggggghhhhhh, which are unfortunately her staple now, THANK YOU, 1950s, THAT REALLY HELPS), it’s just insult to injury.

The Italian canon as it is today was essentially founded by Romano Scarpa*, who while brilliant in many ways and widely celebrated in Italy for understandable reasons, kind of got his start during the era where it wasn’t just commonplace to draw characters like Mickey and Minnie ugly and to write Minnie’s character out to be as some sort of monstrous representation of what all women are like, it was expected. Minnie + sexist, awful writing was everyone’s OTP. It’s kind of no wonder that Italy latched onto other female characters instead and ended up inventing other female characters that they like better. Instead of taking the initiative and improving Minnie, the artists and writers at Topolino went ahead and continued the tradition of depicting her as an incredibly unlikeable character. In the majority of Italian comics I’ve read or thumbed through, they do not like her. Reeeeeaaaaally do not like her.

So imagine my surprise when I found this comic a couple of years ago. While I am a fan of a good number of the wacky, vibrant art styles that Topolino has produced over the years because they can be really neat and expressive, there’s a good number of 'em too that are…yeah, not. Same as any country that makes these comics, really (curse you, Noel Van Hooooorrrrrnnnn). But the style in this comic - I love this style. Really, really, really, really love this style. It harkens back to the classic age, yes, but certainly in a more vibrant, cutesy way. It’s expressive, fun, and Minnie looks like a doll, and I just love it.

The plot is based off of the Italian film of the same name, La Strada, which I haven’t seen so I can’t attest to how similar they are. There’s a pretty odd framing device in this comic which I found rather dull, but honestly much of the horrible translating I did when I originally read this (yaaaayyyy, Google Translate. Who needs my Italian speaking brother anyway?) was reserved for moments that looked interesting to me. Mostly, I was just there for the pretty, pretty pictures.

I’ve seen the style in a couple of other places, but not much beyond that. If I had my druthers, there’d be a lot more comics (not just Italian comics) that look this cute and lively, a lot more drawings of Minnie that show how pretty she can be, and everything that Minnie ever appears in would treat her this nicely.

I feel like I should clarify again though: Italy, I think you are awesome in so many ways, I’m just not always a fan of your Disney comics. I hope we can still be friends (for the record a lot of non-Italian Disney comics end up being rubbish too, but for different reasons).

* EDIT: Aaaaaack, meant to say Romano Scarpa, not Marco Rota, aaaack

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Because I’m so easily triggered I almost posted this lengthy, sad confession about how I have no place in my main fandom (no it’s not Muppets), and how I can never shake the feeling like I’ve been replaced and I’m not good at anything and I never will be, and how a year ago the pressure became too much and helped plunge me into the deepest, darkest, most crippling bout of depression that’s been ruining my life for over a year. Dodged that one. 982 watchers on my dA account and I have the nerve to call myself unloved and invisible. Haha, Elera, you selfish monster.

Enjoy the song though. I found it rather fitting my mood.

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