1/100 days of productivity | 11.03.2017 

hello!! so i guess this is my first post on the community, if we don’t count my introduction. anyways, my spring’s break almost coming to an end :( which means our school will probably start to stress us about finals and whatnot, so i decided to step in the library for some last few days of peace with my books. i’m currently rereading the trc (the raven king) series - which is fantastic to be fair and i suggest that to everybody. also please excuse my photographing skills, i’m pretty new to the world and have no clue about it aha

♪♫ - it ain’t me by selena gomez

“No morirá lo que debe sobrevivir; A una terapia de amor intensiva..”
Claramente no hay mejor remedio para el desamor, para la tristeza, para cuando extrañas, para el bajonazo… que los ronroneos de mi crew felina. Mi amor, mi inspiración, mi fe, mi compasión, gran parte de mi felicidad y energía surge y revive de ese mágico y simbiotico momento en el que me hundo entre mis amigos gatitos. La mejor terapia de amor, para mi, es escucharlos ronronear heaaavy hasta quedarnos dormidos.


Message me via tumblr if you’re interested! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
Payment through Paypal only - mishypal@hotmail.com (tutorial here)
Mainly remember to click the “No Address Needed” Tab

Rules ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
-First come first serve
-Will not allow placeholders/reservations, must pay right away upon request



Extra Info ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

-Most of the Christmas adopts are based off something Christmas related
#1 Gingerbread, #2~ugly sweater…?#3 Gingerbread House Builder, #4+5~Carolers?,#6 Christmas Lights, #7+8 Mistletoe, #9 GiftWrap/Ribbon/Bow, #10+11 Ice/Snow, #12 Rudolph duh 
-A) is a Neapolitan ice cream pony. The horn is an ice cream cone, so no she is not an alicorn
-None of the Christmas adopts and A-F have names, so name them as you please
-The clothing is not glued to their body, so yes their outfits can change -G) Is based off voodoo dolls. His name is VooVoo because the other way around would be silly. Of course you can rename him though haha-F) is a part of my Root Pony Adoptables. His name is Spud, because he is a potato pony. He was originally placeheld for a long time but the payment never came through so he is now available again 


 5/100 days of productivity | 15.03.2017

welp i forgot to post day 3 & 4′s photos since i was hit with a bunch of school work. i took this photo on the 13th though when i had to buy a bunch of stationary, since the weather was quite alright, but there’s a huge blizzard happening since last night, so school’s been cancelled today! anyways, today’s just been a maths practice day for the huge exam tomorrow!! i hope y’all have a great day though

♪♫ - don’t recall by k.a.r.d

510 follower art giveaway!

it’s that time again where i find every reason to host follower art giveaways.  so, that being said, let’s have another art giveaway raffle! same rules as always:

  • since this is a follower thank you giveaway, only followers can win (but non-follower boosting will be greatly appreciated).  both likes and reblogs of this post count.  multiple reblogs will increase your chances of winning, but please don’t spam your followers o uo)b
  • a random winner will be chosen via a random number generator at around 11:59pm PST on March 17th (so in about 2 days).  so reblogs/likes after that will not be counted (but still appreciated!)
  • if/when you are chosen, i will send you a message via tumblr inbox.  you’ll need to reply with what you want me to draw for you within 24hours of me sending that message.  i will also be making a post publicly on my blog announcing your win in case tumblr inbox eats the message.
  • if/when you win you can pick any art style or format i have previously done.  ex: title cards, logos, digital papercraft, lineart only, doodles, icons, patterns, etc.

Thank you for following my blog and good luck if you chose to enter!  (Do let me know in your tags if you’re only reblogging to boost the post so I can pick other winners)

PICNIC links (updated)

in case y'all didn’t get the memo, i uploaded Picnic onto dropbox last night, when i realized some of the links that people were uploading were buggy/had malware (my computer almost crashed from one of the bad links). 

when i uploaded the vids onto drop box it was fine and dandy until like 200 of you guys started downloading/viewing it lol. soooo dropbox banned me. 

but, i put them into a google drive account. you can access them here:

part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B39VI2OhuKnbcFAzWUVkV1N2OWs/view?usp=sharing

part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B39VI2OhuKnbb2VDYkJZRzBFU0k/view?usp=sharing

if you’re gonna watch/download the vids, please like/reblog this post. i’m not trying to get a bunch of notes, i need to know how many people are viewing and downloading the videos so google doesn’t flag me and ban me. i have a lot of college papers i’m working on, currently saved on my gdrive, and it would suck to lose them. so yeah, thanks guys! enjoy ;) (also, credit goes to jade_starlight for the original vids…or at least, I think she was the OP?) 


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● okay wow so like he’ll probably be really shy when he asks you out like he’ll be a stuttering mess and will be like blushing and looking down. 
● and honestly i think he’ll expect you to say no but when you smile and answer yes and he’d like smile so widely that you’d think his cheeks would hurt
● he’ll take you to the movies probably and like try that cliche yawn and wrap his arms around your shoulders and then after the movies he’ll probably like drop you off home, fORGETTING THAT HE HAD A RESERVATION AT A RESTAURANT
● but honestly tho he’d like walk you to your house and like he wouldn’t know what to say so you would have to end it and you would just end it with how much you enjoyed today
● he would ask you out on like the sixth or seventh date, so late oml but its probably bc he was nervous and mingyu or jun suggested he wait a little to confuse you bc “it’ll make her think about you
● when you guys get closer, he’ll propably show his notebook where he writes songs and use you as his muse
● he’ll try to kiss you when you least expect it lmao like he’ll make sure your attention is anywhere but him and then he’ll swiftly peck you on the lips and you would have to wrap your arms around his neck before he pulls away 
● he’s probably the first to say i love you
● like it happens when he’s writing a song and you’re there beside him watching a drama and he’s realize that he has been subconsciously writing about you and he had written i love you beside your name like ten times
● and he’d just say it out loud before he changes his mind and he’d be blushing bc he doesn’t know what you would say
● but you say the words back and you lean up to kiss him and it’ll be like all slow and passionate 
● he really likes cuddles and hugs especially back hugs so expect hugging and cuddling
● except in public tho he’s still a shy bean
● but in private, when its only you both, expect to be in his arms constantly with the both you sharing earbuds and listening to some song
● lazy sunday mornings if he doesn’t have practice or any work
● lazy mornings everyday if he has a week off  or something
● vernon’s probably the cutest and most adorable boyfriend, like please take care of him when he embarrasses himself and remind him that you’re with him and that he’s not alone

seungcheol // wonwoo // mingyu // vernon 
woozi // jeonghan // joshua // dokyeom // seungkwan
hoshi // jun // minghao // dino