micchan draws

M: “Kunihiro-kun that’s not…” idontevenknowhowtotranslatemyownwritingsok

Quick doodle more like 2 hours on a doodle wow im fucking slow before i procrastinate even more

Take a look at the twitter hashtag #しょくんばで彼眼帯 (idkhowtotranslatethisbutbasically manba-kun wearing micchan’s eyepatch) if you have time ignore mine pls


hug day (9th august) and heart day (10 august) in japan was a few days ago and i was so late

SO LETS COMBINE BOTH (surprise hug attack from the back) + all them hugs from my captains(they’re always my captains regardless no only one captain THEY ARE MY CAPTAINS)

enjoy the shit background