SOOO! All my stuff I purchased came in the mail :3 The Keyboard - Mouse - Mouse Pad Came in a couple days ago & My headset came in just now. Most definitely super nerdy c: but for me, its money well spent :D I can not wait too be able to use it all while I play league of legends XD & playing in the dark will be so much cooler :o <3 A big thank you to Razer for making such great stuff :3


So we had just got aced & the enemy was one turret away from destroying our Nexus…BUT! Autumn is there and was able to fend them off while also getting a double kill <3 Saving the game and earning us one more chance! Both teams regrouped one more time &… the following occurs :o!

  1. I get two barrels to poke down Swain & Vi Down, I finished them off with a quick ult to get an instant Double Kill.
  2. I then see Leblanc off to the side alone trying to kill off Ahri & I use a well placed barrel to save Ahri & Kill Leblanc. Triple Kill.
  3. I see my chance to get Riven, I flash & body slam into her to obtain the Quadra Kill.
  4. Finally Annie is left, my team had surrounded her and all that is left for me to do was place a barrel underneath her toes and wait till I could finish her off with hit. Boom.
  5. PENTA KILL! All thanks to my baby, for saving the game in the first place :3 <333. I love you Autumn c: <333!