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rules: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. then tag some friends.

i choose:

  • haikyuu!!
  • voltron
  • tokyo ghoul

the first character you loved:

  • tsukishima kei
  • lance mcclain
  • yomo renji

the character you never expected to love so much:

  • yamaguchi tadashi
  • lance mcclain (lol)
  • takizawa seidou

the character you relate to most:

  • sugawara koushi
  • hunk garrett
  • yonebayashi saiko

the character you’d slap:

  • none??? 
  • lotor lol i think he’ll make me wanna slap him first ;)
  • mutsuki tooru (like 100x please)

three favorite characters:

  • yamaguchi tadashi, sawamura daichi, iwaizumi hajime (god it’s so hard to choose)
  • lance mcclain, matt holt, pidge gunderson
  • kirishima touka, takizawa seidou, hideyoshi nagachika

a character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • terushima yuuji (same emily)
  • i still love them all
  • uta :^)

a character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • yamaguchi tadashi (i’m sorry but the first time he appeared i was just like ‘meh’)
  • none? i loved them all but okay the mice probably? they’re really gossipy but it’s cool now since they’re cute
  • naki (i love him)

3 OTPs:

  • tsukkiyama, iwaoi, kurodai
  • klance, shance, shatt
  • touken, hidekane, ayahina

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“Bring Micah back.”

A mother in Raleigh, North Carolina, is seeking justice for her 15-year-old son, who says he was the target of a white student’s continued racism and harassment at school. The teen’s story has gained nationwide attention after a video of his altercation with the white student Friday went viral.

What the video doesn’t show, however, is the alleged harassment that Micah said led him to his boiling point. Micah told that he endured two months of the student’s racial slurs and degrading comments before the two got into a physical altercation on Friday. 

The point that pushed him “over the edge” is when the student showed Micah a video of him shooting a gun and threatened to kill him and his family.

Micah was suspended for 10 days. The other student wasn’t punished at the time.

Since the video of the altercation went viral, students have been rallying in support of Micah.

On Monday, students protested in the hallways of their school. They chanted, “Bring Micah back.”

Micah’s suspension has been reduced to five days since his story gained traction. His mom, Yolanda Speed, told that she was told that the administration decided to punish the white student at that time as well, but she wasn’t given any details. Speed believes the other student was punished because the video went viral.

Though Micah’s suspension has been reduced, the teen is facing backlash from the video. In addition to worrying about potentially getting kicked off the football team, Micah has received comments online calling him racial slurs and saying that he “deserved to be lynched.”


A white kid threatens a black kid’s family and the black kid gets punished? This is so disturbing and so typical at the same time… If someone bullies you and threatens your family you ain’t got a choice but to put hands on them.

Actually, the white kid needs to be charged with making terrorist threats! We need to find out white kid’s name and put it out there!

Justice for Micah!



Up until junior high, I thought it was fun just to play with everyone. That was what volleyball was to me. But that’s not it…that’s not it…I want to be like the others, and…I want to be able to make my body move right! I want to control the ball! I want to play on the same level as the other, better players! 

happy birthday micah my everything @choutarous