Unwind || Dean & Micah

Exposed bark scraped at Dean’s palm as he grappled for the large tree that sat outside the Smythe home, a small convenience that it was both a large enough specimen to support climbing along with the fact the sturdiest branches lingered just close enough to his best friend’s window.  Of course, he could of used the door, most people would of, but Dean was all about showing off a deal of the time and after one too many falls and a nearly broken arm from falling off the drain pipe on the side of the house, he’d always gone for the slightly more elaborate tree-to-window entrance.

After enough rustling of leaves and groping for the window sill with lanky limbs, the eldest Hummel hoisted himself up to the edge of the houseand forced the window open just enough for him to crawl in, nearly toppling himself over in the process but he’d recovered just in time to not cause any loud thumps or broken collectibles that could get him murdered.  “Nailed it.”