Micah&Kat || Finding the Front Desk

Kat hurried out of her new room, down a flight of stairs and out onto the stone patio. There stood a tallish, lanky boy, with a terrified smile. Relieved that everyone in her head had gone quiet for a while, though to be honest it probably just meant they were plotting something she wouldn’t approve of, she approached who she guessed was Micah, knowing that if Lyssa had been screaming at her in front of this boy, he certainly wouldn’t have been as accepting as the rest of the patients had been. Frankly he looked like the smallest movement would scare him to death.

“You must be Micah,” she smiled, trying to be as warm and friendly as possible, because she knew as soon as the voices came back she wouldn’t be coming over too sweet or caring. “I’m Katrina, it’s nice to meet you properly!”

She extended her hand, praying he would take it.