lotus + attitude around different people

this is gonna be a long post so be prepared

Strangers - It depends on the stranger. She judges people within the first few seconds of meeting them and how she acts toward them is determined within those few seconds. If they don’t bother her, she won’t bother them. She comes off as detached and cold but not straight up rude. However, if the stranger is rude she’ll be much more biting.

Acquaintances - She treats acquaintances pretty much the same as she would treat strangers.

Friends - Lotus doesn’t have many casual friends. She won’t be as cold or rude around friends but she’s still really quiet. She can be kind bitchy sometimes but makes [minimal] effort not to be.

People she doesn’t like - She’s incredibly mean to people she doesn’t like and has no regard for their feelings. She’s not someone who can see good and bad easily so if she sees the bad in someone, she sees all bad.

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Homestuck AU

Now, I’m pretty far in Homestuck, but to be honest it still kind of confuses me, so if you think there should be any changes, just let me know :)

I’ll post more (trolls/alpha kids/etc) as I think of them

Beta Kids

John Egbert- Trent Baker

Rose Lalonde- Rosie Novak

Dave Strider- Micah Reed

Jade Harley- Lily Leblanc