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What technology have you guys enjoyed hacing access to in Auradon?

Harry: Meh.

Gonzo: *eyeroll* Well, Raph and I are having fun fiddling with computers and stuff like that. Morwenna uses the internet for a lot of her medical stuff, and Micah, Vince, and Zhao fool around in the labs.

Harry: Nerds.

I’m so glad to see people falling down the poly pirate crew rabbit hole. *toothy evil grin* IF I HAVE TO SUFFER DOWN HERE SO DO YOU.

Why don’t y’all ask them some questions - AU where they’re finally in Auradon?


Boys - Harry, Gil, Jonas, Gonzo, Lex, Zeke, Vince, Raphael, Micah, Malachi, Gabe, Yamato, Zhao

Girls - Desiree, Rosita, Uma, Drey, Bonny, Morwenna

Here are pics: https://askauradonprep.tumblr.com/post/165388101489/final-crew-tally

Here are personalities/headcanons/backstories: https://askauradonprep.tumblr.com/post/165429498119/happy-2000th-guys

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Poly Pirate Crew... name the dubs and subs

Okay, I’m going to take this as meaning ‘who is more take charge’ and ‘who listens when the others take charge’ because, again, PG-13 rating (and yes, I know that’s oversimplifying it - also, if you’re NOT dating them, I do not recommend trying to tell the ‘listens’ folks what to do).

Take charge - Uma, Morwenna, Bonny, Yamato, Raphael, Rosita, Jonas, Lex, Zeke

Listens - Drey, Gabe, Desiree, Gonzo, Harry, Gil, Micah, Vince, Zhao, Malachi