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Hey everyone! I currently only have like $10 dollars in my account at the moment and I’m opening up $30 Fully Colored Bust Commissions to help pay for bills, like medicine, doctors appointments and bills.

These can be of any character you’d like, OCs, fanart, anything. Like the post says, one character per drawing (but you can purchase multiple slots if you’d like more characters drawn!)

I’m only taking payments via Paypal (USD) for now and once payment has been received, you’ll be marked down for one of the slots. Once the drawing is complete, you’ll be sent the HD file without the watermark. for your use. You can use these drawings as icon’s, avatars and portraits for your characters in RP scenarios but please refrain from reposting without credit or claiming the artwork as yours.

You can message me via inbox, messenger or my work email micahbhunter@gmail.com

Commissions Slots: OPEN

1.  Kevin Heuer for D&D Character Portrait: Payment RECEIVED.

2.  Brett Hargis for Guild Wars 2 OC Portrait: Payment RECEIVED.

3.  Brett Hargis for Guild Wars 2 OC Portrait: Payment RECEIVED.








Please reblog or share if you can, I’d really appreciate it and help me make sure my account doesn’t go into the red. :D

allmyfavesareflawed  asked:

So, it's the last pic with Micah and Lloyd (which was adorable, by the way), did Micah say the Red Ninja because of how much Lloyd was blushing, or does he cycle through all the ninjas ranging from the most 'likely'- Red, Blue, Black- to the oddest, like guessing Lloyd is the Titanium Ninja, Water Ninja, Brown Ninja...

Agakhsvsj both tbh. The original idea was

Micah: kiss me if im wrong but youre the red ninja, right?
Lloyd: im not
Micah: *kisses his cheek*
Lloyd: *face turns bright red*
Micah: now you are :)

But i dont have the art skills for that and micah WOULD cycle through all the ninja and probably make up a few too bc hes that kind of person

anonymous asked:

Would you write jealous Nigel, please?

Nigel was going to kill him.

He ground his teeth together as he stood in the doorway of the laundry room and watched their asshole fucking neighbor put his hands all over Adam’s shoulder while his little star seemed completely oblivious to the dickhead who seemed to think Adam was his to touch. 

“I found the fabric softener,” he said was he walked towards them watching the neighbor, Mike or Mark he wasn’t sure but who cared, step back from Adam like he was on fire. 

Adam turned to smile at him, “Micah was just telling me he saw the aurora borealis last year! I told him you…” 

Nigel kissed him, not even a chaste soft kiss but a deep dirty one with tongue making Adam sigh as his hands came to the back of his star’s head bringing them flush against each other. When he pulled back Adam was panting, frowning as he said, “Why did you kiss me like that? We never kiss like that with other people watching,” he frowned to see Micah red faced and looking everywhere but them, “Micah is here.”

Nigel kissed his cheek, “Oh, is he? Hello Mike.” 

The neighbor mumbled something Nigel didn’t even care to hear before grabbed his sopping wet clothes from the dryer and took off out of the room. 

Nigel chuckled, kissing Adam quick as his star still frowned, “You wanted him to see.” 

He shrugged, “So?” 

Adam poured in the fabric softener, “You were jealous of him? Of Micah?”

Nigel’s lip twitched, “Fuck no, I just wanted to fucking kiss you Adam. Am I not allowed to kiss you when other people are in the room?” 

Adam smiled, “You were jealous,” his hand came to Nigel’s own as he closed the washing machine and turned it on just as he kissed Nigel’s cheek, “Don’t worry, I don’t want Micah.” 

Nigel growled, pulling Adam close and trapping him against the washing machine. He kissed him hard again, biting at his bottom lip and reveling in his star’s moan of surprise as Adam clutched onto Nigel as tightly as Nigel did him. 

He felt Adam’s cock through his jeans, reaching down to touch and loving the shiver he got in return, “Fuck, baby what you do to me.” 

Adam smiled, “We got in trouble last time we had sex in here.”

Nigel grinned, lifting Adam up onto the washing machine. “Well, let’s make it worth the punishment then.”