micah chelen

Looks like our lacrosse boys aren’t the only one one’s who’ve been getting dirty.

Easton’s always a place that oozes scandal, and it would be silly for any of you to even consider that I haven’t been keeping a close eye on it all. With the New England Lacrosse Tournament upon us, and Headmaster Hathaway being as busy as he is, there’s plenty of scandal to go around, especially when one factors in all the other schools in the mixture.

Who’s caught my eye so far? KC’s black one. KC Carlton was seen putting her Billings girls to shame, physically attacking a girl in the halls of the classiest dorm at Easton. She claims self defense, but we all know that a Billings girl has the mindset that the pen speaks louder than the sword. Or rather, perfectly manicured claws must always be retracted when dealing with unsavory individuals. It seems like Kiran Hayes realized this as well, and finally did her duty of head of Billings, tossing KC out to try her tricks in Pemberly. Doesn’t this remind you of the fall from grace for a certain Noelle Lange?

The headmaster himself has been extra moody lately, and rumors have it that his office was destroyed. Nobody knows who did it, but I heard that the heavy oak doors had the name Lolita cut into it, all in caps. Oops?

It seems to me like not all the students from the other schools excel at keeping their hands to themselves.Micah Chelen, the doe eyed brunette from Bradwell ended up in close counters with a boy who got a little too touchy feely. Watch out ladies, despite the name of it, the tournament probably isn’t all fun and game.

And lastly, it looks to me like the Easton Eagles are doing extraordinarily well at the tournament, so a congratulations goes out to the boys for not sucking as bad as we all thought. Tomorrow Easton faces their biggest rivals, Peabody, and it should be a game to remember.