BTS REACTION to liking you while they’re already in a relationship


He was completely confused, and that’s all he really knew. He had no idea how to handle the situation. He’d been waiting forever for his feelings to just go away, for his urges to stop. But he wanted to be with you. Even while she sat in his lap as he played with her hair, even as her face was lit up with joy, he was angry. Because he wanted to be the one to bring the happiness to your face. But he wasn’t.

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I can’t do this. I should break off my current relationship, then I can decide. He laid down on the bed and groaned in agony. All he wanted was to sit back in peace, but he couldn’t. His thoughts were racing, and they were all about you. You were all he wanted. He knew he wasn’t happy in his current relationship, but he believed in fidelity, and he didn’t believe in breaking up for someone else. Not when he didn’t even know if it would work out with you.

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He was known for being happy. He was known for radiating sunshine, but now, all he could do was binge watch Australian TV shows and cry over the shitty subtitles. How could he pretend to be happy with someone? How could he look over at them, with a giant smile on his face, and let it falter, because he feels it’s the wrong person at his side?

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“…Okay, I know exactly what to do. Freak out.” He told Suga. He was the only person who knew about the way that Namjoon felt, and he was an all-around life guru when it came to relationships. The kind of friend who hasn’t dated in three years, yet has better advice than anyone who actually had been in love. The love advisor who knows nothing about love. And for some really not obvious reason that Namjoon could not figure out, neither of them could understand what to do.

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“Would you stop looking into the distance like you’re living a fucking Adele song,” Jungkook said to him, vaguely smiling at the fact that he found his sentence funny, “And do talk to the person you’re already dating? If you’re not happy with them, the logical thing to talk to them about it.”

He turns around in the car seat to meet the younger member’s gaze, watching as the other members nod in agreement with the maknae. “But… I don’t want a relationship with Y/N to start out by hurting someone!”

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While he sat in the living room, he started to notice that his hands were shaking. He didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but he wouldn’t keep hurting his own. The only way that he could make this better was to stop lying to everyone. His sad puppy face was strong enough to even get his lover’s attention. “Tae, are you okay?”

“No. I need to talk to you.”

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The others had been trying to make him speak up for the past half hour. But all eh wanted to do was shake his head and pull the sleeves of his sweaters down over his fists so that he could keep his fingers from freezing to death. “…I have to stay loyal. To bts.” He finally said, resting his head on his knees. It was cold in the dorm, and it would all be fixed if he could maybe just have you there to cuddle him. It would be warm and happy. And there would be no need for switching loyalties.

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