A snippet of my gchat life..

Me- I’m going to Danny’s (Sidenote: a bar in Chicago) tonight
Brother- It’s about time you go out
Me- Um, you do NOT have to tell me twice

Personally balancing Work life, Social life and my Running/Health life seems impossible at times; I cannot even begin to tell you HOW many times I've had to live vicariously through my friends (via text updates while they’re out) because I chose to run or stay in and rest. It’s frustrating for me, but I know it’s especially frustrating for them.

When I begin to question just exactly WHAT I’m doing..and WHY I’ve chosen this type of lifestyle, I think of that feeling of accomplishment (AKA say it with me- that HIGH) I get from setting a goal (pace, mileage, otherwise) and just killing it. 

This is why I choose being in bed by 10pm instead of going out until 2am, or waking up early on the weekend when the rest of the city is asleep- Because if all of this was easy, EVERYONE would be able to do it. And what’s the fun in that?

In other words… 

..And in this case, I am a little bitch.

I was planning on waiting until Spring to replace my running shoes, but I’m done offending everyone around me (whether it be at the gym, apartment or general public) with the rancid smell of my shoes. TMI? Sorry! 

Regardless, I’ve had this pair since May- With a few races (and lots of mileage) racked up on these bad boys, they're WELL past the recommended 300-400 mile range. 

For all the superstar runners out there (who just so happen to read this blog)- What do you guys do with your shoes once they’ve reached their limit? Donate? Hoard them in your garage? Display them? I would LOVE to know!

Above: The only running shoe that exists in my world- Nike Free Run+, $85.

Also- a Runner’s World FAQ on running shoes.. 

RE: The Illinois Marathon- That’s what I’m afraid of! Boring, middle of nowhere, etc. (I’m doing the Half, my brother is doing the Full.)

RE: The Shamrock Shuffle- This was my first run ever (so I’m a little sentimental about it) PLUS I love the course and overall vibe of the race. This is my favorite.

RE: The Chicago Marathon- My goal this year is to run BOTH Chicago and New York. Good luck on your NY entry! They just started randomly accepting people, so keep an eye out!

WOW, where do I start? With my other blog, there’s always been this fine line of separation between its two main focuses Running and Fashion- How far could I go with one topic before I start to lose my readers who are into the other? It’s like, explaining the idea of optimal running cadence to a woman who only wants to see my picks from  Moschino, Spring ‘11. You get the point.

That’s why it only seemed natural to take the next step and dedicate an entire writing space to something that has truly become a lifestyle and passion of mine. From races, to injuries (believe me- I have tales to tell), to what I wear; This is where I plan on covering it.

Jean and I would also love to follow (and hear from) other Tumblr Blogs because let’s be honest.. who else are you going to talk with regarding your latest mileage triumph or Runner’s high?

I’ll end my introductory post with this- In college, a Marketing professor once told me that I was a “Jock with a nice handbag,” He meant it in a poking fun kind of manner, but really- I took it as a compliment.

(Photo: Central Park, Summertime)