A snippet of my gchat life..

Me- I’m going to Danny’s (Sidenote: a bar in Chicago) tonight
Brother- It’s about time you go out
Me- Um, you do NOT have to tell me twice

Personally balancing Work life, Social life and my Running/Health life seems impossible at times; I cannot even begin to tell you HOW many times I've had to live vicariously through my friends (via text updates while they’re out) because I chose to run or stay in and rest. It’s frustrating for me, but I know it’s especially frustrating for them.

When I begin to question just exactly WHAT I’m doing..and WHY I’ve chosen this type of lifestyle, I think of that feeling of accomplishment (AKA say it with me- that HIGH) I get from setting a goal (pace, mileage, otherwise) and just killing it. 

This is why I choose being in bed by 10pm instead of going out until 2am, or waking up early on the weekend when the rest of the city is asleep- Because if all of this was easy, EVERYONE would be able to do it. And what’s the fun in that?

In other words… 

..And in this case, I am a little bitch.