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Selections from a 6-image series of illustrations done for Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo exhibit signage, showing a male village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) building a nest, and ending with the female weaver and her clutch of eggs. Graphite and digital, 2017. 

Mogar is most certainly, totally ready. And he’s pissed.

I had a lot of fun working on this and tried some new things that I didn’t know would work or not. I wanted to draw a Mogar in my style and I must say I’m pleased. I imagine Mogar as a character that transforms from a normal dude to a fucking badass warrior when the bear head with magic jewel is put on. 

Also, this is going to be a series of illustrations with each one inspired by a different Achievement Hunter (obviously this one was inspired by Michael). Not all of them will be based on a joke or character though. I’ll post a sneak peak of all the other ones I’ve finished so far which include: Jack, Ryan, Geoff, Mica, and Michael. I still have the following to start and finish but the ideas are in place: Trevor, Matt, Jeremy, and Gavin.

Does anyone have ideas on what to do for Trevor though, AH community? I’m completely stumped.

Anyways, enjoy and have a good holiday!

I know I’m late, I know! But I still wanted to do this so happy birthday Mica! Hope you had a wonderful day, you beautiful human<3 @pass-the-pencil

Seems like Sawano is starting to take a liking to 8-bit sounds in his songs.

I’m talking about Dark Side of the Moon.

Levi’s song.

A rearrange of Reluctant Heroes, which is one of my all-time favorite Sawano songs as well as one of the first I’ve heard.

Now, some of you may know but the character song of Mikasa, No matter where you are is entirely made by Sawano himself, while the other character songs are done by Kohta Yamamoto, who has recently been working closely with Sawano especially during Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga.

The thing is.

I’m not sure about these final two songs.

According to the information we have, both Dark Side of the Moon and Hope of Mankind are composed by Sawano but arranged by Yamamoto. I’m not entirely sure how this affects the final song, but Dark Side of the Moon sounds VERY Yamamoto-ish, so I’m going to take it he was in charge of the instruments and final sound style.

Still, I think it’s kind of a cool thing. First we have Barricades and its 8-bit sounds and now this. Sawano probably asked Yamamoto to do it, idk.

Honestly though, very appreciated! The song itself sounds great so far and.. theDOGS, being my #1 Vocal Song better make a good comeback with Hope of Mankind! Of course, they are different songs, but the instrumentals matter!

And did I mention how long I’ve waited for a proper Reluctant Heroes instrumental? Sawano never released the official one from the original song in Season 1. Well, there’s Reluctant Heroes <MODv> which has an instrumental but I’m not a big fan of it. (Still appreciate Mica Caldito’s vocals though!)

Looks like I’ll finally have a good instrumental to use for a proper singing practice xD

anonymous asked:

Do you know if mica still works for AH? I feel like I haven't seen her in between the games-type videos in a long time but maybe that's just me

She’s moved over to The Know full time I believe


Well, first of all, I would like to thank to pass-the-pencil for tagging me in this fun. Everyone made so beautiful arts a year ago as well, but now. I could cry on every piece what I see… People are amazing. TT__TT

And Mica, I told you before how happy was I, when I saw yours. Still gorgeous! *—* ♥

Hm. I would not like to say anything about my art, If I can not say nice things. So just let me tell you some little data. The left one is my veryveryvery first Larry fanart what I have ever drawn. That happened in August 2013 and I was inspired by the popular song: The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. :D
Actually I do not why I started to draw them. Fanart was not my desk earlier. And I do not know how I was fallen to this fandom… >_> That was a real big bang… x__x And I am still falling.
And the other one has finished today, so that is still hot. :DD

So, If you want to do, then do not hasitate, just draw! ~

And I would like to tag only shawtyartblog, because my other friends have been tagged by someone. :D Let’s redraw, If you would like to do~

also I drew Granby like 9 times just now. I dunno why but he’s the hardest for me to draw anything approaching consistently so here is my sheet of granby practice. I think i’m getting closer to a True Granby….