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Mogar is most certainly, totally ready. And he’s pissed.

I had a lot of fun working on this and tried some new things that I didn’t know would work or not. I wanted to draw a Mogar in my style and I must say I’m pleased. I imagine Mogar as a character that transforms from a normal dude to a fucking badass warrior when the bear head with magic jewel is put on. 

Also, this is going to be a series of illustrations with each one inspired by a different Achievement Hunter (obviously this one was inspired by Michael). Not all of them will be based on a joke or character though. I’ll post a sneak peak of all the other ones I’ve finished so far which include: Jack, Ryan, Geoff, Mica, and Michael. I still have the following to start and finish but the ideas are in place: Trevor, Matt, Jeremy, and Gavin.

Does anyone have ideas on what to do for Trevor though, AH community? I’m completely stumped.

Anyways, enjoy and have a good holiday!

I know I’m late, I know! But I still wanted to do this so happy birthday Mica! Hope you had a wonderful day, you beautiful human<3 @pass-the-pencil

dude why the fuck am i still at mica i actually probably really should legitimately drop out and like, take online classes at animation mentor i fucking bet i’d learn more anyway

granted AM is only 3d and mica is 2d and 3d but… at this point i feel like im a lot better off honing my skills in all areas of cgi esp since im much more interested in working for a game developer than a television animation studio at this point. i dont even really know why it just sounds more appealing for reasons i cant describe. mica is not going to teach me ANY of the skills needed for that. i mean sure they have game design classes but i’m not going to be taught any more about modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, how to fucking use zbrush literally the industry standard for 3d modeling, or how to do all of that specifically for use in game environments. those are the things i need to know for the area im interested in, not how to fucking paint or whatever. it would be exponentially cheaper and also give me the education i actually need. i mean, it’d be a lot more trouble, trying to find and enroll in classes wherever i can for all the things i want to learn, but i bet i’d come out with a better education for cheaper if i did that

can you fucking believe there are no courses at mica that will teach you how to use zbrush. can you fucking believe that. i still cant

Can we just really quick acknowledge the bravery and sheer “fuck you I won’t be silenced” attitude Mica Burton brought onto the off topic podcast. I see her as such an inspiration as a bi girl from a mixed background. The things she brought up were so important and the pure command she took on those subjects was so inspiring. I also want to shout out to Michael Burnie and Ryan who listened so intently to understand and only ever interrupted with questions to further show her point and help them understand. Like that podcast made me so happy because I felt SO represented in a medium that I have enjoyed for years now regardless of minimal representation but seeing it here was so refreshing. Plus I absolutely loved hearing mica say that she was proud to be black and she had to work there but she made it. I have nieces who are under ten who are already showing their discomfort with their skin and as their very clearly white aunt it breaks my heart because to me they could not be more beautiful and they have this societal pressure that as little girls they don’t deserve. Knowing that there are women like Mica that my nieces can look up to and see beauty and intelligence and success in the media makes me feel that much better.

it’s always weird when you’re reading an otherwise perfectly normal fic and then suddenly some really obscure kink pops up, completely unremarked and treated as commonplace in-story (and written with way more relish than the rest of the text), and you’re left with the distinct and somewhat uncomfortable feeling that you’ve just gotten an unintended glimpse of the writer’s psyche

also I drew Granby like 9 times just now. I dunno why but he’s the hardest for me to draw anything approaching consistently so here is my sheet of granby practice. I think i’m getting closer to a True Granby….