mica abesamis


More than a year in between

Look at our faces up there! We look.. different. More than a year has elapsed between those photographs. The upper ones were just taken yesterday while the ones below were taken during November last year. Look at how greatly we’ve changed! Nag-evolve na tayo, Mica! Hahaha.

Mica and I had a mini photoshoot with my sister yesterday. So glad to finally see her again! Hihi. We just messed around the park and random grassy places like little kids, taking pictures here and there.

I actually love being able to bond with Mica again. Her bubbly attitude lifted up the mood of the shoot. Kaaliw! Especially when we saw an elevated vacant lot full of grass, as in puro grass lang talaga, nagulat ako when she took the leap and bigla siyang sumugod dun. Haha. And because of that, we found the perfect photo shoot spot in our subdivision!

Mica, let’s do this again ha? Fun fun fun! Miss ko na si original lostphotographs. Huhuhu. Come back to the blogging world na kasi! We all miss you!

I’ll be posting more about the shoot soon ♥


Okay, sorry. I have already greeted you numerous times, but still, happy birthday again! This is the Mica-related post that I mentioned a while ago. It’s not yet complete. :| I was actually supposed to draw her, but as usual, I failed =))

Sorry Mica. Now you know why I got your photo :> Hahaha. I’ll try to finish this when I have time. Last greeting before 01-21-10 ends. I love you! Stay pretty! ♥