Okay, listen here ya little spoiled shits: unless your parents fucking abuse you mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, or anything like that, fucking respect them. If they are insensitive every once in a while so fucking what that doesn’t make them stupid or less than you. I understand you are an angry thirteen year old on tumblr and your parents are out to get you and all this shit, but stop acting like they are ignorant little shit heads because they don’t agree with you. Be fucking grateful for your family and stop bitching that they don’t understand your sexual identity as a unicorn’s vagina, okay?


anonymous asked:

mom i feel like shit cheer me up pls

Oh, gee – okay, okay. Time to break out the cute stuff. 

So, firstly, I have a little tag growing for this sort of thing? Currently, it’s my smiles tag, and it’s just filled with puppies and kitties? I’ll try to add to that in a bit, so I’m sorry if there’s not a lot – but, I’ll try my best to keep that updating (somewhat) regularly.

I’d also suggest listening to this song? It’s an acoustic version, but it’s horribly sweet – I listen to it a lot when I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and while I’m at it, I’d also suggest this song; it’s another cover, but I prefer it being a bit softer than the original.

If you have Netflix, I’d also suggest watching Scrubs? It’s definitely my favorite show, and while it can be sad at times, it has this odd way of wrapping everything up in this peculiar reminder that life’s bad is just as valuable as the good – it’s bound to give you a few smiles, and is downright hilarious if you have a slightly quirky sense of humor.

If you’re looking for something else to watch, but don’t have Netflix, I’d actually suggest AmazingPhil on YouTube? Which might be a bit of an odd recommendation from me, but I’ve been watching him since 2008, and he’s an absolute dork. He’s horrifically optimistic, too – so, if you’re a bit empathetic (like me) he’s bound to rub off on you.

And, if you’re looking for a bit of an odd pick-me-up, I’m going to suggest some slam poems? They might be a bit sad at first, but the parting message is always one with a slightly optimistic flare – this one is great if you have a broken heart (tw: abuse), this one is great for body-positivity (tw: rape allusion), this one is great if you need a little girl-power (tw: abuse, self harm), this one is great for a bit of extensional crisis, and finally – this one is particularly great if you’re feeling a bit outside yourself with social anxiety.

I’d also suggest Thomas Sanders on Vine, this 8tracks playlist, and to talk to someone you love – you don’t have to tell them what’s wrong, but just talk to them. Hear their voice, and let them ramble about the weather, or even what they ate for breakfast. Just listen for a bit, and pretend it’s all okay – and, I know that might not fix anything, but everyone deserves a break from their own thoughts, for awhile. Including you.