Okay, listen here ya little spoiled shits: unless your parents fucking abuse you mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, or anything like that, fucking respect them. If they are insensitive every once in a while so fucking what that doesn’t make them stupid or less than you. I understand you are an angry thirteen year old on tumblr and your parents are out to get you and all this shit, but stop acting like they are ignorant little shit heads because they don’t agree with you. Be fucking grateful for your family and stop bitching that they don’t understand your sexual identity as a unicorn’s vagina, okay?


doktorvondoom said: I THOUGHT ABOUT THAT TOO

YES! See, can’t believe it took till last night to think about it. He’s cute, he’s like 50 so he’s more than old enough for the role, he has a pretty good face for Reed:

and kind of a lanky build. And he’s athletic and can rock a flashy (ba dum tish) costume. And if you watch The Flash then you know he can pull off the paternal and intelligent and nerdy sides of Reed.

And, he’s expressed interest in playing superhero roles before. He’s done the villain, maybe now he could switch sides?

Day 26: Happy Pride!

What a wonderful day to start Pride weekend. I am waiting for an RBG mic drop gif. This is a huge victory, but we still have far to go.

I’m so excited to be going out to Grown & Sexy Pride downtown tonight.

eShakti dress (let’s be honest, I picked this dress for the pockets! No carrying stuff for me tonight!) major low neckline, paired with a pink belt for color! Bi-pride nails, and colorful paisley earrings, topped with milkmaid braids for maximum dance preparation.