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Michoel Cruz | 18, male, latino
Basketball Player | Department of Athletics

Mic l-o-v-e-s to write and perform rap songs, but he thinks that “singing” is no real business. So even tho he´s much better than his fellows he is no competitor to them, since his true fervor is basketball. He is 6′11″ and muscular build.
He failed class 2 times when he was in primary school, thats why he is so old. Well maths are not his fave… Also his parents died, but he has an older brother which took care of him.
He doesn´t have a crush yet, cus he tries to avoid feelings as much as he can. He once lost his girlfriend in a car accident. He was driving and drunk, so he blames himself, even tho he was not the one who ignored the red traffic light.
Since then he lost interest in romantic relationships. He still loves girls, but he don´t wants a realtionship. Poor boy c:


i breathe like a pregnant manatee and my shitty computer mic picks it up. how. It’s probably cause I went up a set of stairs today which is an unusual amount of exercise for me. BUT. Butbut I bought myself a new mic and am v excited that is all.

it occurs to me that I upload half-finished things more often than I should given my usual perfectionism

BTS during the party
  • Jin: loud laughter at everything
  • Suga: passed out from drinking, with his arms spread and slumped, snores like a grandpa
  • J-Hope: dances while someone is singing at the karaoke
  • Rap Monster: sings drunkenly at the karaoke, doesn't let anyone "borrow" the mic
  • Jimin: tries to "borrow" the mic, ends up getting hit with a mic
  • V: takes funny and awkward selcas and pictures of them
  • Jungkook: sober in the corner, probably scarred for life because of his hyungs

1/? Idols who do not deserve the harassment they get: Yoo Sungoh (24k) 

“I’ve heard that a lot among Korean fans as well but especially among international K-Pop fans. People even ask me if we’re brothers or if he (Taehyung)  was a long lost twin. But I want to be known and unique as Sungoh of 24K.”

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'I want the K' - bandedmonster

9: Jawline Kiss

Mic was so tired.

For good reason, too. It was well past five in the morning on a Saturday, and he was just getting home from his radio show. He dragged his feet across their tiny apartment, forcing himself into the shower just long enough for him to wash the product out of his hair, before returning into bed with just a pair of sweatpants on.

He flopped down, burying his face in his pillow, when he felt some shifting next to him.

“Hm?” Hizashi mumbled, lifting his head, and forcing his eyes open. “Shouchan? What are you doing awake?” He mumbled, shifting closer to him. “Are you–did I wake you? Sorry.” He whispered, but he slid closer to his boyfriend, sliding his arms around him. Gently, Mic pressed a quick kiss to Shouta’s lips, before nuzzling his face, letting out a small sigh. “Try to go back to sleep.” He whispered, as Shouta’s arms wrapped around him in return.

But the thing was, Mic was never somebody who could just…fall asleep. He needed something to do. To keep his mind occupied. Usually, it was music, but he’d left his phone in the bathroom and Shouta was so warm against him, and Mic wasn’t exactly in the mood to get up, so that wasn’t much of an option.

Instead, he started pressing lazy, somewhat sloppy kisses to Shouta’s jawline, having to stop for a brief moment to yawn.

It was when Shouta let out a small hum that Hizashi laughed softly, his kisses becoming slower, more spaced out.

“Mm…mhm, I promise I’ll pick up right where I…left off in the morning.” He breathed, his own voice trailing off as he slowly drifted to sleep.

I should just write a fic (maizawa!)

• On Valentine’s Day, a girl he doesn’t know stops Aizawa before he enters the school grounds and hands him a small package. “Hi! I know we don’t know each other but you’re a friend of Hizashi Yamada, right? Can you give that to him? There’s a letter inside. Thanks!” She doesn’t give him the chance to talk and runs away. Aizawa doesn’t even register what she said ‘cause his brain is stuck at the word “friend”. “Yeah sure.”

• What happens reminds Aizawa that Hizashi’s bi and that he could genuinely enjoy that girl’s attentions. Now that he thinks about it, she probably was a second year (maybe that’s why she didn’t hesitate to talk to him). “Then give the damn thing yourself.” “What did you say?” Aizawa starts. “Don’t do that.” “Do what? Did I scare you, Shouta?” “No.” “What were you mumbling about?” “…I wasn’t mumbling.” (He doesn’t mumble.) “You totally were.” “Whatever.”

• Before Hizashi can get up when it’s lunch time, Aizawa gives him the thing. “S-S-Shouta??? What are you doing?” Hizashi is pale as a sheet. “What? No. NO! That’s not from me. Are you idiot? Some girl gave it to me this morning, for V-day I suppose. It should be chocolate.” “Why would she give it to you?” “Good question. I hope it doesn’t happen again, it’s troublesome.” “Does it bother you?” What bothers Aizawa at the moment is that he can’t understand if Hizashi is teasing him or if he’s seriously concerned. Maybe both. “No.” (Yes.) “How did she look?” Hizashi asks after a few seconds, trying to open “the thing”. “Sorry what?” “How did she look? Like… was she cute?” (I don’t know.) “How would I know?” His answer comes out harsher than he intended it to be. Before they can say anything, Hizashi pulls out a letter and suddenly Aizawa remembers what that girl had said. Maybe she didn’t give it to Hizashi 'cause what she wanted to say was in the letter. Smart. (Troublesome.) “Better leave you and your love letter alone, Casanova.” “H-Hey, Shouta!” “See you later.”

• When lunch break is over and Aizawa comes back, Hizashi doesn’t even look up from his desk. Fair enough. He doesn’t want to deal with whatever this is now. He’s mad at himself and he thinks he should apologize but he’s too busy thinking about how he’s together with Hizashi since October but they seem to only look like good friends from the outside. He thought he was okay with it… yeah, since this damn day.

• They end being split up for heroics class that day, so they don’t even have the chance to look at each other. Aizawa thinks some action will definitely clear his mind and is looking forward to it.

His group finishes their training sooner and he decides to wait his boyfriend at the gates. When he’s about to head out the school building, someone all too familiar calls him out. “HEYYY SHOUTAAA!” “What?” “What are you doing? Are you going home alone??? Are you really that mad at me??? Oh no how can I fix this I-” “Hizashi.” “Yes??” “I was just going to wait you up at the gates? Like we always do? Calm down. Where do you even find the energy?” “So you’re not mad at me?” “…” “See!!! You’re mad, Shouta!” “I’m not.” “Eh?” “At least I’m not mad at you.” “I don’t-” “Listen… I’m- I’m sorry, okay? For what I said.” “What are you on about? Why are you apologising?” “Cause that girl planted a stupid thought in my mind and I snapped. That’s why. And yeah maybe your "was she cute?” didn’t really help, you know?“ "Wait wait wait. No. NO SHOUTA! I wasn’t asking that because I was interested! It’s just it’s always stressful to see a cute girl cry when you reject her. I know I didn’t even read what she had to say when I asked you that but I knew from the start I wasn’t going to accept her feelings or whatever! You have to believe me, Shouta! It was a misunderstan-” “I do. I believe you… that’s not it.” “What-” “She called me "your friend”. 'Can you give this to him? You’re his friend’, she said.“ "You’re not just a friend, Shouta.” “But she doesn’t know that. Nobody does.” “Do you want everyone to know?” “No. I don’t know… but the point is I’m sorry 'cause I shouldn’t have said what I did.” “I’m sorry too… YOU WERE WORRIED THEN. MORE THAN ME OH SHOUTA I AM SO SORRY” “Are you crying?” “YES. And just so you know I rejected her during lunch break and yeah she was cute but thank god she didn’t cry!!! And no matter what you say I know you are a little jealous!!! You can’t hide anything from me, Shouta!!! Cause I am your precious boyfriend!!!” “Yeah sure. (Ah, there it is. The magic word: boyfriend.) Sure, whatever you say. And blow your nose, you’re disgusting.” “Blow it for me?” “Oh hell no.”

• Some time later they discuss the “coming out” thing. Hizashi is fine with whatever Aizawa wants to do, but Aizawa thinks that maybe he wants to keep their relationship a secret for a little longer. He doesn’t yet want to break their bubble. “Not that anything is gonna change.” “What do you mean?” “It’s not like you are going to allow me to kiss you in public once we tell everyone.” “Damn right.” “See? Now I’m disappointed in the both of us!!!”

• “Was the chocolate good?” “Ahhh I wish I knew!” “What?” “She took it back.” “Well that’s rude.” “Yeah right???”

• "Are you going to give me chocolate, Shouta?“ "What can I say? You should have eaten that girl’s present when you had the chance.” “Rude. RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!”


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