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Knight (Single Dad! Calum Hood AU) 6

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A/N: Y’all ready for the last part? This one is going to be a doozy. Thank you all so much for all the support on this AU, it means the world to me! If y'all have something you want me to write, just send me a message and I’ll get to it! Again thank you!

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“Are you all excited for your last show for almost a year?” Ben, one of Luke’s older brother asked taking a seat in the ‘big room’ backstage at the last show in Australia. Theres been a passing of time since they first landed in L.A., almost two weeks ago now, they spent a week there only doing a couple of shows, before hitting the last leg in Oz, much to the relief of the lads and (Y/N). She had been put back on the original security detail she was hired for because the fans had been getting a lot more violent lately, much to Aurora’s dismay. (Y/N) and Calum still hadn’t broken the news to ‘Rora, or anyone else because of the rocky waters they knew they were going to endure for the next while with moving around, and the hectic schedule she and Calum would be enduring.

“You have no idea.” Ashton laughed getting yet another snack from the table at the front of the room, you could tell they were nervous. Ashton was a nervous eater, Luke would get almost violent, but he had been going through a rough patch with his current girlfriend so that could be the explanation for the hostility for when he got nervous, Michael would game and tune everyone out, Calum on the other hand would try to spend as much time as possible as he could with ‘Rora, and (Y/N).

“Do you have plans for the break?” Michael’s mom asked getting her son’s attention.

“I might travel for a bit, been stuck behind these concrete walls for a while.” Ashton said taking a seat next to his siblings. “And spend time with these buggers.”

“Not really sure. I’ll come up with something.” Luke said pacing back and forth behind the couch that held most of his family.

“Take care of my mental health.” Michael said seriously. “A year is a good time to start to better myself, and spend time with you and dad.” He smiled at his mum.

“Helping Aurora transition into going to school, she already a year behind because of her birthday.” Calum said with a knocked out ‘Rora at his side, his family next to him as well.

“What about you, (Y/N)?” Jack asked this time, all eyes suddenly on you, who was keeping an eye out from the doorway.

“Have no idea really. Try to find a stable place to stay, find other jobs just incase it doesn’t really work out here.” You answered honestly, well semi honestly. Calum had already told you that you were free to move in with him and Aurora after the tour was over, and said you wouldn’t have to worry about having to work because he made more than enough to maintain a three person household. You declined his second offer as soon as it left his mouth, you had been working all your life, and you didn’t like to burden people especially when it came to money. The first offer you said you would keep in mind if anything.

“They still haven’t come up with a decision?” Calum asked from his seat.

“They said it depended how well today went.” You explained shaking your head, you hated the fact they were basing a good chunk of their decision on one show, when the rest of the tour had gone off without a hitch.

“(Y/N), we need you at the mouth, we need you to escort someone to the den. Over.” James ordered through the walkie talkie at your hip, except he sounded mad, which was rare.

“Understood, on my way. Over. Are y'all expecting someone?”You asked everyone before jogging to where security check was made, which was nicknamed the mouth, and the den was the big room where everyone was at.

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Sweet Memories

This was requested xx and I love writing it

I stand at the front, my body pushed against the barrier firmly. Air is rushing in and out of me, I can’t tell if it’s from the excitement or absolute fear that I’m now being crushed by a tonne of girls just to get a little bit closer. About 10 meters in front of me singing his heart out, is the person I came to see. Just to hear his voice: Shawn Mendes. His concerts are great, but his voice is better. His voice flows over us all, causing this atmosphere of love and passion. I’m pushed harder form behind and it snaps me out of the daze I’m in. I bite back a shriek I know that if I show that I’m in pain or anything I will be pulled out of here.

“stop shoving me” I yell out at the girls behind me but it falls on deaf ears. They aren’t listening to anything other than Shawn’s voice. I’m shoved harder this time. And this time the air in my lungs is shoved out and I struggle to pull it back in. I can’t even shove back not whilst I can’t breathe. The cheering seems to get louder and I don’t know if it’s because I’m being pushed harder against the gate that I’m starting to get dizzy and lose my footings. The shrieking is getting so much louder and I’m being pushed further into the barrier, I feel as if the barrier and I are about to become one. I feel warm hands grip my shoulders firmly, and I actually thank the security will help me. to hell with not wanting to leave, if leaving meant I could breathe then I will welcome it with open arms. I’d probably be able to hear again too, because the shrieking is making me want to rip my ears off or jam something in them so I can’t hear. The warm hands rip me out of the pit and onto the barrier. As soon as I’m over the other side, I slide out of the grip and just lean against the safety of the barrier. It’s strange that this concrete block is protecting me from an onslaught of girls just to get closer to a guy that has a beautiful voice. I gulp down the air, the air that It seemed I was deprived of only a minute ago. I fill my lungs over and over again till I’m breathing fine.

“are you okay?” a smooth voice flows over to me.

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Imagine: markiplier proposing to you while doing a panel.

“Hey Mark” another fan came up to the mic just as Mark aka Markiplier aka your boyfriend was currently doing a panel in PAX which was always fun because you love how his face lights up when he meets all his fans and how he always is so nice to them,he really is a sweet kind loving human being even behind closed doors he was such a softie “yeah i love her very much and thanks you guys for supporting my relationship with the amazing girliplier” you chuckle at the name he has given you “ in fact she rigjt in front” he gestures to you and you stand up and wave “ hey babe come up here and join me” you nod and make your way up the stairs to the stage. “ hey guys” you wave to everyone and they all scream hello you smile and look to your boyfriend “you know you cant be called girliplier anymore” you raise your eyebroe in confusion what is he getting at “mark what do you mean”

he smiles and get down on one knee pulling out a velvet box and opening it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Mark” you gasp tears fill your eyes and you cover your mouth in shock “(Y/N) your beautiful,amd your the light of my life, your are everything to me and i dont think I would be able to live without you,you are the kindest person and most beautiful person i know and i never taught i deserved your kindness or love but here you are shining brightly and loving a man like me who sits in front of a computer all day playing games and you still out up with me for being a big baby,” you laugh and tears stream down your cheeks “ so will you (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) do me the honour of becoming my Wifeipkier” you nod your head “yes,yes mark i will” you smile. He stares between you and the fans in shock and slowly begins to smile a cheshire smile and quickly slips on the ring and picks you up kissing you sweetly “I love you Mrs Fischbach” “I love you too Mr Fischbach” you gave eachother another kiss before continuing the panel this was the happiest moment of your life and any more moments like this were to come and they would be shared with you by Mark.

////////////////////////////////////// Hey guys i hope you enoyed this imagine. Request are open so dont forget to send them in.

Bear with me, because this is a long story. But it’s awesome. This is from our LA production at the Wallis in Beverly Hills. During “And Then There Were None,” I am center stage singing and playing guitar, with my Moritz counterpart, Daniel, and the boys on stage right, and the adult woman stage left. In the old blocking, I used to perform the song at a microphone stand in the middle. One night, my mic wasn’t preset where it needed to be offstage, and we didn’t have time to fix the situation. So I had to go out on stage without my mic or the stand. I was terrified and had no idea what was going to happen.

I started playing the song, and just before I started singing my first verse, Andy Mientus appeared next to me and held my microphone in front of my face so I could sing. And let me just say, he was fully committed to rocking out whilst saving my life.

But this is a Deaf West show! And the hearing actors need to give VERY intricate and specific cues to the deaf actors for the show to work. And Andy wasn’t there to give his cue. So I was terrified (again) that the show would fall apart. Literally two seconds before Andy had to cue one of our deaf actors he passed the mic and Alex Wyse appeared with it.

This round robin of microphone passing continued for the ENTIRE SONG. All of the boys were able to pull this off without ONCE talking to each other about the plan, and not a SINGLE cue was missed. It was truly amazing. Every actor on the stage knew what needed to be done, worked together silently, and made it happen. It was that day that I knew I was truly working with the most connected and talented ensemble of actors I have ever worked with.

—  Alex Boniello
Behind The Story – Pt. 10 (JIB Special)

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Part II of JIB special of them having a great time at JIBCon.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.4k+

Warnings: Fluff.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


A/N: Thanks for the good feedback on the twitter updates I will keep doing more of those. It was so fun for me to write this part and hope you guys find it funny too, feedback is always appreciated it ♥


Parts:  01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

The interesting conversation about this new social media called Snapchat between you, Jared, Gen and Mark got interrupted by the staff. She announced that it was almost time for your panel with Jensen. You already had a solo panel, photo ops and signed autographs, as always everyone was very kind and sweet to you. Even one fan brought you butter cookies you’ve been craving like crazy.

Excusing yourself out of the conversation, you followed the woman as you got followed by bodyguards. You giggled at the sound of Jensen’s laugh through his mic as you walked to the panel area. Jensen is currently doing his panel with Misha, which by the sound of the fans shouts and laughs, tell everyone they’re having one hell of a good time.

Your eyes landed on Jensen who dropped to the floor as he laughed his ass off. You reached the DJ’s station, asking for him to play the song Light It Up because you were going to crash this panel in a creative way. He grinned and quickly look for the song in his Mac, a couple minutes  passed when he rose his thumbs up, you took that as your cue to crash the Cockles (as the fan call it) panel.

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It was just another night where Jay had a show to do so there you were, chilling with some of the AOMG guys backstage while they waited for the cue to join him on stage. This was quite a common occurrence whenever you guys had a date scheduled later in the night and the guys were more than welcoming towards you, keeping you entertained.

“Join us for the encore later,” Gray said.

“Nah I look hideous,” You said, quickly shaking your head and pointing to your bare face. “I’m totally fine just waiting here no worries.”

Having been in a public relationship for three years, the initial chaos surrounding the news of Jay dating a non celebrity had fortunately died down but it’s not like you guys rubbed it in their faces, Jay very rarely showing any public display of affection. He started bringing you on stage just last year though most of the time you’d just stay behind the DJ turntable unless he brought you to the front to say hi to the fans. Of course there were some fans who still hated your guts but it never bothered him as he was confident that they’d grow to like you anyway for your chill and laid back personality which proved to be right as an increasing number of them started leaving appreciative comments on your Instagram on the rare occasion where you’d post a picture of Jay in his au-naturel state.

“How bad can you look when you have date later?” Gray tried to convince you.

“Well where else can they go on a date this late in the night, of course they’re heading over to his place,” Simon D commented cheekily.

You laughed, throwing a cushion in his direction, “We’re gonna get supper! Feel free to join us if you want to.”

The guys chuckled, then decided to cut you some slack and move on to another conversation topic. Time flew by pretty quickly, the guys taking turns to leave the room till Ugly Duck was the last one left and somewhat managed to drag you along with him.

Very sneakily, you slipped behind the DJ table without Jay noticing, the guys trying their utmost best to hide a smile as they kept it from him too. It wasn’t until the fans on the front row noticed you where they started pointing towards your direction, puzzling him for a bit.

“A’ight let’s do one last-…what? Why are you guys pointing at me?” He asked, confused.

“Turn around!” One of them shouted, and he couldn’t hide the look of surprise on his face.

“Ah, so she’s more popular than me now?” He joked, then gestured for you to come over. “C’mon to the front and say hi babe.”

You smiled shyly, waving a little to his fans as they cheered in response while a handful of them squealed loudly upon hearing the affectionate and sexy (to them at least, since you got used to it by now) way in which he addressed you.

“It’d be better if she came out a little earlier though cos I’m not too sure if she likes the next song,” He chuckled, teasing you and everyone laughed knowing exactly what he meant when Mommae started playing.

He made his way over to the DJ table as the song started playing to take a sip of water but just as you were about to sneak a small revenge on him with a light slap on his butt, he turned around, resulting in you touching his crotch instead. Unfortunately, a few fans in the front who witnessed the situation started screaming and your eyes shot open and so did his but as he saw the flustered look on your face, he knew it was an accident and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“I swear I didn’t mean to do that you turned around too quickly!”

“Aw dayum you a pervert,” He said, casually walking off and pulling his shirt over his head leaving you standing there not only feeling awkward but super embarrassed.

As the screams got louder he turned around again and saw how your face turned a deep red and he couldn’t help but find it adorable, walking over to you to pat your head and give you a quick kiss on your temple, “I think we gotta change that supper date to a date at my place.”

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the mic in his hands was just in front of his chest, amplifying what he said to the entire crowd through the speakers.

The fans were going absolutely crazy by now and so were the rest of the guys, roaring with laughter into the mic. He ran off to the other end of the stage feeling a little shy himself and for that split second you swore you were this close to running after him and strangling him as he left you there to bury your face in your hands. 

Man you knew you should’ve stuck to waiting backstage, but then again at least now you were certain that no amount of convincing was gonna convince you to join him up on stage any time soon.

Forgive Me » Conor Maynard

Request: I LOVE YOUR IMAGINES! Can I please have a Conor imagine?!? Where Y/n and conor recently just broke up and he starts crying during one of his songs on stage and Y/n is there and it’s a happy ending and they get back together!!!!!

It was Conor’s first show since you and him split up. Your breakup was messy; you had a massive argument and Conor had said some things he regretted deeply. Just as everything was going great, everything fell apart. He had almost finished, with only one song left but it was one that never failed to bring him to tears.

He had wrote ‘This is my Version’ when the two of you broke up and it had been a massive hit with his fans. Although heartbroken, his fans’ opinions still meant the world to him.

He took a sip of sip of his water and stood in front of the mic stand. He took a deep breath as the music began playing and stared out at the crowd. Thousands of his fans watched him sign the opening chorus and his eyes fixated on a familiar face in the crowd.

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But think about that. Harry Styles is a weird ass banana with octopus legs who considers juggling with three apples his biggest achievement. He either dances like my 50 year-old mum or makes love with his mic stand in front of 75 000 people. He wears glittery pink boots and never bothers to button his floral print sheer shirts. The poor dick is trapped under his molded-to-legs jeans but the titties are always out there facing the world. He trips over air and laughs at his own jokes. He’s a hyperactive kid but it takes him two return trips from the sun to the moon to finish one sentence. He’s the most random human being on this planet. Blink once and you’ll find him perched on a coconut tree  spitting water on people. But he’s also hot af ? Idk how he manages to be all of this at once but he’s just a weird ass sexy motherfucker and I’m just - 

YouTube Sensation Pt. 5 - A Night Out Pt. 2

Characters: Reader, Single!Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict, mention of Mark Sheppard

Pairings: Reader x Single!Jensen

Warnings: Fluff, mention of smut

Word Count: 2,800

Summary: Jensen surprises the reader by taking her to the Revel Room, the first place that she ever performed. Not so coincidentally, Jensen saw the reader for the first time at the Revel Room. The place holds special memories for both of them

Things to know: Read YouTube Sensation Pt. 1 here, Pt. 2 here, Pt. 3 here, and Pt. 4 here to get caught up. I recommend when you get to the part of the story where the reader performs the song Turning Page, that you follow the link and listen to it as you read that part of the fic. It makes it a million times better, trust me! Its my favorite part. :)

Most images are not mine

Just as your lips were about to meet, Richard Speight Jr. came up between the two of you, draping his arms lazily over your shoulders pulling you to him. “Hiya guys!” he said enthusiastically. “Let’s get this party started!”

Jensen immediately had an irritated look on his face. You were moments away from kissing Jensen Ackles. Moments. It was nice to see that Jensen was as irritated by the interruption as you were. Leave it to the “Trickster” to get in the way of that moment, you thought to yourself with a laugh. 

You were the first to address Richard. You smiled at him. “Let’s do this. You’re gonna do a couple songs right?!” you asked excitedly trying not to dwell on the moment with Jensen that was quickly slipping away. You could still see those lips right in front of you. You were so close. 

“Girl, just you wait,” he said with a raised eyebrow. His arms fell from your shoulder and he reached down to grab your hand. “Let’s go!” he laughed as he dragged you behind him. You turned around to look at Jensen who laughed and shrugged and mouthed “I don’t know,” as Richard pulled you into the Revel Room.

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[English] Luz and Kradness interview from Utattemita no Hon, January 2016

This interview was from the January 2016 edition of the magazine Utattemita no Hon. I thought this one with Luz and Kradness was cute/funny so I translated it, but will later be translating other interviews from the magazine as well~ Enjoy!

-Questions asked by the interviewer are written in bold.
-In this interview, Kradness and Luz were asked to write a kanji that describes their 2015 just like everyone else in the magazine was asked, but due to perhaps a misprint or possibly my eyes not functioning, the kanji doesn’t seem to be shown. I still translated their responses, we just can’t see what kanji they’re referring to, sorry!)

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Dreaming about a Reality

“Are you ready?”
I looked up to see Shane staring at me, his eyes filled with excitement and a grin you couldn’t even slap off his face. Looking at me as though these are the last hours we have to breathe and this was our last shot to go out with a bang.
“Yeah!” I said with fake excitement and a forced smile, but even I could still hear my voice shake. I haven’t been able to sleep a wink the past two nights. Hoping that when the reality of this moment finally set in my sleep deprivation would hit me like a bunch of bricks so Shane and everyone else would notice early enough to not make me go on. But it was though all the blood in body was replaced with caffeine and espresso shots, I felt as though I could run around the block about thirty times and then another thirty more. My mind was on high alert, noticing every little detail within feet of me and my focus too high strung. Recollecting the second we walked through the door and I noticed he was here. Sitting in the middle of the crowd with his friends… and her. His new prized girlfriend, or side piece, or slam piece, whoever she was he paraded her around as though she was the greatest thing to walk this earth. That’s who he was though. If you were going to be affiliated with him you needed to benefit his image. In shorter terms you were an accessory. Everything you did had to be perfect. Everywhere you went you had to look perfect. Because there was no Mr.Perfect without Mrs.Perfect. After a while it seems so “perfect” you actually convince yourself it is. Until of course you wake up and realize that “perfect fantasy” is actually a living fucking nightmare. The fake imitation starts to fade and all the lies hit you like a speed train, sending you into a total loss of identity, confusion, and sadness. When people tell you theres no such thing as perfect, head their words, because they are completely right.
“We’re all set up Leighton, they’re announcing us now”
All of the sudden my heart dropped and my feet were tied to the floor. What am I doing? Why would I ever think I could do this? Is it too late to run? It was too late.
“And next we have Leighton Masters and Bringing Back Today!”
Shit. Why was my name separate? Oh yeah that’s right I was the idiot that volunteered myself to tryout for this stupid spot and of course I got it. I didn’t even think I was that good. I did Chorus in high school and a few Acapella performances but it was either that or drama, never have I thought years later I would chose to throw myself on stage to have a crowd nitpick at my no experience entertainer skills. They’re going to rip me apart…
Luckily Rae helped me look the part. My confidently edgy, smart mouthed, vicious, beautiful best friend turning me into one of her pinterest masterpieces. Dark black skinny jeans with rips and holes down the front, black and maroon combat boots folded down around my mid-calf, a bright magenta sleeveless halter with the classic black leather jacket over top. My hair was lightly curled towards the ends in order to compliment the new dark to platinum ombre on the freshly chopped shoulder length hair. Who knew how much of a difference 10 inches can make you look. I was the complete alternative rocker. Only thing missing…the fact I was nowhere near in personality or in spirit a rocker chick. When I started to walk towards the mic the faces looking back at me gave a reassuring look. My style must of convinced them that I knew what I was doing, and they were ready for a show. And oh a show it was going to be…
I kept walking slowly towards the mic, looking down at the floor praying at this moment that the world would spontaneously combust, or just me. Unfortunately neither happened. When I reached the front of the stage I put my hands on the stand and looked up at the crowd. Of course the first pair of eyes I lock with are his. It was such a confused stare, as though he was asking me what the fuck I was doing up there and why the hell did I look like that. Mr. Perfect had no idea. But that’s not a surprise, he never did. For years he acted as though he knew who I was when I was still searching for myself. Hovering over my decisions, lecturing me on what was right and what was wrong, when he was only a couple years older than I. His friends all stared in disbelief, as though I died and was reincarnated by a taller, blonde, Avril Lavigne look alike. None of them had any idea either. Funny thing is if I was still enclosed in that cult none of them still would have known, no matter how many years would have passed. Because in there, its all about image, how you looked, agreeing with all of them, disbanding anything they didn’t agree with, even if it was apart of who you are, you had to get rid of it for them. And that fueled my fire. All the lies, all the rumors, all the shit talking. And I never retaliated. I sat back receiving every cruel word and sentence that came out of their mouths. But tonight I’m fighting back, tonight is my response to every time consuming breath they have spent talking shit about me. I stared back into all their faces, meeting with every single pair of baffled eyes with a stiff rigid look that basically said You guys can go fuck yourself.
“Hey everybody and thank you for having us and I especially want to thank Shane for letting me be a guest with his band in performing tonight. Before we play I just want to express the value of this song to me.“ I took a breath, my heart was beating so hard it was ringing through my ears. I felt as though if I didn’t slow down or just stop talking overall I would be face down into the bottom of the stage floor. I looked up and met those eyes again. It was as though he was commanding me to not dare say one word about him or what he did. How childish he has been for such a “man” and that the pedestal he puts himself on is actually not that high up from the ground. I wasn’t going to say his name, exactly what he did, or how awful of a person he has been. But every sentence that is going to be said from my mouth will be referencing to the inferior Mr.Perfect. Hopefully he isn’t too stupid to be able to put that together.
“Not too long ago I hit rock bottom. I thought I had everything planned out, everything set for me, and worst of all I convinced myself I was happy when I was not. When I realized the life I was living was not what I wanted I did a complete 360. Yes I cut off all my hair, I colored it a different way, I changed all my clothes, and I know about none of you here knew I even could sing.“ Most of the crowd went into a loud giggling. Whispering to one another and looking back up at me, analyzing head to toe my newfound image. “But that’s not the best part” I created a pause. It seemed as though the past 4 years of my life played back over and over in my head. The girl who I used to call myself was standing in front of me, staring in complete disbelief. Never did she think that I am her and she was me. Her stare scared me but then she broke into a smile. A tear rolled down from her eye to her cheek and she whispered two words before she turned away. Thank you.
“The best part is that I found myself, I found my happiness”.
I looked over to the right of the stage by the bar to see Brysen and Rae standing up clapping for me. The ones who not only picked me up but physically pushed me up onto this stage. And as much as I hated them for it I couldn’t help but love them more than anything. Brysen pointed at me and flashed his perfect smile he knew I loved so much. I met him when I was at my worst and he has brought me to my best. Making me his princess regardless of how I broken I was, how imperfect I am, and how weak I felt. We were two imperfectly perfect souls intertwined with one another within the short amount of time we have fallen into each others lives. But not only was he special but he was mine. I smiled and blew them both a kiss. Then the lights dimmed and my heart dropped, Shane started strumming and the track began to play.
Here we go.
I open my eyes looking down onto the treadmill. I regained the feeling of reality as the sweat on my t-shirt was cooling down my stomach and the beads of sweat running down my face were seeping into my headphones. 5 miles and 35 minutes. My legs were a little shaky as I slowed the speed to a walking pace but the adrenaline still coursing through my body could push me for another 3 miles. Not today. I hopped off and made my way towards the fountain, remembering what happened the last time I ran too far into my thoughts. Literally. I looked down at my phone pausing the song halfway through and I smiled.
“One day” I thought. One day

Come home: Alex Gaskarth imagine: Part 2 

 I was sitting on the bus texting back and forth with Y/N about warped prom. Every text she sent made me smile wider and I swear my face was going to stay that way. I wanted to hear her voice so I decided on a call. But, there was no answer. I was confused and texted her, but no reply. What the hell… “Alex, come on.” Jack said as he stuck his head into the back lounge. “Um, yeah alright.” I left my phone on the couch and walked out with Jack into the hot Chula Vista air. Walking through the crowd at warped was horrible considering each time we walked closer to the stage, the more girls bombarded us. Thanks to the help of some by standing security, we made it to main stage. We put in our in ears and grabbed our guitars and waited as the intro began. “Let’s do this.” Jack jumped up and down. Rian ran out first gaining a scream from the crowd and then the rest of us followed. I gave a small smile to the crowd and just began playing and singing.

 Usually, Y/N would call to tell me good luck and that’s what gave me the energy to do great. As we got through four songs, I stood in front of the mic. My face a but emotionless, panting, and sweat running down my neck. I held onto the mic stand as I looked down at the ground. My ears blocked out the screams of the crowd as a heard a voice come in through my in-ears. “Mr. Gaskarth, didn’t I say to kill it out here, what on earth are you doing?” I looked up and turned towards the guys and they were looking around. I looked side stage and no one was there. “You know where I am. Look straight.” I looked straight and I saw Y/N. Her smile wide and sitting in the sound booth. “There ya go. Now, get on with it.” She sat back in her seat and now the noise from the crowd came back to me. The rest of the set, I couldn’t get my eyes off of Y/N. Her smile, the way she got along with everyone in the sound booth, and how she always danced along with out songs even though she’s heard them a thousand times before.  

You POV 

 "Y/N!“ You saw Alex and his sweaty self running towards you. You didn’t care. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck. He lifted you off the ground, kissing your cheek and spun you before setting you back down. "How the hell-”—“Matt got me here.” You told him. He smiled again and hugged you before being stolen away by Jack. “Jacky, you stink more than Alex!” You laughed as he squeezed you. “Take it!” You laughed and pushed him off before giving Rian a hug and attacking Zack. “Hey little one.” Zack smiled. “Hello, buff one.” He laughed and pulled you into another hug, “I know. Do what you think is right.” He whispered. You stepped back and looked at him with a shocked expression. You stepped back from his embrace and turned to the guys, “I’ll be back guys. My bladder is full!” You said before quickly leaving the guys behind. You squirmed between the sea of people, some stopping you and asking for a picture with “Alex Gaskarth’s Best friend." 

You left the warped tour grounds and began walking down the street away from the booming music. You finally made it to wear you meant to be. "Okay, he knows I’m here.” You said. “Now, just leave the rest to me. Stay away from him, but you can enjoy the rest of today. After today, you’re gone.” She smirked. You began debating and started tapping your fingers on your leg, “or else, he’ll know.” You looked her straight in her eyes and sighed. “Okay…” You mumbled. She began strutting away before turning back to you, “remember, leave him alone, or he’ll know and I’ll be coming after you if you mess this up for me.” She said between gritted teeth. “I know, Lisa… I know.” A/N: continue?

Luke's Little Sister - Michael Clifford Oneshot

Here’s my new oneshot!! I hope you like it :).

Can you do a smut where you’re Luke’s little sister and you sleep with Michael and luke finds out and freaks? Thanks so much I love your blog!

The muffled sounds of my brothers band practicing in our garage were starting to get on my nerves. I usually enjoyed them, most of the time I would even be in there with them. Giving them pointers, advice or just simply enjoying the music. With Luke being only a year older than me, we had extremely similar tastes when it came to music, movies and just about anything else. We were practically twins, and people often mistook us for it.

Today was one of the rare occasions in which Luke and I disagreed on something. We had come to a compromise, or so I thought. I had important finals coming up at school which I was studying hard for. Knowing the guys would be coming over to practice today, I had asked Luke if they could turn the volume down just enough to hear my own thoughts and attempt to focus on my textbooks, and he did. To begin with. Over the near two hours they had been here, the volume, of not only the instruments but their booming laughs and unnecessary loud speaking voices, had raised significantly and I was beginning to lose my mind.

Deciding to bite the bullet, I trudged down the stairs as fast as I could, trying to gain my composure and not look like a complete crazy woman. With my sweatpants, food stained hoodie and my unbrushed hair in a messy bun, I was already well on my way to looking like one and I didn’t need any of their teasing to push me further in that direction. Swinging the door to the garage open, I caught the eye of Ashton, who immediately stopped his actions behind his drumkit.

“Ash, what the fuck?” Luke groaned before snapping his head around to see me standing in the doorway, hand on my hip, eyebrows raised. “Oh, hey Y/N” he continued casually as if he had completely forgotten our arrangement.

“Uh, have you forgotten what I asked you earlier?” I asked him, trying my best not to snap and embarrass him, and myself, in front of his friends. Whose eyes were all now trained on me.

“See Michael? I told you she’d be pissed” he directed at his platinum blonde friend, shooting him a glare before turning back to me “Sorry sis, I’ll turn it down now” he assured me, walking over and placing a quick kiss on my forehead before returning to his position in front of the mic stand.

I should’ve known that Michael had something to do with it. He was always looking for new ways to annoy me or to get my attention any way he could. As much as I tried to pretend like it didn’t, his attention and advances towards me never failed to give me butterflies, in my stomach and further south. The smug look he was currently sporting on his face was no exception.

“Hey Y/N. Looking, uh, good” he gestured to my somewhat unappealing attire, biting his lips to supress a laugh.

“I wish I could say the same Michael” I sarcastically retorted, trying my best to appear unhurt by his words. On any normal day I would’ve assumed he was joking, but in my frazzled state I was in no mood to take his untasteful jokes. Deciding I had had enough of the back and forth with Michael, I made my way out of the garage, but not before I saw Ashton flash me a sympathetic smile out of the corner of my eye. He was always super sweet to me and I almost considered him another older brother. Especially since he was the only one of Luke’s friends who had never made a pass at me.

I made my way into the kitchen, frowning upon arrival as I realised that our Mum, for some reason, had moved the glasses and mugs to the only cupboard in the house that I couldn’t reach. I closed my eyes in frustration, wishing in the moment that I had been blessed with the height gene just as Luke had.

“Fuck it” I whispered to myself as I climbed on the counter top and stood on it, reaching up to the cupboard, smiling as I opened it.

“Hey shorty” I heard a voice call from behind me, startling me and causing me to lose my balance. Anticipating the fall, I scrunched my eyes and waited for the impact. It didn’t hit. Not as hard as I thought anyway. I opened my eyes to see Michael cradling me in his arms, surprising me with the speed at which he moved to catch me.

“Fuck, Michael. You gave me a fucking heart attack!” I screamed at him, tears forming in my eyes. His gaze was softened, his green eyes looking down at me in concern and worry.

“I’m so fucking sorry, Y/N, I didn’t think you’d get a fright. I thought you heard me coming” he apologised, still holding me as if I was the most fragile package in the world.

“It’s okay” I let out a long breath and tried to blink my tears away. Michael delicately placed me on my feet and reached up for the glass I was attempting to get before he had scared me.

“Water?” he asked quietly. I nodded my head in response. Leaning back on to the counter, I folded my arms across my chest and let me head fall back. Closing my eyes and letting out a breath, I felt Michael gently tap me on the arm and hand me the glass of water.

“I really didn’t mean to freak you out, Y/N” he apologised again, leaning against the opposite counter and staring at me sympathetically. When I didn’t say anything, he continued.

“And I’m sorry for ribbing on you about your appearance before, you know I didn’t mean it. You look great, you always do”

His gentle words shot through me like an electric shock and I found myself blushing. Before he could see, I tried to move past him and return to my room, preventing any further embarrassment.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked as he grabbed my arm, stopping my movements. “Talk to me.” This was definitely a new side to Michael, a softer side, and I wasn’t entirely sure why he was acting like this.

“I’m just stressed, that’s all. I’ve got finals coming up and if I don’t study extra hard, I’m going to fail” I managed to squeak out before breaking down into tears. This wasn’t usually like me, I was usually the strong and independent girl, but I was clearly letting the stress get to me.

At the first sign of my tears, Michael pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me and stroking my back soothingly. This was different, but I found myself loving it. Even if I resented the circumstances this was happening under.

“Don’t cry, Y/N” he cooed in my ear “You’ll nail these exams. You’re super smart and you’ll be fine” he continued before I felt his lips softly kiss the top of my head.

“Thanks Mikey” I sniffed and pulled back, wiping my tears “God, I feel stupid. I’m sorry”

“You don’t need to apologise, babe. I’m here for you. Always” he whispered, pressing his thumb to my wet cheek to wipe away the tear that was falling. I soon found myself staring into his bright green eyes. Looking for any sign of insincerity, but I found none. Only concern and, dare I say it, a loving look. It wasn’t long before he rested both hands gently on my cheeks and leaned in.

I knew this was wrong, almost kissing my brothers best friend, but in the moment I found myself not caring, and leant in to meet Michael half way. Our lips met in the softest and briefest way, before he pulled away ever so slightly and smiled before reconnecting our lips in the sweetest kiss I have ever experienced.

“Mike! Where you at?” I heard Luke call from the hallway, causing Michael and I to immediately disconnect and move a fair distance from each other, as not to cause any suspicion.

“There you are. You coming back to practice or just gonna keep hanging out in my kitchen?” Luke laughed, and I knew he hadn’t suspected a thing. “Y/N, what are you still doing down here?” he directed at me. “Oh nothing, just kissing your best friend” I thought to myself before coming up with a better answer, one that wouldn’t get me or Michael killed.

“I was just getting some water, leaving now” I shrugged my shoulders and moved past both boys and to the stairway.

“Oh, Y/N I almost forgot. Party tonight!” Luke called after me, causing me to groan. I had completely forgotten that he was throwing a party tonight. Our parents had gone away for the week and Luke thought it would be such a great idea to throw a huge celebration. Celebrating what, I have no idea.

“Well I better get some study in before my house is overrun with drunk people!” I sarcastically threw my arms up in the air as I looked down at Luke, and a sheepish looking Michael from my position on the stairs. Luke laughed and shook his head in response, turning back to the garage, leaving Michael and I staring at each other in silence.

I threw him a small smile and continued to my room. I placed my back on the door once I had closed it and sighed. I had always had a huge crush on Michael, and I had a hint that he had felt the same way, but we both knew things could never happen between us. Not when he was best friends with Luke. It just wouldn’t be right, not to mention the fact that Luke would be super pissed. But today proved that there was definitely something between us, something that couldn’t be denied.

I let out another long breath and made my way back to the textbooks on my desk, hoping I could focus on them and not on Michael’s perfect lips. This party would definitely be interesting.


It was now 9pm and the party was in full swing. The music was blaring and drunk teenagers were everywhere. I was still in my room, pretending to study, completely torn as to whether I wanted to join in or continue being a sad sack and hide in my room. Luke had been in a few times to try and drag me down, more drunk each time. He even threatened to send Michael up here to drag my ass downstairs and hang out with them, he was obviously still completely unaware of our previous encounter in the kitchen. Truth be told, if Michael ended up in my room, I probably wouldn’t be able to help myself and try and rip his clothes off.

Part of me was scared that if I did go downstairs, I would see him blind drunk with his tongue shoved down another girls throat. The other part of me wanted to put on my hottest dress and walk down those stairs with confidence, making sure I was the only girl on his mind for the rest of the night. The first thought made my stomach knot up so I quickly decided on the latter, making sure to take my time to look as good as I possibly could.

Taking one final look in the mirror fixing my curled hair and winged eyeliner, and applying another layer of red lipstick, I decided that this was the best I could do considering how tired and stressed I was. Inhaling a deep breath, I left my room, making sure to close the door behind me. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to think there was a free invitation to use my room as a hook up venue. Arriving at the top of the stairs, I straightened out my black dress.

“You can do this, Y/N” I whispered to myself before shaking my head, realising how stupid I sounded. Why the fuck was I so nervous? It’s just a party, and it’s my house. Of course it had nothing to do with Michael. Yeah right.

I slowly made the descent down the staircase, passing a few wasted teens slumped all over them.

“Baby sis! You decided to join us!” Luke slurred as soon as I came into sight. I smiled in response, now noticing Michael’s head pop up from across the room at Luke’s greeting.

“I figured it’s my house too so I might as well” I laughed as Luke pulled me into a bone crushing hug. “Uh Luke, I kinda can’t breathe” I squeaked out, causing him to laugh and let go of me. I glanced over at Michael again who was looking me up and down, his mouth practically on the floor at my appearance. I covered my smirk with my hand, trying not to seem so smug.

He was sitting on our couch, a girl on his left side, clearly trying her best to flirt with him and get his attention. She might as well not have even been there with the way he was looking at me. And I can’t say I hated it.

Wanting to play with him further, I slowly made my way towards the kitchen, passing him and making sure to sway my hips in the process, completely ignoring his fire burning gaze that I could feel on my ass that didn’t stop until I was out of sight. Reaching the kitchen and grabbing a beer from the fridge, I entered the living room again, noticing he was in the same position as when I left. He was clearly waiting for my return.

I put the bottle to my lips and took a swig, finally granting him the eye contact he had been so desperately craving. I kept it brief, throwing him a wink before making my way over to Calum who was stood by the stereo, looking for the next song to play. He settled on “Strip” by Chris Brown before turning to me and flashing me a heart melting smile. An idea soon popped into my head and my smirk grew wider.

“Hey Cal, come dance with me” I whispered in his ear, feeling the ears on the back of his neck stand up before I grabbed his hand and led him to the middle of the living room. I looked back to Michael looking at us inquisitively and immediately placed my hands around Calum’s neck, making sure to get as close as I could.

I could tell Cal was a little confused at first, looking around for Luke before not spotting him anywhere and relaxing into me, snaking his arms around my waist to rest his hands just above my ass. This was going to be fun, I thought to myself as I slowly started to move against him. Our chests were flush with one another as I ground my hips into Calum’s and started to roll my body, making him let out a slow breath and rest his forehead against my own.

Once again, I could feel Michael’s gaze burning into my skin and I decided to make things more interesting. Turning around so my back was now flush with Cal’s chest, I looked over to Michael, who had one arm placed along the length of the couch, staring at me with such fire I thought that Calum and I would burst into flames right then and there. I snaked one arm back around Calum’s neck, bringing his face down into my neck, when he placed a light kiss there.

Throwing my head back for good measure, I had to make sure it appeared that I was enjoying myself. And to be honest, I was. Just the look on Michael’s face was enough to let me know that he wanted me and that I wasn’t going to get away with this. The thought sent a wave of pleasure straight to my core.

Grinding my ass against Calum’s crotch as hard as I could, he let out a deep groan, letting me now feel how hard he was. I would’ve felt bad for using him if I wasn’t having so much fun, but I knew that he was so drunk that he would never remember this.

The same girl that was trying to get Michael’s attention was still sat next to him on the couch, however judging by the way her eyes flickered between mine and his, I think she knew it was game over for her. Having had enough of my teasing, Michael brought his beer bottle to his lips, taking a long final swig of beer before slowly getting up and moving to me and Calum.

“I think you’ve had enough dancing for one night, Y/N” he almost growled as he pulled me away from Calum’s grasp.

“Hey!” Cal protested, before Michael whispered in his ear and gestured toward the girl on the couch. Calum shrugged in response and made his way over there, leaving me alone with Michael. Finally.

Without saying another word, Michael pulled me to the staircase and walked us to the top before finally stopping.

“What the fuck, Y/N?” he asked, not seeming angry, but a little hurt. I could only smirk in response. “Are you into Cal?” he asked sternly.

“What? Mike, I was just having fun” I shrugged, enjoying his jealousy.

“I’ll ask again. Are you into Calum?” he asked again, even firmer than last time, letting me know he wanted a real answer. I stepped closer to him, looking him directly in the eyes before licking my lips slowly.

“No, Michael. Not. At. All.” I whispered in his ear before poking my tongue out to lightly caress the area just under his ear lobe. He let out a quiet groan in response and pulled my hand, leading us to my room.

Once inside, and with the door locked, he threw me against it with force. Though not enough to hurt. He placed his hands on either side of my head before staring into my eyes. “Do you have any idea what you do to me, Y/N?” he asked quietly. When I didn’t answer, he moved his lips to the underside of my jaw and bit down lightly, making me moan.

“Answer me, baby”

“N-n-o” I moaned out, his mouth continuing to kiss its way up my neck and jaw.

“You are so fucking beautiful” he whispered before pressing his lips to mine passionately. He wasted no time in pushing his tongue in my mouth, both of us moaning in unison at the first taste of each other. I moved my hands to his hair and gripped lightly as he lifted my legs up to around his waist.

Our tongues continued to move perfectly in sync as he moved us off the door and over to my bed. Before he could place me down onto it, I switched positions, pushing him in a sitting position on the edge of it. I slowly pulled of my dress, making a show of it for Michael’s benefit, revealing my matching black lace underwear set.

“Holy fuck” he breathed as I straddled him before reconnecting our lips. His hands roamed over my body, hugging every curve as if they were made for me. My hands once again found his platinum blonde hair and I softly ran my fingers through it, making sure to tug lightly as I went. He moved his hands further south and cupped my heat, feeling the dampness of my underwear.

“So wet for me already, baby girl” he smirked against my skin as he kissed and bit his way up neck. Quickly finding my sweet spot, making me shiver.

“I’ve been wet for you all night, Mikey” I breathed out.

“Mmm, even when you were grinding on Calum” he chuckled.

“Especially then” I whispered seductively. I ground my hips down onto his crotch, looking to relieve some of the built up pressure there, Michael moaned into my mouth and reached up to unclasp my bra. As the straps slid off my shoulders and I pulled it off, his mouth dropped open in awe.

“You are stunning, Y/N. So fucking pretty” he whispered before placing his lips around my right nipple and suckled softly. The feeling of his lips on my body was indescribable and I never wanted it to end. He made me see stars and he had barely even done anything.

Deciding to speed things a long a little, I pushed him back down onto the bed, moving him up to the pillows and crawled towards him. I reached for the hem of his Led Zeppelin shirt and pulled it off. I kissed my way down his stomach, making sure to look up at him through my lashes once I had reached the waistband of his black jeans. Flashing him a smirk, I slowly undid the button and zipper, sliding the tight denim down his legs before throwing them off the bed.

I gasped as I peeked down at his tented boxers, palming him softly. I had a feeling he was big, but I think I almost underestimated just how big. I looked up to see him lift an eyebrow and wink at me, causing me to laugh at how smug he was. Hooking my fingers into his underwear, I pulled them down, slowly revealing his gorgeous length. I placed a light kiss to the underside of his cock before he quickly sat up.

“Y-you don’t have to, Y/N” he stuttered, making me let out a soft giggle at how nervous he was. I pushed him down onto his back again and reassured him. There was nothing more I wanted in the world right now than his cock down my throat.  

“Lay back, Mikey. Let me take care of you” I smiled up at him, seeing him take in a deep breath and close his eyes in anticipation of my mouth on his throbbing cock. I wasted no time in taking him as deep as I could. Deep throating was something I knew I was good at, and I was happy to finally have the chance to show Michael that.

As I bobbed my head up and down his length, he lifted his hips off the bed, letting a string of profanities and my name leave his mouth. As I moved my hand to fondle his balls, I could feel myself dripping down my thigh through my underwear and I swore I had never been so turned on in my life.

“Fuck, Y/N. Oh god” he moaned out again before pulling me up off his length and flipping us over. Now hovering over me he placed his lips on mine once again, gently caressing my full breasts with his hands as he did. As he repeated my earlier actions and kissed down my stomach, he quickly pulled off my now completely soaked underwear.

“Such a pretty pussy” he whispered before spreading me open and flicking his tongue against my throbbing clit.

“Mikey” I breathed out “As much as I want to feel your tongue, I’m already soaking. I need you in me, now.”

He did as asked and moved back on top of me, placing another light kiss to my lips and slid his cock up and down my wet and throbbing heat.

“Are you sure you want to do this, baby?” he whispered, moving my sweat matted hair off my forehead.

“Yes, Mikey. Just fuck me. Hard” I moaned as I bucked my hips into his. He immediately thrusted into me, making us both moan loudly at the contact. I was grateful that the music from downstairs was still pumping loudly, and doing a sufficient job of hiding our loud moans as Michael continued to pump his thick cock in and out of me.

“Harder, baby. Please” I groaned loudly, and he granted my wish. Thrusting harder than I ever thought possible. The feeling was pure ecstasy and I dug my nails into his back, knowing they would leave crescent shaped marks for days to come. Michael bit down on my shoulder to supress a loud moan as I clenched my walls around him, a sure sign that I had almost reached my peak.

“God, Mikey. I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come so hard. Uhhh” I moaned as I clenched again.

“Me too baby, come with me” he responded and thrusted even faster than before. “God baby girl, you feel so good. So fucking tight” he moaned again before we both hit our highs, Michael pumping sloppily to finish us off.

After both of our orgasms had subsided, we laid there in each other’s arms, with Michael resting his head in the crook of my neck and placing light kisses there. The afterglow felt almost as amazing as the actual sex itself and I was in absolute bliss. I stroked his hair lightly as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear. Before too long, he pulled out, leaving me whimpering at the loss of contact.

“Holy fuck, babe” he breathed as he looked down between my legs.

“What?” I sat up and asked in concern.

“I think you squirted” he replied, with an amazed look on his face.

“Oh my god” I groaned and lay back down, throwing my arm over my face in embarrassment. Michael chuckled lightly in response and removed my arm from my eyes.

“Baby, don’t be embarrassed. That’s so fucking hot” he assured me and kissed my forehead, moving some more hair from my face. He lay down and pulled me into him and I rested my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as he traced shapes along my bare back.

“That was amazing, so much better than I ever imagined” I whispered, hoping he would feel the same way.

“It really was. You make me so fucking happy, Y/N” he grinned down at me. I returned the gesture before reality hit.

“I really care about you, Michael” I sighed, mindlessly running my fingers across his chest “But Luke isn’t going to happy about this.”

“I care about you too, babe. So much. And I want to be with you, I know that for sure” he answered, making my heart race at his confession. “We will figure out a way to tell Luke. Together” he continued and reached down to place a sweet and lingering kiss on my lips.

“But for now, I think we should go back downstairs, you know, try not to seem suspicious”

“I agree. Come on then, Mr” I playfully slapped his chest before we both got up to get dressed.

“You mean so much to me, Y/N. I think I love you, you know” he said once we looked presentable again.

“I think I love you too, Michael Gordon” I teased, making him roll his eyes and link his hand with mine. He opened the door, only to come face to face with Luke, whose eyes immediately went down to our connected hands.

“This better not be what I fucking think it is?” he stated sternly. “Did you just fuck my sister!?” he spoke louder, causing people around us to stare.

“Luke, keep your voice down” I tried to reason with him. It didn’t work.

“No, Y/N, I won’t keep my fucking voice down!” he yelled. “My best friend and my litter sister look like they just fucked! Stop me if I’m wrong!”

Michael and I could only stare at each other in response. This sent Luke into a frenzy and he immediately punched Michael in the face, making him stumble back into my room. I closed the door, as to avert the stares of the crowd of people that had now appeared. Michael was on the ground, bleeding from his nose as Luke stood above him, ready to lay into him again.

“Luke stop!” I cried out and grabbed his hand before he could move it. “Can you just calm down and listen. Please” I asked, placing my hand on his chest, tears forming in my eyes. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I immediately moved down to Michael and helped him off the ground and onto the edge of my bed.

“Luke, I’m so sorry dude but can we please talk about this?” Michael begged, holding his bloody nose. Luke stood in front of us and gestured for us to start talking. Deciding to go first, I spoke up.

“Please don’t be mad, Luke. We just kinda fell for each other. We don’t want to upset you.” He only shook his head in response.

“Dude, I love her. And she loves me. But I don’t want this to come between us. You’re my best friend and always have been” Michael said as he flashed me a sweet smile, which Luke saw.

Luke inhaled a deep breath and I was anxious as to what he would say. “Okay fine. But if you hurt her, I will fucking kill you” he warned as Michael and I shot each other huge smiles.

“And I’m sorry for making you bleed. God this is fucking weird” he muttered before walking out of the room, leaving us grinning at each other like idiots.

“I love you, Y/N Hemmings”

“And I love you, Michael Clifford” I whispered before kissing him and giggling when his blood touched my nose.


Mr. & Mrs. Styles

Feb 2013

I bid goodbye to the interviewer before I walked down the red carpet towards the next interviewer. This is the ritual in red carpets: an interview after another and pictures taken here and there. It’s really exhausting and troublesome to be honest. I approached the next interviewer and greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I must say that you are looking gorgeous today, (Y/N),” the interviewer began to say and I replied, “Thank you! You look stunning as well, love.”

“How well do you think you’ll do today?” he asked before pointing the microphone towards me. “I hope I do win some award, but if not, it’s still great to be nominated. I mean, it’s the Brits! Plus I’m performing later so that’s already a win for me, in my opinion,” I responded, looking at him sincerely while my hand did some gestures.

“I think you’ll do great today ‘cause you always do great in award shows and I think this is seriously your year,” he complimented before moving to another topic. “(Y/N), there has been a lot of talks about the One Direction members saying that they have a massive crush on you and that they are big fans of yours. What can you say about that?” the interviewer asked.

“I’m glad that they enjoy and support my music. I’m also a fan of them so that’s pretty mutual between us. As for the crush, all of them? Really now, I find that hard to believe,” I answered with a disbelief look on my face.

“They did say in an interview say that you are their celebrity crush. Now who is your favorite member?” the interviewer confirmed and followed up a question.

“Hmm. Well, they are all lovely guys and it’s difficult to pick one from the five,” I replied as I shifted my weight to my right foot, struggling what to answer.

“Anyone that stands out then?” the interviewer quickly asked before holding the mic in front of me once again.

“Zayn Malik’s voice is quite amazing but I think Harry Styles’ very charming, isn’t he?” I said as I turned my head to the interviewer for confirmation.

“He is very charming and actually Louis spilled in an interview that Harry is the one with the biggest crush on you,” the interviewer responded while nodding and added, “Have you seen them tonight?”

“Yes, I saw them earlier and greeted each other. They look stunning,” I complimented before I looked down and fixed a small crease on my dress.

“Well, thank you for your time and I wish you good luck tonight,” the interviewer said before leaning to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“No, thank you, darling,” I replied before leaving and continued my journey through the red carpet.


“She looks amazing, doesn’t she?” Harry Styles asked his best mates after you greeted them and then left for an interview. The rest of One Direction nodded their heads with grins plastered on their face.

“She’s an amazing performer, too,” Liam added and the rest nodded in agreement again.

The boys were then called to move on the red carpet and soon was pulled into an interview.

“How are you guys doing?” the interviewer asked before pointing the mic towards them.

“We’re doing good, amazing even.” Louis replied and the boys just nod their heads in agreement.

“We have big names tonight. How do you guys feel about that?” the interviewer asked another question.

“We are very honored to be here tonight along with these amazing artists and we all wish them luck and a good evening,” Liam replied, who was at the other end, as he looked at his members and the interviewer.

“Harry, Taylor Swift is here tonight to perform,” the interviewer began to say as the boys share a meaningful look. “Yeah, she is,” Harry confirmed while nodding and the interviewer then asked, “Do you guys still talk to each other? I mean, how’s your relationship now?”

“Well, we’re friends and we’re good,” Harry simply replied, trying to avoid more questions on the topic. The interviewer just nodded his head and moved on to the next question.

“Why don’t we talk about (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You guys said that she’s your celebrity crush and a lot of fans has gone crazy and wants to know more. Are any of you actually friends with her?” the interviewer inquired. The boys looked at each other, calculating who will answer the question.

“She’s an amazing singer and I could proud to say that we’re actually friends. Yeah,” Niall replied to the interviewer, nodding.

“How did you guys became friends?” the interviewer asked curiously.

“Well we met in an event before but that time we talked for a little in the backstage and the funny thing actually is she asked me if she and her sisters could adopt me as their little brother,” Niall explained chuckling.

“As a little brother? Really?” the interviewer expressed.

“Yea, me too!” Zayn exclaimed and added, “she asked me to be her younger brother too. It was funny because I approached her to tell her I was a huge fan of hers and that her performance was amazing but our topic went to her finding me really adorable and that if she could have me as a younger brother. It was really random.”

“She really asked you guys that?” Liam asked Zayn and Niall and they gave him a nod as a reply.

“Well that is something I never knew and we just learned something new,” the interviewer said and Louis added, “Indeed. We just learned about that today as well.”

The interviewer then bid his goodbye, “I wouldn’t hold you guys back. Have an amazing evening and good luck.”

The boys bid their farewell as well to the interviewer before moving along the red carpet.

The Brits Awards 2013 progressed through the night. I was the biggest winner of the night and my performance was a success and well-received. Many thought that I wrote the song for my ex-boyfriend, who I was in a relationship with from 2008 to mid-2012, but I cleared out the issue before that I did not write the song; however, I did not deny that it could be for him.

April 2013

“Please welcome everybody, the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction!” Alan Carr exclaimed before walking towards the stairs to meet the members of One Direction, who were walking down the stairs. All of the members hugged Alan before they settled down on the rather extra large couch. Niall was the nearest to Alan, followed by Zayn, then Harry, Louis and Liam at the end. The fans on the audience were still clapping and screaming before Alan says, “Settle down, settle down now.”

“Do you guys want a drink?” Alan asked as he opened his “mini-bar.” The boys all replied “Yeah” while nodding and looking at the drinks. “Which one you guys want to try?” Alan asked and Niall ended up deciding for the group.

“Here ya go, sweetie,” Alan said as he handed out the drinks and began the interview. Alan asked the boys about their new encounters with fans and if there were any out of the ordinary experiences.

While in the midst of their interview, Alan got into the topic about me.

“So you guys like (Y/N) (Y/L/N), right?” Alan asked the boys and the boys nodded in agreement. “There were a lot of articles about that and honestly, I’m not surprised that you guys even like her.”

“Yeah, she’s amazing, isn’t she?” Louis responded to Alan before taking a sip of his drink.

“I know (Y/N) for a couple of years now. She loves to come to my show, and she’s actually the next guest, did you know?” Alan questioned the boys, wondering. The boys shook their heads.

“No, she wasn’t there backstage.” Liam replied while Harry asked, “Really?” with a smile beaming on his face.

“Oh look how his face suddenly brightened,” Alan teased Harry before replying to Liam’s response, “she actually said she might be late but will totally be here for the interview. She should be at the backstage now and getting ready.”

“I must warn you though. She could get a bit forward or blunt, and she is also quite cheeky,” Alan informs and warns the boys.

“Yea, we heard about that,” Louis replied, nodding. “That’s fine. We’re bit cheeky as well anyway,” Niall added, laughing.

“Yea, but still be careful. Your fans might explode or go crazy if things get out of hands,” Alan gave as an advice while Harry asked, “Could it really get that bad?”

“Oh you have no idea, love,” Alan replied, chuckling before adding, “A lot of secrets got spilled in this studio because of her.”

The topic was then changed to questions about their tour and if they have plans for an upcoming album. Few minutes later, Alan ends their conversation and began to introduce his new guest.

“She recently won two Brit Awards, seven Grammys and an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress. Please welcome this workaholic, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” Alan exclaimed before moving to greet me down the stairs. I descended down the stairs, waving at the audience.

“Oh darling, I haven’t seen you in a while,” Alan stated as he hugged and kissed me on the cheek.

“I know! I missed being on this show,” I replied before we both walked towards the couch and One Direction.

I greeted the boys and gave each one of the a hug and a kiss on the cheek before sitting down where Niall was seated earlier while the boys scooted to make space.

“That’s why the couch was really huge today,” Louis commented and the boys laughed.

“Yea, we needed quite a big couch today to fit all of ya,” Alan replied before asking me what drink I want, “What can I get for you today, sweetie?” Alan opened the “mini-bar” and took out a glass.

“Ohhh, I want that one,” I looked at some of the drink in the mini-bar before I pointed at a drink and asked, “Is that strong?”

“Why, do you want a strong one?” Allan asked and I replied, “Oh yes, please!”

The boys laughed at the response and Alan questioned, “Why? Are you going through something or what?”

“Well, my sisters decided to confiscate all of my drinks at home after my ex and I broke up. They thought I might turn to alcohol and all that. Although it has been more than half year, I still haven’t restocked anything,” I explained as I eagerly accepted the glass from Alan.

“Well you could have gotten some from the store or something,” Alan argued but I replied, “Yeah, but I didn’t know they somewhat got my assistant and everyone around me to ban me from having a drink. It’s weird because I don’t really drink unless there’s an occasion but whatever. I’m having one now and I’m happy. Thanks for the drink, love.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. Whenever you need one, just come here and I’ll give you all the drinks you want,” Alan offered me and I nodded in agreement. He then moved on from the topic and congratulated me, “Congratulations on the awards, the movie and the album. You are like hogging everything!”

“I know! I’m so happy though,” I replied after taking a few sips of my drink.

“Well you deserve them darling and I believe you know the boys?” Alan asked.

I nodded before turning to One Direction and gave them a smile. “Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam,” she pointed at each member.

“Well since you know them, you should also know their crush on you,” Alan said and I laughed in response.

“Yea. I’ve been asked quite a lot of times about it,” I said before looking at the boys.

“Well I want you to officially meet someone,” Alan began as he stood up and said, “Come here with me.” Alan and I went in front of the table and Alan called Harry to stand as well.

“(Y/N), I want you to meet Harry and Harry, I want you to meet (Y/N),” Alan said as Harry stood in front of me. I gave chuckle, covering my mouth while Harry’s face turned red.

“Hi, I’m Harry Styles. Pleasure to meet you,” Harry said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

I took his hand and replied, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and nice to meet you as well, Harry.”

“There you go! Harry you know I’m doing you a favor,” Alan said as we went back to our seats. Harry and the boys laughed and he said “Yeah, thank you.”

“Well let’s move on and I wanna ask you about (Y/Ex/N),” Alan said and I knew he would ask about him. Almost every interview does.

“Yeah? What about him?” I replied before taking a sip of my drink.

“Well you guys were together for years and a lot of people expected you guys to get married or at least get engaged. What happened?” Alan asked while I took a slip of my drink.

“Well I guess it is not supposed to happen. I heard people saying that after two or three years in relationship, if a couple is not engaged yet, it’s not gonna happen,” I shrugged.

“Really? Everyone wanted you to be Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N) you know,” Alan said.

“Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” I asked with a bit of disdain in my tone and Alan nodded, “Yeah.”

“I don’t know about that but it doesn’t sound as fitting as I thought it would,” I replied honestly.

“Really? You don’t want to be called Mrs. (Y/Ex/L/N)?” Alan asked.

“Maybe I would have considered it before but now it just doesn’t sound right and I don’t think it fits me,” I explained before taking another sip of my drink. “Don’t you guys think so?” I asked the boys, turning to them. The boys were listening to our conversation and it was Liam who replied to my question and agreed with me, “No, it doesn’t. At least not anymore.”

“What last name do you think would fit you then?” Alan asked and that made me think. I was silent for a couple of seconds looking around, humming. “Hmmm. That’s a very interesting question,” I stated before my eyes fell on Harry and a smiled instantly. “I think I know the perfect one, Alan,” said.

“Really?” Alan squeaked and I continued now with a smirk on my face, “Yeah. What do you think of Mrs. Styles? It’s like Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

The boys were a bit surprised with what I said before they laughed and Zayn said, “Oh that’s a good one!”

“Well that does sound good, doesn’t it?” Alan asked the boys and they all nodded except for Harry, who was a little dazed.

“What do you think, Mr. Styles?” I asked Harry while looking at his direction. He snapped out of his little dazed and stuttered a reply, “I… I think it perfectly suits you pretty well, Mrs. Styles.” He then gave me his charming smile and I was dazzled. We stared at each other for a few seconds before we were interrupted.

“Are we interrupting something?” Alan asked and Harry and I immediately looked back at him and replied, “No! Not at all,” while shaking my head.

“Niall why don’t you change seats with Harry so Mr. Styles can spend a little bit more time with Mrs. Styles?” Alan teased us and Niall was more than happy to comply, “Yes! Why not? That’s a great idea.”

Niall then stood up and they pushed Harry to sit beside me. I looked at Harry as he sat down and he once again smiled at me, his dimples showing.

“Oh. Now I know why ladies love you,” I said and Harry, confused with my statement, wondered, “What do you mean? Why?”

“You charm them with your smile and dimples along with that sexy curly hair and mesmerizing eyes,” I answered while we still continued to look at each other. I broke the contact when Alan asked a question and I turned to face him again.

“Have you fallen for the charms then, dear?” Alan asked me and I replied, nodding, “I think I might have.” I looked back at Harry, who was still staring at me.

“Oh stop staring at me. It’s like…” I paused looking for the right words. “Shagging you with his eyes?” Alan suggested and I said, “Uh. Yes, exactly that.”

The boys laughed and teased Harry. Harry was a little bit embarrassed and blushing as moved his gaze away.

“(Y/N), you did say Harry is your favorite in an interview, right?” Alan asked for confirmation and I furrowed my eyebrows before asking, “I did?”

“Is it really?” Harry asked with his voice that I swear would haunt me in my dreams as he looked my way again. “Oh, I am honored to be a favorite by you, Mrs. Styles,” Harry added, smiling cheekily towards me.

“Oh you are flirty,” I exclaimed and I added, “and cheeky as well.”

“He’s quite known for that,” Alan confirmed and I said, “That’s why you’re quite on the news lately, sweetie.” It’s true he’s been on the news a lot after his breakup with Taylor Swift this January and rumors started to fly around about his small hook ups here and there.

Alan began to change the topic and we talked about my movie and if I have any upcoming album. The boys listened intently throughout the conversation while I could feel Harry’s burning stare. I would look at the boys from time to time and would exchange glances towards Harry.

“Well there has been a lot of nude leaks a lot lately and are you scared of that?” Alan asked.

“Not at all, really. I’ve never taken one unless someone did and I didn’t even know,” I replied chuckling.

“Did you guys had any leaks?” Alan asked the boys and they all looked at each other.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Louis replied. “There were rumors though that Harry has a nude leaked,” Niall commented.

I was surprised so I looked at Harry and asked, “You have a nude leaked?” He looked back at me and replied, “Apparently I do. I didn’t even know that.”

“Do you want to see it? We can look for it if it’s online,” Alan asked me and I looked at him and asked, “You mean if I want to see the picture?”

“Yeah, Harry’s nudes,” he confirmed, nodding. “No, don’t go looking for it,” Harry disagreed while shaking his hands to gesture Alan to stop.

“I don’t know. I guess I wouldn’t mind,” I started as I looked towards Harry smirking, who then instantly stared back at me.

“But I actually don’t like pictures though. I prefer it live and in person,” I said. Damn. Why did I let that slip from my mouth. I glanced at my glass, now empty. I am certainly far from drunk that’s for sure.

The studio exploded. Alan was hysterical while I continued my smirk towards Harry, who was frozen at his seat looking down. The boys all stood up clapping and laughing.

“Omg! This is priceless,” Louis said while Niall stated, “This is the best interview ever.”

I took a deep breath and I said while shaking my head, “I shouldn’t have probably said that. I am in deep trouble.”

“Oh you are sweetie. Fans everywhere are probably going crazy right now,” Alan expressed and he chuckled once again, “That was hilarious though.”

“Harry is speechless,” Zayn stated as everyone looked at Harry, who was still not talking.

Harry shook his head and retorted, “This is the craziest thing ever, but I wouldn’t deny you any requests, Mrs. Styles.”

“I can’t believe you guys are flirting back at each other. All the fans probably can’t function now,” Liam commented from the end of the couch.

“I think so too,” Niall agreed and chuckled. I just shook my head and just smiled at Harry, who smiled back at me. We both know things are going to get a lot crazier after this interview.

A/N: I wasn’t going to post anything today but I figured out I should share this and hope it’ll distract you guys even just for a few seconds. Stay strong and we’ll get through this guys. ❤

captain swan :: desperately seeking santa au (will be posted on ff.net and ao3 later)

Merry Christmas Miranda! You said you loved AU fics and holiday fics, so I decided to spice it up and write one that’s both! Muahah ;) I was told to watch Desperately Seeking Santa from a friend for some fic writing inspiration, as the movie might as well be a CS AU all in itself (the main girl is named Jennifer, her d-bag of a bf is named Neal, she lives in Boston, I CANT EVEN MAKE THIS UP). So. Decided to write a little CS one myself :) And by little I mean monstrous; this fic is 6000k. And since I love making manips, I decided to throw in two to go with the fic. I hope you enjoy this, and have a merry Christmas!! Loved getting to talk to you <3

You can read the fic below!

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Matsui Rena official blog 2015/03/24  19:55

(Regarding ・ω・the Elections)

Rena speaking

This year, I won’t be running for the General Elections.

That’s what I announced earlier on Twitter.
Please let me expose, as clearly as this entry will allow me to, the reasons of my decision.

Going back in time, one year ago.
The moment I was waiting to be called on stage during the Elections results.
Every other year, from the point of 10th onward the tension or rather the anxiety I faced was such that it felt like it could totally crush me, but at that moment I was smiling of a brighter smile than anyone else and felt excited. (now that I think back, I can’t believe how nervous I was until the early results announcement)
Maybe I was the only one smiling at that time, back there.
When my name was called, standing in front of the mic I spontaneously felt 「This might be the last time」.

I was happy of the ranking I had been offered, I felt honored, I could deeply sense all the feelings that had been poured in the votes.
Lots of people praised me. More than anything I was grateful, proud to be supported by such splendid fans.

After last year I knew I wouldn’t take part in the elections anymore, so as I fight my anguish, wondering if that was the right thing to do, I kept moving forward.
Can I truly achieve anything that will make everyone happy “in the scope of the group”?
In all honesty, the truth is I can’t say that I’m able to achieve such a thing.

In the past I said I wanted to be N°1.
I haven’t given up, or if I had to put it otherwise, I feel like my field of vision has broaden.
I think one of the reasons is because this past year I met a lot of people and got the chance to work in many different places.
Learning day after day, I managed to take a step back to finally have a more objective eye on myself.
You cheer for me when I appeared in magazines and on TV. When I have a role in a drama or a movie, you tell me how I’m getting closer of my dream.
I realized how those words were making more happy than any others.

I’ve learnt the importance of being clear with myself about what I was seeking at the moment and how to achieve it.
Being able to answer expectations that people have for me, exceeding those expectations, I’ve come to fully understand the value it had.
The stage is ruled by that same principle. But out there, there is no such ranking.

I want to fight by looking at the reality right in the eyes, I want to face everyone, myself included, directly, and for that to be possible I made the choice not to run in the Elections.
From now on, I don’t need 「ranking」anymore. It’s a fight against myself.
The answer to the question as to know if I made the right choice lies far ahead I think.
But you’re the ones who keep me strong.
We will still be able, at any times, to exchange 「Congratulations」and 「Thank you」, so please don’t worry and set your mind at ease.
That’s what I wish for the most.



→“From now on, I don’t need 「ranking」anymore. It’s a fight against myself.


May 20th 2015… Woo celebrated my 40th time seeing Hedwig 3rd with Darren Tonight!!! Glad my hedhead besties where there with me and I was surprised to see catatonicallyeuphonic there too♡Darren is seriously getting better and better! ● I have to say the funniest bit for me was during Sugar Daddy. After the car wash Darren sat on a guy and licked his face. Then when he went to kiss a guy in the front row the guy refused to kiss him on the mouth ( turns out the didn’t want to because he had a bf). After the song Darren sticks out the mic stand like an extention of his penis and puts it in the guys face. He joked with the guy a lot afterwards. ☆The highlight of my night was at stage door. I told him it was my 40th and he said let him know when its 80. I then told him it’s was my 3rd with him and he said “now that’s what I’m talking about” he then said I like your shirt and drew an exclamation point after the sugar. My friends and I laughed and he said “noticed how I avoided your boob” and he drew on it some more. I have a video of it!

Robbers -Jack Gilinsky-


Chapter One

“So the coke is more important than me?” “Don’t act like you’re so innocent Cassandra”

Chapter Two

Jack’s POV

Fuck her, I don’t need her.

There’s still half a forty left. I picked it up and started walking through this fucked up house. I started playing with the gun. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” I giggled, pretending to shoot things. I smiled then frowned, picking up Cassie’s bag from the floor. I picked it up and put it on my back. I love her. I sat back down, thinking about how much I fucked up.

I rested my nose on the gun. Ugh, I love her, I’m such an idiot. I started crying, fuck I needa go home.

Cassie’s POV 

“Babe…” I looked up as Jack walked through the door. “I’m sorry” He came and hugged me. “Accepted” I sighed, taking another drag of my stoge. “Let me make it up to you”  He kissed my cheek. He stood up and turned on our record player, playing where we left off. He smirked at me once I heard the beat of the song. I smiled at him because he’s just such an idiot. He grabbed the microphone from the kareoke machine and stood on the bed in front of me.

“Bite your face to spite your nose
17 and a half years old
Worrying about my brother finding out
What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?" He sang in the mic in front of my face.

"I said, "No!”
“Oh give it a rest, I could persuade you”
“I’m not your typical, stoned 18 year old
Give me a night I’ll make you”
“I know you’re looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I’m not your savior.”
Wrestle to the ground
God help me now because

They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls" He grabbed my hand, standing me up and spinning me around. He pulled me into him, we started dancing around together.

“A pair of frozen hands to hold,
Oh she’s so southern so she feels the cold,
One moment I was tearing off your blouse,
Now you’re living in my house.
What happened to just messing around?

I said, "Yo, I think you better go; I can’t take you.”
“You just sit and get stoned with 30 year olds and you think you’ve made it.”
“Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes?”
Wrestle to the ground
God help me now because

They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls

I told her from the start
Destined to be hard
I told her from the start
I’ll break your heart
Destined to be hard
I’ll break your heart

I said, “Yo, I think you better go; I can’t take you.”
“I know you’re looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I’m not your savior.”
“Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes?”
Wrestle to the ground
God help me now because

They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls

They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls

‘Cause they’re just girls…
Just girls, they’re just girls…“ He finished, bowing as I applauded him and laughed. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I love you a lot, y'know that?” He whispered.

“I love you too” I smiled, kissing his nose. My phone started ringing, Jack looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

“It’s Mahogany” I rolled my eyes at his suspision and answered the phone. “Yo diggity yo dawg” She answered, I rolled my eyes and tried not to laugh.

“Do not ever do that again” I scoffed. “Oh Shut up” “Why you callin?” “You wanna come hang with me and some of the boys?”

“Yeah…your house?” “Yes! I got the hook up..” She sang making me smile. “Alright, we’ll be there” I hung up.

“Wassup?” Jack asked. “We’re gonna get fucked up at LOX’s house tonight”

You Surprise Him With Your Musical Talent

Okay, the prompt for this one was “he hears you singing/playing and instrument and is pleasantly surprised.” Hope y'all like it!

Oh, and language warning. I was in a mood, idk.




As I lean closer to the mirror, I rub my thumb carefully over the stray eyeliner mark. Looking around Mike’s bathroom, I see a set of speakers sitting on a shelf. As the cord clicks into my phone, the screen lights up, showing my wallpaper picture of me and Michael. I smile involuntarily and thumb through my 5sos playlist, quickly finding my favorite song. Stepping back over to the mirror, I finish my makeup, singing really loudly. 


I pull the hair-straightener out of my bag and plug it in. Dancing around the bathroom, I notice that the music sounds even louder for some reason. When I turn around, I see Michael standing in the doorway belting out the chorus with me.


As I spin around, Michael cuts off the music, leaving me belting out the song a cappella. Now, I knew that I could carry a tune in a bucket, but I actually sounded good, probably because of the acoustics of the bathroom. Finishing the chorus, I turn back around to see Michael staring open mouthed at me.

“What the fuck! You didn’t tell me you could sing!”

“That’s because I can’t…”


He steps up behind me, spinning me around and pinning my hips against the counter with his hands. He leans over me and kisses me aggressively, biting my lips. I pull back, and he leans forward, following my mouth in a trance.

“You’re singing backup on the next album.”


I turn back around to the mirror, and he snakes his arms around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder.

“What about a youtube cover?” 


“I’ll be right back. Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.”

Calum presses the button for the elevator, and I turn back to the plush lobby. My long dress barely grazes the floor as I walk. Apparently, someone at Hi or Hey needed to talk to him, and it couldn’t wait until after dinner. I was trying to be a good sport about it, but going out on an actual date was a rare occasion. As I look around, I notice a sleek, black grand piano over by the window. Wandering over to it, I look around and see nobody but the receptionist in the lobby. I sit down and open the cover, running my fingers over the smooth keys. Smiling to myself, I start playing Amnesia slowly, letting the notes hang in the air. I close my eyes, letting the chords do the work. When I open them again, I see that a few people have stopped in the lobby and are listening to me play. I look down, trying to keep my focus and finish the song. After all, it’s bad form to stop in the middle of a song. As I get to the last chorus, I look up and see Calum across the room smiling at me. I hit the last note and applause builds, and I see Calum clapping, shaking his head at me in amazement. I stand up and walk over to him, doing a playful courtesy. I lace my fingers in his as we walk out of the lobby and onto the street.

“You’re in trouble…”


“Because you didn’t tell me you could play like that…”

“I told you I took lessons.”

“Yeah, you told me that, but I didn’t know you were that good!”

I gape at him, jabbing him in the arm, and he chuckles at me.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that you were amazing, and I should have never thought anything less.“


I open the door to my childhood bedroom and step in. The sparkly butterflies are still on the door, and the pale pink wallpaper is still there.

“You never told me you play guitar…”

Luke steps in behind me and walks over to the corner where my old guitar is propped up. As I rummage through my drawers, he starts to tune it absentmindedly. It’s been a while since I had been home, and it was the first time that Luke had come with me.

“Would you play for me?”

“It’s been so long, Luke. And I’ve got to find this picture, or Mom is going to kill me.”

He still holds it out to me when I turn back around.


Looking into his puppy dog eyes, I reluctantly take it from him and sit down on the bed beside him. I strum a bit, trying to remember whatever I can.

“Do you want me to teach you Never Be?”

I turn and smile at him, and he scoots closer to me.

“Okay, this hand here… fingers there, there, and there… Good.”

As he walks me through it, I try to concentrate on the cords, but it’s kind of hard with him touching me so much. I finally play it, and amazingly it sounds pretty similar to the studio version.

“You guys should really do more acoustic stuff.”

“Only if you join in.”

He takes the guitar, and sets it aside. I’m about to stand up and continue looking for Mom’s picture, but Luke catches my hand, pulling me towards him. He kisses me slowly, his hand running up the side of my neck, thumb rubbing my cheek. A knock on the door startles us, and I turn to see my Mom standing there, arms crossed in front of her.

“I see that you’re searching diligently…”

I stand up and open my closet door, hiding my red face.

“He distracted me! It’s all his fault!” 


“Hey, can I borrow you for a minute?”

I put down my phone and follow Ashton through the rehearsal hall and out onto the empty stage. He hands me a mic without any explanation and walks over to his drum set.

“Um… What am I supposed to do with this?”

His wipes sweat from his forehead, glancing at me.

“You know English Love Affair, right?”

“Of course…”

“Can you sing it for me? I keep messing up the tempo whenever the guys start singing, and I need to fix it before tomorrow’s show.”

I walk over to him, holding the mic like it’s a poisonous snake.

“Can’t one of the guys do this? I’m not really-“

“Luke’s at the label meeting. Calum and Michael are still recovering from last night’s show. Please?”

I sigh begrudgingly and walk downstage, fastening the mic to the mic-stand. I nod at him, and he starts drumming furiously, his face contorted in frustration. I count out the measures, looking back at him.

“It’s started on a weekend in May…I was looking for attention, needed intervention.”

As my voice echoes through the empty arena, Ashton’s head shoots up at me, eyes wide. He stops drumming abruptly, and I look at him confused.


“Is there any chance that you are Hayley Williams in disguise as my girlfriend? Because that would be a mean trick.”

”Oh come on, Ash, just play.”

“I’m serious!”

“No, you’re not, but thank you for the flattery.”

He shakes his head and starts drumming again, and I start singing again. This time he continues through the whole song. Once it’s over I walk over to him and lay down my mic.

“I thought you said you were having trouble?”

“Not with you singing it…”