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Money - 5SOS

5SOS: *mumbling, talking about cupcakes*

Me: Chill guys, seriously. I’ll take your money since you’ve taken mine.

hi everybody! i may or may not have forgotten to do a xmas one, so here’s my follow forever for 2013 :) it’s been a crazy year on this stupid blogging site-whether you foliow me, i follow you, or we’re in a mutual, i love you very much and i’m so glad we’re wasting our time together. if you’re not on this list don’t take it personally, i’m really forgetful. sorry if your name is cut off in a weird way, tumblr hates me :P ok i should probably do the thing now shouldn’t i











real life friends:


and of course: 



can u tell how many fucks i don’t give about this

phandom/youtube: wellholycrapdazzle ✿ autumnlesterhowell
project-library ✿ literallyllester ✿ h8howell ✿ sarahisnotonice ✿
danhowelll ✿ httphowell ✿ dantisocial ✿ philsprince ✿ amazzingphil ✿
philisnotonfire-and-amazingdan ✿ longingforadeadworld ✿ danisnotwhat ✿
philyouabsolutespoonbender ✿ daninater ✿ phanelle ✿ radlester ✿
phanjam ✿ yourephantastic ✿ unfyoutubers ✿ philiplesters ✿ danthighs ✿
danssmirk ✿ phanology ✿ adoringphil ✿ philipllester ✿ punkgoesphan ✿
danhowellismoist ✿ catandbear-savetheworld ✿ lesterforhowell ✿
amazingph1l ✿ mindthephan ✿ phantasticphilanddan ✿ xolester ✿
danphilip ✿ piggywidgeon ✿ lampnovelli ✿ katscatwhiskers ✿
bubble-squash ✿ tillphandomcome ✿ randomphandom ✿ phanifique ✿
alltimephangirl ✿ whyisdanonfire ✿ phansexuals ✿ thelionandthellama ✿
phangs ✿ amahzingphil ✿ sexyhowell ✿ howels ✿ danisnotanfire ✿
danlsnotonfire ✿ nadiaisapenguin ✿ oflestr ✿ grocehelbig ✿ myphanfeels ✿
howellsex ✿ danandphilthings ✿ dansderp ✿ philcest ✿ d-anphil ✿ 
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howellldaniel ✿ phanilluminati ✿ howellish ✿ amazing-phandom ✿ 
crabsuckz ✿ adventurousnovelli ✿ frannij ✿ ima-guineapig ✿ 
becauseofphil ✿ daanhowell ✿ dantesersisreal ✿ carysgotafanblog ✿
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sirepotter ✿ pattronus ✿ simplypotterheads ✿ knockturnallley ✿
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murdermoriarty ✿ baconslut ✿ ohzoella ✿ itstomboddy ✿ tescofinest ✿ 
alpacamazing ✿ emitseil ✿ badselfies ✿ rxdolivia ✿ gaytable ✿ 
sarkybitch ✿ pigeonprincess ✿ kittyghoul ✿ lordejoffrey ✿ 

irl ppl/gd friends: abbey ✿ abbee ✿ hades ✿ chinese wannabe ✿
✿ beatrizzle ✿ liv ✿ dan ✿ evie ✿ wil bae ✿ jessie bessie ✿ 

babe: dansgotsass

thanks bye

hello!! recently this blog hit 500 followers which, for me at least, is really exciting and a lot of people. so, to say thank you and stuff, i decided to make a follow forever which is something i’ve been wanting to do for ages.

here are some of my fave blogs and best friends (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

a - f 

adanrablebecomingyoutube / bneakfast / cuddlephil / dan-and-phil / dandick / danistheflameprince / dropkickpj / elliegalaxies / fuckyoutubers

g - l

gettingmildlysuggestive / hnnnngoverphan / howellsbutt / howellslester / interrupted-by-fireworks interruptedbyanal / liguoriliscious

m - r

megangorex / mic-ro-wave / phanifique / placentaandllamas / probablypeej / punkgoesphan

s - v 

sexyhowell / unf-youtubers

w - z

youtubekillsme / youtubers-ugh

if you’re not on this, it doesn’t mean that i don’t love you because i do!! these are just people i have spoken too or people who’s posts i have immensely enjoyed. thank you for following me and thank you for being great ☆ 

danisnotonfire ♡ amazingphil ♡ pattywalters 

((also sorry for the shockingly bad edit i have no idea what i’m doing with this macbook and i don’t have have much to work with pls forgive me))

I made this blog more than 8 months ago. It was my first blog ever and its the only one i’ve kept after changing it around so much. I joined so many fandoms until I finally found my true family. The YouTube family. <3 I’ve never felt more loved than I have joining this fandom and i’ve actually made some friends. Here they are! Round of applesauce (I know what I did) for my first follow forever!

Kool Katz;


for helping me through rough times. for not leaving and giving up on me when I truly deserved it. for getting me into this tumblr mess. What would I be doing right now?? probably the project due tomorrow but y’know, priorities.  Ily and thanks for hating me yet. <3 go follow this fucker, shes the Dan to my Phil.peace-out-little-munchkinsDuh. For talking to me. XD I’m usually lonely and I was damn nervous sending you a kik. Don’t really know much about you besides the fact you like Troyler and Zalfie. Thats good. Hopefully we can talk more though. :D <3 Follow her nOW OR ELSE… I give you no hugs DDD:banana-soul ❀  oh god if you do not follow this perfect girl, you’re not human ok this girl so damn strong. She has inspired me so many times and when I go to her blog, I do nothing but smile and give hope. I dream about being followed by Tyler and Troye like sometimes my blog can show, but most times, it’s not something my blog shows, I dream for a follow from Kelli. My role model forever<3 


Thank you live—life—weird for even getting me curious and having me stress out over making a tumblr because it was hella complicated. Worth it though :3


500daysoftroyler • 4evertroyler • 50shadesoftroyesivan


a-corner-of-a-universe  •a-kingdom-fit-for-troyler a-pizza-party a-shy-phangirl • adailydoseofyoutubers • ablogwithrandomthings adayinthelifeofphan • about-a-llama • adorablehowell • adoringphil • agirlwholikesphan • alfiesugg • all-about-troyler • all-the-ships-are-sailing • almostatroylerblog • always-troyler • alwaysdanandphil • amahzingphil • amazing-phan-is-not-on-fir • amazing-phil • amazingdaniscoollike • amazinghowell • amazingphanbabyisnotonfire • amazingphil-gifs • amazingphilvyou • amazingsugg • amazingtroyler • analzingphil • another-troyler-phangirl • another-youtube-fandom • assmazing-phil • authoe-mobile • awchummy • awkwardhowell • awsomehighfivetoyourface • awzoella • ayeetroyee • ayesivan • ayyyyytyler 

banana-soul • beautifultroyler • because-phil-lester-thats-why • becauseofphil • betweenatroylersandwich • blinded-angels • bloodsexandrocknroll • bootyoakley • breadhumans • britishandaussieboysmakemecry • but-baby-thats-just-me • butterflytroye


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dailyshanedawson• dailytroye• dan-and-phil-arenotonfire• dan-and-phil-llamas-and-lions• dan-will-make-you-howell• danandphilconfessions• danandphilonradioone• danandphilthings• dancingphillion• danhowellsbitch• danhowellwithreallytallhair• danisnotfabulous• danisnotfood• danisnotonfirevyou• danmakesphilhowell• danosaurs-and-philions• danphils• danwillmakeyou-howell• danyul-filip• dashingthroughthephan• derpdan• devoted-to-troyler• dippity-doo-dah• doescasparleelovemeyet• doesphillesterlovemeyet• dreaming-gets-me-through• drunkhowell


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465. Ily and this took me a week (+learning+life)to make and its 5:00 in the morning right now, so, night. <3

so hey guys! i know a few of u have been bugging me about making a follow forever and i think it’s fair since i havent been very grateful towards my favorite blogs. so i’ve decided to make one of these to show how much i love you all! i have the memory of a goldfish so if i forgot you, sorry! i love all of the people i follow so you can look at my blogroll here <3 

it is the holiday season, so many of you have holiday urls, so i included those too along with your regular urls.

[also, mind the shitty edit for the top picture, i suck at editing and it was made on a nook. i’m completely serious.]

friends: literallylester ♡ exteriour/skype-calls ♡ lesterlyhowell ♡ lesterfied / frostyphan ♡ pizzahowell ♡ crustycreep 

a-c: adayinthelifeofphan ♡ adrnired ♡ amarshmallowphil ♡ amazinghil ♡ amazzingphil ♡ amyzingphil ♡ analzingphil ♡ awkwardhowell ♡ beckyuslut ♡ bneakfast ♡ bubble-squash / bauble-squash ♡ cookiephil ♡ crownhowell / santahowell 

d-f: daanhowell ♡ danhowcll ♡ danistheflameprince ♡ danlhowell ♡ danvsphil ♡ danwasonfireonce ♡ dazzlinghowell  / snowyhowells ♡ definitelythor ♡ dnhowell ♡ drunkhowell ♡ drunkphanonarampage ♡ falioutboy ♡ fetusdan ♡ fforensic ♡ ffsdan ♡ fuckyoutubers ♡ fukcdan 

g-l: ghostlingoofysoups ♡ holdingmythoughtsinmyheart / holdingmythoughtsinmystockinghonkforgay ♡ howell-chanhowellwbuhowellyouphilinhowull ♡ insertyoutuberquotehereinterrupted-by-fireworksinturhnetitsbetterthananalkickthephantastickzkidacon ♡ lullabycubed 

m-z: mermaidstailonmyfacemic-ro-wave ♡ nightospherian nobunknozukes / hohohozukesphaniell ♡ phil-peenphiliplestrphilmichaellester ♡ philplzphils-ass ♡ piggywidgeon / christmasyphil ♡ pizzalester ♡ qwackle ♡ rllydansleepyfoxstar ♡ wirrows ♡ swarbricks ♡ thelionandthellama ♡ ughhdan / snowydanwhylester 

have a great holiday, you guys ! :D<3

The new years/ 1.1 K follow forever

Ok so i recently reached 1.1 K followers and also it was in time for Christmas and since i have never done one of these, i thought it’d be a good time to do my first follow forever:D

  • the italic ones are mutual follows


60-shadesofgrapeallltimephanalpacamazing-philamazingdan3amazinghilamazing-phandomamazing-phandom-isnoton-fireamazingphelamazingsmosherisnotonfire, amazzingphilarsgard, catscrewcheesyfeetdontcrychristiannovelli


daisnotonfiredamnn-howelldanception, dancestdanisamazinglynotonfiredanisawafflytwatdan-is-not-on-phiredanisonotfiredankickedphilsstickzdanowell,dansderpdansinotnofire, danvsphildanyul-philipdashingphan, definitelythorfelixfelicis394ficster28fuckthepj


gangstaslothghostlinhell0child, hnngphan, holdingmyphaninmyheartihateyoutubers,interrupted-by-fireworksis-this-just-phantasyistrokedansglabellaitsbritishluvkhadijackasslessamazingsam, lestershowelllost-in-camelotmcrphanmic-ro-wave, narrypunkomgmyfeelsohh-yo-so-nasty


phan-equals-phriendshipphangsphanic-station, phanominalphantasticphil, phan-tesersphillesterphilplz, phil-set-dan-on-firepiercethe-doctorplacentaandllamasraggedy-assbutttsarahchansanspoken-not-writtensuper-who-phan


the-butt-llamathe-faults-in-our-phandomthe-phandomthe-vegas-videothe-whale-incidentthisisjustanemergency, twerkinglester, twerking-lestertwo-men-one-angelyoutubersarenotonfire,youtubers-replaced-my-life