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The Napoleon Debate scene, wherein Marius sings the praises of Napoleon for most of a chapter, Combeferre one-shots him down, drops the mic, leaves the room leading a mass walkout, and then sings an unprompted encore,  which Enjolras, the only  person who’s even attempting  to keep this a conversation and not a Debate Curbstomp,  annotates

and people think Enjolras  is the one going over the top in that scene. 

I’m so emotional about Davenport. Big character notes we have for him so far from the Stolen Century are like:

  • “Please don’t drop the mic.” + leading the press conference. Cap’nport is obviously highly respected by fantasy NASA because they chose him to lead their super cool new First Ever interplanar exploratory mission. Also he knows Lup well enough to see the mic drop coming, although not quite well enough to stop it, I guess. He’s really professional and great and basically Head Astronaut and Spokesperson. Very respectful and responsible! Also he’s a navigator and a pilot (I wonder what else he’s been piloting?) and he and Merle “swap war stories” and even if they aren’t literal war stories I’m So Curious.
  • “… Davenport tries and fails to contact the institute, and… he makes the call: you’re escaping, and you’re regrouping, and you’re going to return… when the time is right, when things are safer…” Davenport has to make this choice!!! He was put in charge to make choices like this and he does it and saves their lives and no doubt spends the next hundred years wondering if he could have fixed it.
  • “It takes a lot of time for Davenport to let down his walls because while he is a gnome […] he’s a very serious captain because he feels like he has to be to maintain control of the situation.” like…………. I would have loved to hear this actual conversation between Merle and Davenport where they bond over those similar feelings, but also thank you Griffin for just cutting straight to that because it’s literally a blessing to know that this is where his fears/insecurities lie for sure, that he’s built an entire life around being Taken Seriously and then Lucretia went and turned him into a joke holy shit. hOLY SHIT,,

Yoshino Hiroyuki : Amore bambina

Hiroyuki, everyone, seiyuu/voice actor of our favorite voice hero, singing~ 

inspired me to make this doodle

because i have this headcanon where Hizashi is actually from italy, but he just grew up at japan. So yea, i headcanon him being able to speak italian.

imma post the image in photo format at my main art blog @vhazzrhossze

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Kay my definining question before my heart completely jumps into this; how good would you recomend someone's mic be to audition for a character role? I'm tempted to buy one just for this.

On a scale of 1-10 in mic quality;

Lead/Minor roles would be at a 6-10 and ensemble 2-10.

That doesn’t mean you need to buy a mic! I know plenty of people who record with internal mics and headphone mics and they still end up sounding better than people with super expensive mics. You can make anything work if you try hard enough. 

As long as the vocals are clear and there isn’t a huge hiss or very much background noise, you should be golden, 

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Could you do a follow-up to the last one with the students' reactions after Aizawa goes back to his class?

//I’m so happy you asked me to do this haha I was going to add it but thought nah it’s already a bloody novel it’s time to stop

Read part one here

Mic tentatively led Aizawa to his classroom by the cast, assuring him of how everything would be fine and that everyone was there for him.

He’d have complained if he could find the energy.

“Are you absolutely certain you want to go today? I can take them for you and you can go home and sleep.”

“Yamada,” the now-blind man stopped him, turning to where he assumed he was. “I’m fine. The sports festival is coming up and I have to prepare them for it.”

“At least take the stick, then. It’ll help-”

“If I take the bloody stick will you stop treating me like an old woman?”

Mic huffed, prepared to retort, but decided against it; being friends with the bugger since they were children had taught him how immovable he was. Instead, he nodded.

“Good. Where is it?”

Tapping it against one of Aizawa’s bandaged hands to show him it was in his possession, Mic began leading him once more towards the class of 1-A. He could sense the man’s unease, and could barely even begin to think of how terrifying it must have been for him – living in a world of colour and light and happiness, only for it to be replaced by sheer, complete darkness. That on top of possibly losing his Quirk was an awful thought.

As Mic opened the door, he noticed how eerily silent the usually boisterous class was.  All eyes fell on their teacher as he was led to the desk, watching noiselessly as the other Pro checked and double-checked that he was comfortable in the chair that was brought in for him before leaving, leaning the stick on the desk as he passed, even fully aware that the man couldn’t use it with both hands out of order.

“A-Aizawa-sensei, should you really be here today?” Tsuyu’s voice wavered as she spoke; her bloodshot eyes showed how much her teacher’s injuries had affected her.

“Obviously. This is where I work.”

“But, sensei, you almost died yesterday.” It was Satou, eyebrows creased in concern. Several others made sounds of agreement.

“And I didn’t. So I’m here. Now, since I obviously can’t see, don’t put your hand up if you need something; shout out. I doubt I’ll be writing anything on the board so don’t bother with that either – and, no, that doesn’t mean you can draw penises on it. But, more importantly, we have a special occasion to prepare for…”

When the period ended, several students rushed to help him, offering to walk him to the staff room. He would have resisted were it not for the fact that he couldn’t use his arms and wasn’t willing to wait for Yamada

“Do you need this stick, sensei?”

“Yeah, I suppose I should take it or Mic will kill me.”

He heard someone lift it from its place, followed by a shuffling of many feet. Aizawa frowned as he realised there were more than just a few accompanying him. There was an argument as soon as he told them only two could take him.

“But I should take him because I’ve been to the staff room before so I know where I’m going.”

“You’re too short! I’d be better.”

“Uraraka and I should go because-”

“Sorry, kids, but maybe I should go?” Mic appeared with a knowing grin on his face, cutting through them all to retrieve the confused hero. The pupils appeared unhappy but didn’t speak against him.

“Who knew you were so popular among them? You do know that was the entire class there, don’t you?”

Aizawa snorted, but Mic could clearly see how touched he was by their actions.

“I certainly didn’t.”

“The first round’s obstacle course is under-way, ladies and gents! These rising heroes have to complete one whole lap of our special-made stadium’s outer ring – and what a start from Class 1-B’s Awase Yousetsu!”

Mic’s loud voice boomed across the stadium, making the black-haired man beside him wince.

“Why am I here, Yamada? How can I commentate if I can’t see?”

“Because I want you to know what’s going on, Shouta – and what better way than to be with me while I talk about it?”

Aizawa hid his gratitude in a sigh. Behind his mask of indifference was a man who truly appreciated all the blond was doing for him. He felt incredibly helpless in his situation – his entire upper half was wrapped in bandages while he had no use of either of his arms, all this on top of him now being blind – and it was wonderful to have someone there to lead and care for him, like a bright spark in the darkness that was now his world. Mic had even been staying with him at his flat since the attack, not wishing to leave him alone, and was talking about them moving in together so he’d never have to struggle by himself.

“Thank you, Yamada.”
“Hmm? Oh, I just didn’t want you missing out on your class. They’re really something!”

“I mean for everything. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Aww, Shouta!” leaping forward, the slightly taller man engulfed him in a hug, to which the other tensed before returning. “I like this affectionate side of you!”
“I’m not being affectionate,” he grunted. “I’m being grateful.”

Mic laughed before turning his attention back to the group of young adults in the centre of the stadium.

“You know, I take back what I said about you needing a guide dog-”

“I can train a cat instead?”

“No,” he laughed at the excitement in his voice. “I think those kids are going to do a fine enough job themselves.”

//Bloody hell I made it Maizawa again

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Jack Barakat: Confetti

Request: Heeeyy! Jack Barakat imagine? You & Jack have been together for 3 and a half years now, and he’s desperately been waiting to propose to you. I don’t care if he proposes at a concert or at the house you two share, but wherever it is, make it super duper fluffy, please? LOVE YOUR BLOG AND IMAGINES! -Hannah c:

A/N: ♡ FLUFF ♡ 

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GOT7 at the School Dance

JB: Asked to go by every girl in school. Refuses. Comes instead with his college girlfriend. Leaves early. Probably won’t ever come to a school dance again.

Mark: Arrived quietly. Danced quietly. Ate quietly. Left quietly. 

Jackson: Gets the time wrong. Showed up 3 hours late. Didn’t care. Danced with the night janitor. Snuck in the cafeteria fridge and drunk all of the leftover punch.

Junior: Wears his dad’s old suit from 1987. Dances awkwardly. Doesn’t know what to do in slow songs. Accidentally spills nacho cheese on dad’s suit. Has to change. Relieved.

Youngjae: Sings along to every song. Asks to join band on stage. Takes mic from lead singer. Starts singing ballads. Gets booed off stage.

BamBam: Planned his outfit for 7 weeks. Wears highest heeled boots. Brought back up outfits. Dabs all night.

Yugyeom: Stands shyly by the wall. Gets called out for a dance battle. Accepts. Slays everyone with his glorious moves. Moonwalks to victory. Celebrates with his new admirers.

White Noise - RazzleyD - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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White Noise (1885 words) by RazzleyD
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Relationships: Julian Albert/Barry Allen
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Rock Band, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Hook-Up, Spit As Lube, Semi-Dry Sex, Barebacking, Rough Sex

Barry felt the beat of the music coursing through his body. It shook his rib cage and made heart race. But it wasn’t just the music– it was the man behind the mic. Julian Albert, lead vocals and guitar of his band, Addicted.

And man, was Barry addicted. When he had heard that the band was going to be in central, he lost his damn mind. He waited up all night to get his hands on a ticket, VIP of course, and had lost sleep to be the first one in line for the show. He was front and center in the amphitheater, right in the line of sight of his (totally not platonic) crush.

Written as a contribution for Dccwrarepairswap.

What's been your most embarrassing moment onstage?
  • Tom: This one gig at the Royal Albert Hall, my mic lead was made of metal so I could fall on it at any time and hurt myself. I fell over and I made out I was doing some acrobatic shit.
  • Serge: He looked like a Russian gymnast, like some mad trapeze artist.
  • Tom: I fell over and put my legs in the air and made out like I was doing this weird gymnastic move, but I fell over.
  • Serge: Lead singers, mate, they don't know what the fuck they're doing.
  • (NME 29/10/2009)
The signs as experiences I had in high school (so far)

Aries: beating up some guy at a party and breaking the hosts closet door in the process. went up to him 30 minutes later to ask him if he was alright.

Taurus: sleeping in a booth at McDonald’s in a scarecrow Halloween costume and smudged face paint after celebrating “Dank-o-ween”

Gemini: going to a sold out show in a venue as small as a room and getting the lead singer’s mic cord wrapped around my neck as he was crowd surfing. didn’t even get mad and bragged to everyone about how he almost killed me.

Cancer: getting drunk and calling my boyfriend and ramble constantly about how much I loved him. forgot everything i said and had him tell me about me about it the next morning

tripping on acid and stood centimeters away from a mirror admiring how beautiful I was

Virgo: writing the entire periodic table abbreviations in order on my fingernails with a fine tip pen to cheat on a memory test. Aced it.

Libra: wearing a dress on an unexpected windy day. had my friend see my entire ass and said “aren’t you lucky”

having this huge crush on this girl who was straight. never told her but never stopped talking to her. gave her advice on some guy she liked and getting viciously jealous when i saw them walking around together.

Sagittarius: packing up my backpack and running away from home. trying to avoid the main roads just in case anyone was looking for me. getting lost in a town i thought i knew so well.

Capricorn: emailed my Psychology teacher begging him to accept 6 pages on an essay on serial killers when the original maximum was 3.

Aquarius: setting up a sneak out with some boy. fell asleep waiting for him and woke up the next morning with 16 missed calls. shrugged it off

ate 600 morning glory seeds and had closed eye visuals about flying through a tunnel of colors of the sweater i was wearing

EXO Opposite Day



Chen: (Main Dancer) Did someone call for a dancing machine????

Kris: (Main Vocalist) He-hey shut up, listen, and prepare your ovaries. 

Lay: (Rapper) Yoooo it be LAY, and girl I know how to PLAYYYY!!!

Xiumin: (Maknae) *Well, at least it makes sense now* 

Tao: (Leader) EXO-M Leader BITCHES!!!! 


Baekhyun: (Lead Rapper) Haters gonna hate! 

D.O: (Main Dancer) Back up! You can’t handle these moves!

Kai: (Main Vocalist) And that’s how sing. *walks away. drops mic*

Chanyeol: (Lead Dancer) Boop boop boop boop~*Laughs*

Suho: (Maknae) Who is the cutest???

Sehun: (Leader) Oh my god these children…

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Hi Carrie! When you're doing Les Mis, does everyone in the cast wear a mic, or just the leads?

Hello! Everyone wears one but principals wear two so just in case one blows, the sound guys at the mixing desk can whack the other one on quickly! xxx