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you know what really needs to be made and advertised more? kid friendly medical equipment

pill cases with steven universe and fluttershy and perry the platypus plastered on the cover, canes that come in bright sparkly colors and have stickers and fun ways to customize them, wheel chair wheel covers that light up and come in the colors of people’s hogwarts houses, nebulizer masks that make you look like your favorite cartoon character, leg braces and molds that are painted a kid’s favorite color, IV poles that look like flowers and giraffes, MIC-KEY* tubes with mickey mouse on them, cannula tubes made to make like funny moustaches or epipens that look like magic wands

there are disabled and chronically ill kids and babies, and even teens and young adults, who would feel a lot better about all the shit they have to do for their health if their supplies was more customized to them and their interests, the same way waterbottles and lunchboxes are 

shinee interview bingo*

*or drinking game

make a mark every time:

  • jinki makes a pun
  • taemin touches jinki
  • jonghyun calls someone by name
  • minho makes a compliment
  • minkey at some point grab each other
  • kibum laughs
  • taemin fiddles with his hands/jewelry
  • ttakbam!
  • jonghyun answers before [x] can reveal too much
  • high-five


  • jonghyun’s legs aren’t crossed
  • minho’s are
  • no puns

feel free to add to the list

161124 Dongja art hall Fansign 

Taemin said to be careful of Onew rather than the cold weather because he has the flu and he kept blowing his nose 

Cr. moneyplzT_T, trans cr. omggminho

A fan was crying so Jinki took out a tissue from the tissue box he was using to blow his nose for her  

After the fansign Minho lightly threw the mic at Key who caught it well so fans were impressed then Onew and Minho started juggling tissue boxes

cr. sweeeeton, trans cr. omggminho

Jinki was about to speak but fans were all sad & pitying his cold

O: ahh 

fans: oh oh 😣

O: My nose is blocked 

Fans: oh 😣~

O: what? I’m not speaking then

cr. starru525, trans cr. omggminho

F: oppa I bought this for u so you won’t catch a cold 

Jinki: it’s already too late, (teasingly) I won’t accept it 

F: eung there’s a tofu 

J: ohoh 

cr. evershining525, trans cr. iloveviewsh

Kuroo Tetsurou is not trash.

Because I am so tired of this poor, bed-headed volleyball dork getting mischaracterized, I give you a brief summary of reasons you should stop calling Kuroo trash.

1. He cares about his friends:
When he was little he became friends with Kemna, who lived close by.  Even though they didn’t seem to have much in common (Kuroo was very outgoing/into sports, Kenma is very introverted/would rather play video games) Kuroo continued to hang out with Kemna and make sure he was included in things, like the volleyball team. 

Even when Kenma entered high school and wanted to quit volleyball, Kuroo made sure to encourage Kenma and reassure him that the people around them liked him, and that if he gave it time things would get better.  

And where the manga is up to now, we can see that Kuroo makes sure Kenma is eating right, rides home with him from practice (from the OVA) and helps him broaden his prospective.  Lots of great stuff from Kuroo for Kenma.

And then there’s Bokuto… We don’t know when he met Bokuto, but anyone reading the training camp arc can tell they’re best friends.  He talks Bokuto up to people and reassures him when Akaashi gives him crap.  He stays around during individual practice to train with him and helps Bokuto grow as opposed to just himself.

 He also jokes around with Bokuto and they’re hilarious and how can you not love them?

2. He helps train other players:
When we meet up with him during the training camp, not only is he encouraging Tsukishima to come train with him, but he also is training Lev. 

From the OVA and parts of the manga, we know that Lev sucks at pretty much everything in volleyball, but Kuroo is there spending his individual training time helping him get better and improve so that not only their team can become stronger, but so Lev can get better.  He even says he’s not pratising with Bokuto so that he can help Lev.
After he’s pretty successfully tired out Lev, Kuroo starts working with Tsukishima to block Bokuto.  When he first steps in, he baits Bokuto, probably knowing that Bokuto will try that much more if he’s trying to prove himself.  As far as Tsukishima (and Lev, and Hinata) is concerned, Kuroo consistantly gives him advice on better and more effective ways to block. 

Even when Hinata joins in, he helps both middle blockers, EVEN WITH HINATA PLAYING ON THE OTHER TEAM DURING THE 3 ON 3.  When he’s asked why he’s helping them, despite them being mutual enimies, he says he wants to be able to make the Battle at the Garbage Dump a reality again for their coach.  

He doesn’t care if he’s helping players improve and potentially pass him.  He’s just concerned with being able to get to a point where they can play a real game together, because that’s what’s important to him.  And to him, this is his chance to train some of the first years. I think he enjoys it.

3. “I’m always this kind.”
Yes, Kuroo is the provocation expert.  And yes, he can sort of be a dick sometimes. But he does know when to draw the line. I think he knows that riling people up a bit will motivate them to try harder.  Seeing his team, I think that probably works a lot of the time.  When he does it to Tsukishima, it does get him to practice, but he goes to far and basically drives Tsukishima off. But Kuroo legitimately didn’t realize that Tsukishima would respond that way.  He’s not doing it to be a dick.  

 FOR WHICH HE GOES AND APOLOGIZES.  Granted, not to Tsukishima himself, but he goes and talks to Daichi about it and says he’s sorry for harassing him.

Kuroo may be a provocation expert, but he’s not an asshole.  He’s not mean for the sake of being mean.  That’s just his personality.  And I think most of the people he hangs around with are very similar.  But he shouldn’t be considered trash for it.  There are much meaner characters who get a lot more love than he does.


Seriously.  Have you seen this child?  

He wears his school uniform perfectly. He hangs out with his team outside practice. Kuroo is just a dork who loves volleyball.

So in summary

Kuroo cares about his friends, he goes out of his way to help train both his teammates and his opponents, he apologizes when he steps over the line with his provocation, and he’s overall just an awesome guy.  

tl;dr Kuroo Tetsurou is not trash.

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5 things in my bag:
-headphones w/ mic
-car keys (car key, sun themed keychain from Mexico (the spare key has a moon themed keychain from Mexico), ikea and library mini cards, and steel knuckles that look like a cat face)
-a little notebook for ideas

5 things in my bedroom:
-a small two-speaker stereo
-a wooden katana-style sword
-two white porcelain doves hanging from the ceiling fan
-letters and postcards from my friends
-a framed print of a fanart of Scully and Mulder but in a 90s college AU that was a gift from my friend

5 things i’m currently into:
-friendship (B i g Mood)
-the cool night air coming in my bedroom window after these warm days
-my new responsibilities at work
-past and present summer jams playing on the radio when I get stuck in rush hour traffic going home

5 things on my to-do list:
-work shit before i leave
-get my watch battery replaced at a jeweler
-dinner with a friend and her bf from the northern part of the state on Sun
-test my suitcase capacity for an upcoming trip
-maybe????go to sleep before??23:00????I wake up at 5 and I can do better and get more sleep?

5 things people may not know about me:
-I love EDM (electronic dance music). I didn’t before 2014, but then I went to a famous rave that’s held here.
-I also didn’t dance before then either. Now I Understand the music.
-I think my hands are beautiful and I love looking at them
-I have a fear of needles and of large amounts of blood
-I’ve accidentally hit a kid in the face with a flashlight before (he wasn’t actually injured but it was just a terrible coincidence)

(fanaccount) 150809 taemin & key @ sokcho music festival

taemin left the room & just let his jacket behind. key picked it up an stood there shaking his head, judging taemin ^.^; he gave to the manager

key had a doll in his pocket. taemin pushed the arms up & key would push them down. then taemin pushed the arms up & had the doll hold his mic, so key’s pocket doll held taemin’s mic for awhile ^.^;;

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