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(( I caved and did that “Draw the squad” meme thing, except this time with the eight children who fell. ))

(( To be honest, Rufus would’ve been a better candidate for Henry’s spot since Henry’s too nice to rub victory in anyone’s face, but I made him the mic holder instead because there’s nothing in the world that Rufus loves more than to tease Bobby-John. ))

Mark McEwen Talks About Aaliyah

Q: What was your initial impression meeting Aaliyah?

MM: Well, I must say I was at first I was captivated by how beautiful she was. My son and daughter always listed to her and I saw her on a couple of videos and thought she was a very talented.  When I got to interview her I saw that she wasn’t just a pretty face, but she had a beautiful spirit also.

Q: People always say that she had a beautiful soul, I guess you are confirming that?

MM: Yes. In fact when my team arrived at the recording location, she was in the middle of getting her hair and makeup done. She stopped what she was doing and took the time out to say hello and introduce herself to my all of my team [even greeted the boom mic holder]. Class act!

Q: What most impressed you about Aaliyah?

MM: I was impressed by how poised she was at such a young age. Even though she was 21, she had the composure of a veteran that had been in this business for decades. She was a very well put together young lady. Her parents did a great job!

Q: What was one thing you took away after the interview?

MM: After the interview we must have talked for 30 minutes. Aaliyah had the ability made you feel as if you had know her your whole life. She was a very open person.  

Q: What is last memory of Aaliyah that you have?

MM: I think she personified the motto, “if you work hard you can achieve what you want.” She was so young with so many accomplishments. That was a young lady many women could learn from. I guess that’s why her legacy lives on.

I’m way up, I feel blessed

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful amellthirst!! make sure you all stop by and send her some love because she’s awesome and deserves it. as a gift I wrote this one shot that’s got lots of Tommy feels as well as Merwest/daddy!tommy with a smidge of Olicity/Queen family. it’s not actually related to mfwlmlyd but it could possibly be considered as a future fic for that universe. jo, I love you and I hope you like it <3

also, here are some gifs that inspired this whole thing, as well as the little girl who we’ve dubbed as the Merwest baby


The champagne shower was everything that Tommy Merlyn had imagined and more. Even if he was drenched and the liquid was burning his eyes and his jersey was now yanked open and hanging loosely from his shoulders; he wouldn’t have had it any other way. After grueling months of game after game, overcoming injuries and defying the odds, Tommy was now a World Series Champion, along with the rest of the Starling City Rockets.

“Merlyn! Merlyn! Hey, Tommy!”

Tommy looked up through the crowd of players and staff filling the locker room, eyes searching for the voice calling out to him until he saw his agent pushing through the group of pitchers who were dousing each other with champagne.

“Come on, the reporters are waiting for you in the press room.”

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