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Mic Drop REMIX


Mic Drop Remix release

The release date for MIC DROP Remix ver. has been changed from the 17th to the 24th. Due to the requests of their American partners, BigHit discussed the issue again and decided to release the remix after their American promotions end.

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171107 BTS_twt’s Tweet

드디어 발매일이 공개됐네요!! 스티브 아오키, 디자이너와 함께 작업한 MIC Drop 리믹스 많이 기대해주시고.. 아미들을 위한 깜짝 선물로 생각해주세요 !! 😄😄

Finally the release date has been announced!! Please look forward to MIC Drop Remix with Steve Aoki and Desiigner.. and think of it as a surprise gift for ARMYs !! 😄😄

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

bts’ mic drop has been playing on repeat in my head ever since i watched their comeback stage but i’m not mad about it?? anyways, here are some of my social studies notes that i’m currently studying since i have a quiz on this tomorrow :0

also, fun fact: i change the size of my handwriting depending on the line spacing, which is why my math notes look extra tiny compared to this!


Falling in love with Kim Seokjin (3/)

Okay, listen. I know I’m late. But fully, I don’t care. Wanna know why????? Cos man died. I actually died. I thought the camo was going to kill me but no it was this. This whole ‘falling in love with Kim Seokjin’ highkey had an order but fuck orders cos this actually happened. And listen, as a black girl I just wanna say man was lean, bopping tf out, like I will never ever ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever get over it. I can’t and I won’t and watch me talk about this to my future partner, saying that they’ll never make me feel how Kim Seokjin has ever made me feel.
ScarletVision kissing scene, the theory.

I’m writing this theory when I should be studying for my Anthropology class for tomorrow. I’m tired, it’s 00:37 am, and I have a full mug of coffee with hot chocolate in front of me. I would rather die than say that this was not worth it

Let us begin

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(171107) BTS_twt

드디어 발매일이 공개됐네요!! 스티브 아오키, 디자이너와 함께 작업한 MIC Drop 리믹스 많이 기대해주시고.. 아미들을 위한 깜짝 선물로 생각해주세요 !! 😄😄

Finally the release date has been announced!! Please anticipate the MIC DROP remix that we worked on with Steve Aoki and Desiigner and.. Think of it as a surprise gift for ARMYs !! 😄😄

trans cr: yen @ bangtan tumblr


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September 22nd 'KBS Music Bank' broadcast notice

Hello it is Bighit Entertainment. On the 9/22 KBS Music Bank which BTS has attended, <MIC DROP>, which was scheduled to be aired, had been prerecorded and ready, but due to  sudden circumstances from the broadcasting station, it was not aired. The track will be broadcasted at next week’s Music Bank and we ask for fan’s understanding.

Thank you

Dive In (Minghao Smut)

*Advanced Warning! Contains SMUT! Beware!*

I should have known better… Drinking late night, and having a crazy girlfriend was a bad combination. I love my girl, but I seriously should have known better. It was late, and the two of us had just finished celebrating our anniversary with lots of shots. She was a monster. I think she downed more drinks than I did. By the end of the night, we were stumbling our way through the streets to get home. We talked a lot of non sense, and our speech slurred. 

“It’s soooo hottt” she complained in her high pitched voice. Her slim fingers ran through her shirt, trying to air it out. Her face was flushed, and it reminded me of the face she made whenever we had sex. I kept that fact to myself. Looking around, I told her we were almost home.  She was having none of it. She pushed me off and ran off to a nearby fountain. Her hands quickly removed her shirt, and her bra. Her face light up as she splashed through the cool water. 

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anonymous asked:

You know toeken was rushed and underdeveloped when even some shounen mangas have way more cute moments between the protagonist and his love interest, showing them caring, protecting, or even just thinking of each other every now and then while they're STILL friends… And shounen is known for either ignoring romance completely or handling it poorly.

Guys the mic has been dropped. I repeat. The mic has been dropped. These are all pure facts. And I know one particular shounen that has already begun its romantic build up but the two characters are still friends and support eachother like they’re supposed to. It’s honestly such a breath of fresh air to read after witnessing whatever the hell Ishida decides to publish.

ATTENTION *picks up mic*

STOP romanticizing mental illnesses!! It’s not funny or cute!

STOP faking mental illnesses! It’s not funny or cute!

STOP using your mental illness as an excuse for being rude or using slurs or cyber-bullying! It’s not an excuse or cute!

STOP making fun of people for having mental illnesses! It’s not funny or cute, it makes you an asshole!

STOP making people feel bad about themselves for having a mental illness! It’s not funny or cute!

STOP asking people for their “proof” or receipts for their diagnoses! it’s not cute or funny!

STOP being assholes to people who actually have it and say you have it when you don’t! It’s not funny or cute!

STOP laughing a people who have mental illnesses! It’s not funny or cute!

This has been a PSA *drops mic*