Came across this tonight. Yes, that’s little bits of capsule shaking around inside.

It’s not a mic… It’s a maraca!! Say goodbye to micing aux percussion… this is all you need! Maraca and mic, all in one! Just plug it in!!!

(This is why we’re using my PA tomorrow)

Mic is sitting with President Obama to talk Iran — and we want you to ask him a question.

Do you want the chance to ask President Obama about Iran?

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Mic is heading to The White House next week for a sit-down interview with President Obama to discuss the Iran deal and what it means for young people.

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But we’re going to do it a little bit differently — we’re giving you the chance to address Obama directly.

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We’ll be accepting questions in the form of video submissions. Head to or click here to send us your question.

Thanks everyone!

Eu me sinto tão viva, tudo o que quero é me divertir, beber até não conseguir mais, gritar, fugir, me apaixonar, perder o controle e me perder só para me achar de novo, esquecer de todos os problemas. Quero viver todos os meus dias como se eu fosse morrer na manhã seguinte.
—  Delutomia.


Another NEW COVER by Niaz Elie (ME) !! Fight Song by Rachel Platten

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