Sometimes not knowing what to make...

…can reveal to you a recipe you with you had devised sooner.  I wanted to eat something before heading to hot yoga yesterday, and I had some mustard greens from a trip to the farmers market a week ago as well as a bunch of Japanese salad greens (mizuna and mibuna) from my CSA.  In the fridge i found what was left of a bag of limes, all needing to be used sooner rather than later.  I tossed with a good amount of greens the following:

2 T sesame oil
2 T tahini paste
1 T chickpea miso (south river miso)
1 lime, juiced
1 T sushi rice vinegar
black pepper

External image

The result is somewhat reminiscent of the dressing I used to enjoy eating at Hibachi restaurants as a kid.  I don’t doubt this will also be good tossed with noodles.

In spite of my meal, I still grew dizzy after an hour of yoga and spent the remaining thirty minutes laying down with a towel over my face.  I’m lucky enough that the room has a mirror, so that even in the back I could not hide from my embarrassing situation.

4:30 again today?
Brine and Dine