mibuchi reo

  • [in the changing rooms, post Seirin game]
  • Mibuchi: I can’t believe we lost.
  • Akashi: Stop saying that.
  • Hayama: But we lost. Lost is what we did, so we have to use that word to-
  • Akashi: Alright. New rule: that word is banned.
  • Hayama: What, ‘lost’?
  • Akashi: Yes.
  • Mibuchi: Banned?
  • Akashi: Need I make myself clearer?
  • Hayama: You can’t ban a word.
  • Akashi: Well, if anyone says it, I will not hesitate to cut them.
  • Rakuzan changing room: ...
  • Mayuzumi: [enters] Well, we lost.
  • Akashi: [reaching for scissors] Right. That’s it.

onliafaze  asked:

The UK, Mayuzumi, and Imayoshi find their crush's notebook... and discover it has a well drawn portrait of them surrounded by little hearts. What's their next move?

Hanamiya: He eyed the shaded detail of his biceps curiously, as his scowl edged into a wide smirk. “This girl,” he drawled, crossing his arms in an unusual, prideful way. He approached your desk, where you were evidently sketching for your art class, and dropped the notebook on the surface, causing you to jerk to attention. “Sweetie, that was a gorgeous portrait,” he whispered, peering closely at your face. “Although the hearts ruined it, slightly.” Your gaze never wavered. Instead, you retort back, “The hearts were meant to take away from your overt masculinity.” He laughed — a short, loud bark that drew stares from across the room. “Well, if you ever want a heartbreaker deal, sweetheart, you know where to find me.” 

Kiyoshi: He felt his face heat up, and his mouth twitched into a small smile. “She’s so cute,” he said aloud, running his large hands through his chocolate brown hair. He wasn’t sure how to approach you — a popular art student who was known for portraits of fellow students in the school. But, the hearts signified something, and his attraction to you only grew with the possibility that you reflected the same feelings he had. He saw your familiar head in the hallway, and he struck a casual conversation. “____-chan,” Kiyoshi called out, as you turned around to give him a winning smile. “Do you happen to sell your art?” he asked, and you shook your head. “Well, I really would like to buy that portrait of myself, with the hearts around it. I thought it was very sweet.” 

Hayama: He couldn’t hide his excitement as he realized that you reciprocated the same feelings he did — although he was a bit offended you drew his nose bigger than how he perceived it to be. The next day in class, he approached you without thought. “____-chan, why’d you draw my nose so big?” he asked, pouting his lips. You laughed aloud and responded back, “What about the hearts, Hayama-kun?” He grinned at your directness. “I liked that part, although, I was wondering if I took you out for lunch, you’d redraw my nose better?” 

Nebuya: Nebuya was not one who paid much attention to art, but he admired your artistic capabilities since the first time he saw your portraits in the school’s art gallery. Now, before him, a well-drawn portrait of himself with hearts surrounding it, he didn’t know what to think or do. “Ask her on a date,” he said to himself, but he immediately shook his head. That was too abrupt. Should he pretend he never saw the portrait? Or should he just play it casually? He ended up just deciding to bring up the image, but not making direct reference to the hearts, or any insinuation that he knew you might have liked him too. The next day, he cautiously approached your desk. “_____,” he started, and when you turned your head to look at him, his brain froze. “Yes, Nebuya-san?” you asked. It took him a second or two to recuperate, but his heart gave way to his brain. “I saw that portrait you drew of me, and…” You cocked an eyebrow at him, seeing that he was much more nervous than you are. He didn’t know how to continue, but you finished for him. “You’re cute, Nebuya-san.” 

Mibuchi: “Darling, you’re too kind,” Mibuchi gushed to you, after seeing your portrait of him. “I love the hearts,” he added, slightly oblivious to the fact that you had feelings for him romantically. Mibuchi was always slightly romantically incompetent, and you rolled your eyes and him not understanding your clear, artistic confession. “Reo, did you not know what the hearts meant?” you asked, slightly annoyed. Mibuchi smiled, “You like me right?” which took you slightly aback. “I’m not THAT incompetent, dear, but I just needed to tell you how much I love that portrait of me. It captures my good side!” 

Mayuzumi: Mayuzumi was at a loss for words, as he gazed at the detailed portrait of himself. The small hearts made his own heart leap with joy, although he was unsure how to clearly express his sentiments. He was never good with words, nor was he with emotions — and usually, the two don’t mix. He caught you on the rooftop of the school building: the place where you both met each other. He cleared his throat to join next to you, his right arm holding your sketch pad. “You forgot this,” he said, handing it to you. “I know,” you said, looking out at the horizon above the school. “I hope you like the portrait.” Mayuzumi froze for a second, recollecting his thoughts. “I…I thought that was very kind of you.” He felt himself about to stutter, so he drew in a sharp breath of city air and continued. “I wanted to…see if I could return the favor with lunch sometime.” 

Imayoshi: “I like that,” Imayoshi said, catching you by surprise. He had a habit of leaning over people’s shoulders, and this time, he saw exactly what he needed to see. You gasped, hurriedly closing your sketch pad and accidentally slamming your desk in the quick action. “There’s no need to hide it, ____-chan,” Imayoshi laughed. You scowled at him, annoyed how he could be a gentleman one moment and a complete douchebag the next. “It’s personal art, Imayoshi,” you retorted. “I was going to go home and draw some devil horns on it.” He let out a loose chuckle. “I saw those hearts, ______-chan. Why don’t we just admit we have some fucking feelings for each other and go on a date?”