mib: the series

  • lead researcher: and for this test we'll be using SCP-447-2 as a lubricant, so-
  • me: I see,
  • lead researcher: ...so if you'll just go ahead and remove SCP-882 from its seawater bath, we'll apply the substance to the rusted areas and document the results-
  • me, putting my pants back on: okay
  • coworkers: what
  • guards: what
  • me: what

Some thoughts on Fred (yes really.)

He seems so hyper and almost unaware of his craziness…

But truthfully, he seems mostly like a very lonely boy who has actual abandonment issues.

I. E. His dad and mom frequently leave him unsupervised at home with their butler.

Like the last time he saw them it seemed he was 10 or something. Kind of sad. He’s not some spoiled rich kid, but he is very much into escapism.

Moreso then even Hiro whose still (somewhat) in the age-approve zone.

It will be certainty interesting to see where his and his family’s story arcs go.


World’s most overdramatic haircut by ozthegreatandpowerful
Via Flickr:
I thought rerooting the two pack Rapunzel would help bring some diversity to my Tangled the series dolls and I looooveee it!! Cass’ hair is in the styling process, and Adventure Rapunzel will get her reroot as soon as the 21" of hair arrive 😉