a super duper long list of fun times my friends and i had last year:
- found out our vice principal was on an episode of Miami Ink
- lying down in spaces in the wall that used to be trophy cases
- one friend lying down in the middle of the hall when the spaces in the wall were filled with our books
- walking into science class to find our super chill science teacher blasting heavy metal music
- science teacher overhearing some of us debating which one we’d rather have trepanning or lobotomy
- spending an entire math class listening and talking about video game soundtracks
- creating code names for all the sportos in our core classes (math, science, english, geography). some examples are: li'l grape, bread, toaster, donny, pigeon
- overheard someone in the halls say, “when the bee says no, you do not.”
- pressured our vice principal into going on a huge water ride at a local amusement park with us (it was an annual field trip for chorus and band kids)
- another overheard quote: “it is sunday, my disciples! AAAAHHHH!” we don’t go to a catholic school, we go to a public school
- blew up balloons and drew faces on them in science class. named them Archduke Franz Ferdinand, The Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip, Wolfgang Amadeus, and Margaret Thatcher
- had a girls vs boys math trivia in our honors class. i answered every question. the teacher let the boys answer the last one first because i was “too fast” but they didn’t get it. when class was over, one of the sportos came up to me, with tears in his eyes, and said, “we were using calculators but you weren't…we just couldn’t beat you…”
- overheard in chorus: “i’m being deported back to ireland.”
- school had a crazy sock day that included not having to wear shoes all day (except lunch) to raise money. no one really participated, but on friend lent me these amazing thigh high sparkly christmas socks that had white faux fur on the top. i wore them all day with bright pink booty shorts but couldn’t get dress coded cuz of the socks
- overheard quote: “to all my fellow birdwatchers… ca caw! CA CAW!”
- ran around school wearing pride flags as capes
- stopped chorus from continuing to practice cuz we all started chanting We Will Rock You by Queen
- caused my science teacher to fall on the ground laughing on field day when one friend threw a frisbee full force at me and hitting me in the thigh while i was distracted, busy complaining about the heat, causing me to immediately flop on the ground in pain
- caused science teacher to have to pause a debate on whether or not our state should have an earthquake evacuation plan cuz he was laughing too hard. turns out it was because i had yelled out, “more people are killed each year from being crushed by falling vending machines than by shark attacks, and earthquakes aren’t helping!”
- my chorus friends and i waged war on our band friends. band kids won, though the chorus kids had some great victories, including getting some friends to laugh while performing in concerts
- somehow ended up becoming friends with a sporto??? li'l grape even gave some of us nicknames too. two of my friends were li'l blueberry and li'l strawberry, while i was big watermelon
- sporto: i think i know why you call him li'l grape. ‘cause he has a little… li'l grape: NO! big watermelon hasn’t even seen it… sporto: it’s pretty obvious why you call her big watermelon *looks at his own chest*
- standing up in front of our geography class and reenacting captain america: civil war, complete with a shield, flower crowns, and tony’s goatee

this isn’t even all of it, there’s too many to remember just from last year

anonymous asked:

my vice principal in 7th grade was this really nice guy, he was pretty young compared to other teachers (early 30s i'm pretty sure) and wore sweaters & bowties everyday. he'd play gamepigeon games with some of my friends on the bus to a field trip to an amusement park. well, a couple weeks ago one of my friends found out that the vice principal was on an episode of Miami Ink, and when you look him up one of the headlines that comes up is, "Bando Gets Inked"

I want cool vice principles ours is a bald guy we all either call Mr.Milkdud or Mr.thicc ass because he’s thicker than most of the girls at our school