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12 {Henry x Veronica}

“This is gonna be so much fun!” Veronica grinned as she boarded the plane behind Fionna and Zane. “Miami here we come!”
“You’re too peppy for 4 in the morning, V,” Amber snickered with a yawn as she took the middle seat beside Keaton.
“I can’t help it. I’ve never been to Miami before, and I can’t wait to style y'all’s outfits for the festival,” Veronica danced happily to her first class seat, placing her carry-on in the compartment above her seat before she sat down comfortably.
Zane, Amber and Fionna and her band were all headlining acts in this years Spring Breakout Festival down in Miami. And Veronica and Kaylee of course got to tag along as the stylists, which meant they got to party it up along with them.

Nashville, TN - 19 August 2014 (My Takeaways)

Alright, so I’m half alive again after a really fun 2 days with Lisa and Jess and several other awesome tumblr people (CrisDaylet, Alex & Lorna). Here are my thoughts on the show. It isn’t much, because I don’t have a lot of feelings about it that other people haven’t already said. So:

  • Louis is the tiniest of the tiniest and he’s the most precious thing in this world. He is happy and has fun on stage. He interacts with everyone except those with the last name Styles. Or those with last names similar to Styles. Can’t be too careful.
  • Harry seemed more subdued than other shows. He was dancing and doing the water spitting and eating bananas, but the most emotion he showed all night was with Cameron.
  • Cameron. I died. (I thought they said his name was Elliot so whatever lol). 
  • Liam was the most talkative/into it. I was very glad he didn’t wear jean shorts. These are the extent of my feelings on Liam. 
  • Niall is my secret favorite.
  • I am here to deliver my testimony I received via Zayn Malik’s face and voice. GOOD GOD. I was a mess. A MESS ABOUT ZAYN. It’s the hair. He’s the most attractive human to ever live. 
  • They sang “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton and it was a dream I never knew I had a need to be realized. They didn’t know the words but I don’t even care. 
  • Harry & Louis. They orbit. They mirror. Nothing new. It was sad to watch in person just how much they’ve orchestrated their movements to not be near each other. It was the least natural thing I’ve ever observed. The way Louis, especially, got a little antsy when Harry was holding Cameron but hung back on the stairs a lot and was careful not to get too close. WHY. WHY GOD.
  • Overall thoughts. They aren’t a stadium band. The stage was overwhelming for them and for fans. It was kind of boring except for the Cameron interlude. It’s like listening to a One Direction playlist because they go so fast and sing so many songs without doing much talking or interaction. If you’ve got floor seats in the first 10 seats of the catwalk, you will lose your mind. If you sit anywhere else, you’ll spend most of the time going “But where’s Harry? Did Louis leave the stage?”
  • MIAMI HERE WE COME. I’m very much looking forward to Miami becuase I think that show will be a little more organic and fun. Also, more fun times with Jess and Lisa, who I miss already.