If you live in Broward or Miami-Dade County, Florida and are east of I-95, GTFO RIGHT NOW.  GET OFF TUMBLR, GRAB YOUR THINGS, AND GO!  Mandatory evacuation means EVERYBODY.

If you live west of I-95, mandatory evac hasn’t been declared yet, but go ahead and pack a bag for the weekend just in case.  Irma is bigger than Andrew.  I repeat, BIGGER than Andrew.  This will not be like Andrew.  This will be more like Katrina was, for New Orleans.  Be safe, and listen for that evacuation warning!

Please help out a Floridian

Hi, I really am not the kind of person to beg for money from strangers but I’m in a desperate situation. My family and I are stuck in Miami-Dade county, FL as we wait for hurricane Irma to impact. It’s coming straight for us and we’re all freaking out. I am asking you to reblog this so that anyone out there who is willing, may donate to my paypal account:

The hurricane is set to arrive on Sunday morning and I’m hoping to buy some gas (there is still some left) and head north with my parents and my dog.

I appreciate every penny and I hate having to do this, but I’m a poor college student and my parents work their asses off for everything we’ve got.

Please reblog so that others will see. Stay safe!


Here is the full list of shelters in Miami-Dade County, from Not every shelter will be open for every evacuation. Residents can dial 311 for evacuation information.

Northeast Miami-Dade County
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior – 1410 NE 215th Street, North Miami-Dade 33179
Highland Oaks Middle – 2375 NE 203rd Street, North Miami-Dade 33180
North Miami Beach Senior – 1247 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach 33162
North Miami Senior – 13110 NE 8th Avenue, North Miami 33161
Miami Central Senior – 1781 NW 95th Street, Miami 33147

Northwest Miami-Dade County
Miami Carol City Senior – 3301 Miami Gardens Drive, Miami Gardens 33056
Lawton Chiles Middle – 8190 NW 197th Street, Northwest Miami-Dade 33015
Country Club Middle – 18305 NW 75th Place, Northwest Miami-Dade 33015
Barbara Goleman Senior – 14100 NW 89th Avenue, Miami Lakes 33018
Hialeah Gardens Senior – 11700 Hialeah Gardens Blvd., Hialeah Gardens 33018

Central Miami-Dade County
Booker T. Washington Senior – 1200 NW 6th Avenue, City of Miami 33136
Charles Drew Middle – 1801 NW 60th Street, City of Miami 33142
Ronald Reagan Senior – 8600 NW 107th Avenue, Doral 33178
Miami Coral Park Senior – 8865 SW 16th Street, Westchester 33165
W.R. Thomas Middle – 13001 SW 26th Street, West Miami-Dade 33175

Southern Miami-Dade County
South Miami Senior – 6856 SW 53rd Street, South Miami 33155
Terra Environmental Senior – 11005 SW 84th Street, Miami 33173
Felix Varela Senior – 15255 SW 96th Street West, Kendall 33196
Robert Morgan Senior – 18180 SW 122nd Avenue, Miami 33177
South Dade Senior – 28401 SW 167th Avenue, Homestead 33030

For details on the Emergency & Evacuation Assistance Program, which is designed to help individuals who need help evacuating, click here.

anonymous asked:

How does it feel to know that people like you were by and large the reason that Trump got elected?

yes, has nothing to do with the economic depression and total despair in the american industrial heartland in the face of changing economic realities and free trade deals that drain their communities of work and condemn it to forever irrelevance in the eyes of the two big tent parties that only come by and pretend to care during election season. or occupy wallstreet minded young democrats being totally demoralized by a friend of the big banks along with the party they supported crushing the ever loving fuck out of their progressive populist candidate in spectacularly plutocratic manner, but certainly in the rust belt, where most struggling families were wary of Clinton’s favourability toward the TPP and embraced Sanders’ efforts to protect american workers before all else.

1.  Effectively 77,759 votes in three states (WI/PA/MI) determined the Presidency: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

won by:

  • 22,748 votes in WI, 0.7 of a point (3rd party candidates received: 188,330)
  • 44,307 votes in PA, 0.7 of a point, (3rd party candidates received: 218,228)
  • 10,704 votes in MI, 0.2 of a point (3rd party candidates received: 250,902 votes)

2.  Just three counties – Macomb County, MI; York County, PA and Waukesha County, WI – elected Donald Trump. If those three counties had cast zero votes, Trump would have lost all three states and the election. By the same logic, just three counties re-elected President Obama in 2012: Miami-Dade County, FL; Cuyahoga County, OH and Philadelphia, PA.

Ah, wisconsin, ah yes, the state that was blue for 32 years (since reagan) but swung red after how, among things, hillary not even ONCE sat foot in it during her primary or presidential campaign

This image is god as far as i care, because no amount of shitposting on the internet wouldve mattered, because these states and their economic misfortune determined the election, not cynical coastal bitches like me on the internet
Dolphins, Flamingos and Pigs: The Animals Rescued From Hurricane Irma
While millions of humans are evacuating ahead of the storm, the relocation of animals is an extra challenge.

Flamingos at Zoo Miami were moved to a temporary enclosure in a hurricane-resistant structure within the zoo on Saturday.CreditWilfredo Lee/Associated Press

Dolphinarium staff members in northern Cuba take care of dolphins before their transfer to the province of Cienfuegos ahead of Hurricane Irma on Friday. CreditOsvaldo Gutierrez Gomez/European Pressphoto Agency

Dogs were brought to a pet-friendly emergency shelter at the Miami-Dade County Fair Expo Center to protect them from the approaching storm.CreditSaul Loeb/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

A boy put chickens inside his house in the neighborhood of Aviation, in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, on Thursday.CreditHector Retamal/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

A 13-day-old pet pig got its daily ration of milk on Friday before being moved to a safer house in Caibarién, Cuba.CreditAlexandre Meneghini/Reuters