On the road again. I’ve got a 6AM flight tomorrow to meet back up with Ray LaMontagne for another month of shows. Come see us if we hit your town. I’ll be the one wandering around venues playing Pokemon Go.

7/15 Raleigh, NC
7/16 Charlotte, NC
7/17 Birmingham, AL
7/19 Portsmouth, VA
7/20 Charlottesville, VA
7/22 Newport, RI
7/23 Canandaigua, NY
7/24 Toronto, ON
7/26 Rochester Hills, MI
7/27 St. Louis, MO
7/29 Nashville, TN
7/30 Atlanta, GA
7/31 New Orleans, LA
8/2 Louisville, KY
8/4 Minneapolis, MN
8/5 Des Moines, IA
8/6 Chicago, IL
8/7 Indianapolis, IN
8/9 Greensboro, NC
8/10 Charleston, SC
8/12 Clearwater, FL
8/13 Miami Beach, FL
8/14 Saint Augustine, FL


George & The Beatles during rehearsals for Ed Sullivan in the Napolean Room of the Deauville Hotel Miami Beach, February 1964

By 10 am two youngsters were already staking out vantage points at the terminal overlooking the National ramp. Asked why they were out of school, they said, “We’re sick” Asked what their illness was. they replied happily, “Beatlemania.” - Miami News 13 February 1964