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Hurricane Irma is expected to bring high winds and heavy rains across Florida as a Category 3 storm, and has been projected to strengthen again before hitting the state. While many people stocked up on supplies and boarded up their windows, a few businesses remained open in Miami on Saturday.

Café Croissant had its bright “open” sign lit, welcoming customers in from the rain. Pascal Vedel, who co-owns the cafe with his twin brother Didier, greets each patron with a smile and offers them coffee. The brothers are originally from Montpellier, in southern France.

Didier, who looks nearly identical to Pascal, steps out of the kitchen with a warm plate of food. After visiting Miami 20 years ago, they decided to move to the city because they loved the mix of people.

Hurricane Irma is the strongest storm the twins have experienced while living here.

“We have to pray for the best,” Pascal says. “There is going to be a [storm] all the way from Key West to Jacksonville.”

Patron after patron walks through the doors and gushes about the hardworking brothers. They’re especially happy to enjoy their delicious food on such a stormy day.

French Brothers Serve Croissants And Coffee Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

Photos: Cassi Alexandra for NPR 


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