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@steveaoki‘s UMF set was wild!

Ultra 2015 Social Overview

This past weekend thousands of millennials from all over the world descended upon the heart of Miami for yet another year of the Ultra Music Festival. For those of who are not too familiar with this festival, it is one of many EDM festivals around the world that consists of three straight days of heart-pounding bass, lazers, and neon clothing that you never thought existed. Combine that with the craziest people on earth and it’s a winning recipe for fun and/or disorder depending how you look at it.

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What can I say? An absolute honor.

Norin and Rad, these guys made my fucking day.

They played an amazing set and I have that much more respect for them.

Never had I met such laid back and down to earth people (:

I got nothing but love for these two. Thank you Norin and Rad for being fucking amazing.

This is why I love EDM and those who argue against us and the EDM community will never understand (: