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really long update on my life

Hey little chefs!

Thanks so much for sticking with me through sporadic posting and finally getting this blog to over 1k! This has been quite the year so if any of you all are interested, read on! There are cute pictures so I encourage it

(It’s quite long so I’ve made it a read more so it won’t clog up your dash)

1. I mean I guess I should start with….my nephew was born! I promise I won’t post a bazillion pictures of him on this post (or in the future because we all know how annoying that can get)

Look at that sly little grin haha

2. I guess I should do some food related stuff because this is a food blog…on Chinese New Year we had our annual get together, but everyone except my mom was sick so she didn’t have any help. So she made a couple dishes and got some takeout from Panda Express and we called it good!

3. My wonderful dog and best friend of 12 years was put down. He’d been battling cancer for a while and we only expected him to make it a few months after he was diagnosed. But he was a tough old dog and fought the good fight for six or seven months. One of the best Christmas presents was getting to spend it with him. Here is one of the last pictures I have of him. He had trouble walking so we put little socks with sticky pads on his paws.

4. School has been INSANE! Last fall semester I dissected a human cadaver! That was an amazing experience (in the least creepy way possible) even though I was frequently in lab until 2 am and basically had no life because I was there 30+ hours a week. This past spring semester, I took 21 credits and worked 3 jobs and finished my honors thesis so I still didn’t have a life. Oh well, one more semester until graduation!

(the weird play-doh thing is a clay thalamus we made)

5.This summer I went to Nicaragua with the Global Medical Brigades. There, we set up a mobile clinic and built a sanitation station which included a sink, shower, and toilet for a family (they had the cutest pigs!). The place we stayed was incredibly beautiful!

6. I volunteered at camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. The camper I was paired with was hilarious and so much fun to be with! It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to volunteer next year!

7. My little brother graduated high school! I tagged along to his orientation at Miami University (in Oxford, Ohio if that isn’t confusing enough) and wow is that campus goooorgeous!

8. Other random things I’ve been up to this summer include crashing a wedding and rescuing a little bunny after it fell down the window well.

And finally, my brother disposed of a dead bird in our bird bath using chopsticks (showing off his chinese heritage) and asked me to take a picture he wants to be titled “Sack Lunch.” So here is that masterpiece

Well cheers to anyone that actually read all of this! I’d love to hear about your lives and cooking adventures!