miami seaprison


Hugo of the Miami Sequarium

Hugo’s original tank was ridiculously small, his tail could sit on the floor while his head was out out of the water. His former tank now houses manatees. Hugo, remarkably lived in this tank for two years before Tokitae was moved to Miami Seaquarium. It was thought the two would fight, so Toki was kept in a new tank, ‘the whale bowl’ and Hugo was kept in his until they were finally placed together several weeks after Tokitae arrived. The two mated, but Tokitae never gave birth to a live calf. 

Hugo died in 1980, after 12 years in captivity, from a brain aneurysm. He  was known to slam into tank walls and had almost cut off the tip of his rostrum which had to be stitched on. 

Captivity kills.

My mom hired me to make a PowerPoint for a presentation to the teachers at her school to stop them from taking the students on field trips to The Miami Seaquarium. I have to make it “as graphic as I possibly can” although I don’t think that will be too hard…

If you have any suggestions or pictures, any thing to help would be great.