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  ~Part 1~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

  Summary: (Y/N) was a Hydra experiment whose parents and beloved brother were assassinated by a Hydra group (there are still a few more details to be given a bit later, so stay tuned). She has the gift of ice magic through Hydra experimentation due to her rare cardiac cancer. She’s an asshole if someone is an asshole to her, but treat her right, and she’s the best friend anyone could ask for (ask Tony who is her “person”). She is currently dating Steve who is head over heels in love with her, just as much as she is with him. (Y/N), with a tongue like a whip and a “live in the moment” attitude, is hardcore, yet respects the little things in life. She is well traveled after her experience in Hydra (even before as her family moved country to country when she was a child). She considers her homelands The United States and Italy. The whole team adores her. The way she sings, dances, speaks, laughs, listens, everything. However, she’s not perfect. She is stubborn beyond belief, curious to the point of danger, terrified to be weak in front of people (although she did tell Tony a bit about her past, and basically everything to Steve) so she will never admit if she’s hurt, turns to blind rage against any and all members of Hydra, and speaks her mind even when she shouldn’t. A wild, rebel at heart, she now descends into “Thor: The Dark World.” Welcome to Asgard.

Chapter 1 (Steve’s POV): Found

Chapter 1 (Reader’s POV): Found

Chapter 2: The Beginning

Chapter 3: Babysitting 


Chapter 4: Plot Twist

Chapter 5: Trust Issues

Chapter 6 (Part 1): The Ice Queen

Chapter 6 (Part 2): The Ice Queen

Chapter 7: He’s a Deadman

Chapter 8 (Part 1): The Battle of New York

Chapter 8 (Part 2): The Battle of New York

Chapter 8 (Part 3): The Battle of New York

Chapter 9: Home, Sweet Home

Chapter 10: The Bombing

Chapter 11: Stevie Nicks Cures All

Chapter 12: Blueberry Pancakes

Chapter 13: Speed

Chapter 14: The Party

Chapter 15: Mario Kart

Chapter 16: No Fear, No Weakness

Chapter 17: The Mission

Chapter 18: I Love You

Chapter 19 (Part 1): The Truth

Chapter 19 (Part 2): The Truth

Chapter 20: Moving Out

Chapter 21: The Birthday That Shouldn’t Have Been Celebrated

Bonus: Dumb and Dumber (most popular)

~Part 2~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Part 2 was full of…many, many things. (Y/N) traveled with Thor to Asgard where she met Loki once again and her tongue was on fire (as it was 90% of her life). She held nothing back against the asshole who tried to control her planet…until he started to speak about his own non-father that struck a chord with (Y/N). She followed his directions which led her to the Cave of Time. This brought her to the moment Bucky Barnes fell off of Zola’s train. This was one of her biggest regrets because Bucky (or as she called him, Brooks) was her cell neighbor for two of (Y/N)’s almost five years held captive in Hydra. She wasn’t able to save Bucky, but once she got back to her correct time in Asgard, she went back to Thor and helped convince him to trust Loki in order to take down Malekith (which worked out halfway well). He took her advice while she went back to Earth and helped her boyfriend (sorry, that word is too weak), Steve Rogers, the love of her life. Cliche? They’d been through too much for anything less. She remembered and admitted to Steve, Natasha, and Sam of her connection to The Winter Soldier which turned out to be Bucky. While attacking the Hydra agents who infiltrated Hydra, she had helplessly watched Steve fall to his death. It was one of the most horrifying moments of her entire life (and she’s had some pretty gruesome ones). A week later, after Steve had been fully cleared and taken care of, she called Tony who asked her to help him take down Killian in Miami, Florida. And, of course, for her best friend, she agreed to help. During the fight at the docks, (Y/N) and Pepper fell into a pit of fire where Extremis saved Pepper and (Y/N)’s ice powers helped her survive. However, in the fire, (Y/N) came face-to-face with another shadow that hissed at her to give up her heart to it (doesn’t make sense yet? The answer will come soon). This brought her memory back to her battle with Thor’s warriors up in Muspelheim where two other apparitions had attacked her, asking with gruesome malignancy, the same question. But what did it mean? After she survived the fire, her and Pepper kicked Killian’s ass right in front of a useless Tony who sat in stunned awe at his two favorite people (besides himself). During his moment with Pepper that (Y/N) had allowed them, Tony decided to blow up his suits for a “clean slate” with Pepper. Big. Useless (because he will still use the suits again). Mistake. (Y/N) hopped off of the crate she had been sitting on, staring dreamily into the stars, and after plenty of procrastination (because weakness is not something she ever wanted to show anyone) she stated nonchalantly, “I’m having a heart attack.” Tony and Pepper freaked out, of course. But (Y/N) had dealt with the problems millions of times due to her cardiac cancer. When herself and Tony arrived at the hospital (like literally, they were just outside the hospital), (Y/N)’s heart stopped. Tony desperately performed CPR on her as she was wheeled in for surgery. After she had survived a tedious surgery, she admitted her past to the team. Everything. Her family (mom and brother) had been assassinated by Hydra in a hit ordered by her very own father who had faked his death for some unknown reason by (Y/N). After, her entire family was dead, (Y/N) was sold by her father to Hydra for her cardiac cancer which they had been searching for a candidate, and (Y/N) fit the mold perfectly. They forced her into seventy-two surgeries that led to her having ice powers, quickened healing capabilities, and Captain America speed. They never went full-out due to their fear of her, until they could fully control her. This is what Bucky had saved (Y/N) from when he helped her escape. Unfortunately, he was not so lucky, which is why Steve and (Y/N) decided to go after and find him. They will not give up on Bucky. Nobody kills James Buchanan Barnes.

Personality: (Y/N) is a little spit-fire with an attitude that won’t quit. She’s strong and terrifyingly fierce in battles, yet with her team…she’s still sarcastic as all hell and loves to get drunk, so obviously her and Tony are as close as Joey and Chandler from FRIENDS, or they’ve also been compared to Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy. “Steve’s the love of my life, and Tony is my person,” (Y/N) had said and Tony couldn’t agree more. All of the Avengers are extremely close with her. They are enamored by her adorable love of the small things in life, her beautifully innocent curiosity, carefree attitude (despite what had happened to her), amazing strength in battle (as Thor called her the “fearsome warrior” to introduce her to his friends). She’s determined, kicks ass, and stubborn as hell. A cold heart to her enemies, but a warm soul for her friends. The lucky ones are the few she decides to truly trust. The world is her oyster, as she had traveled mostly everywhere and done some things just as crazy as herself. Her team is extremely protective over her just as much as she is over them. But what would happen if something disrupted that? Has Tony finally gone over the deep-end?

Chapter 1: Welcome to Asgard

Chapter 2 (Part 1): The Cave of Time

Chapter 2 (Part 2): The Cave of Time

Chapter 3: The Plan

Chapter 4: The Winter Soldier

Chapter 5: Half-Naked

Chapter 6: Alive

Chapter 7 (Part 1): The Mechanic

Chapter 7 (Part 2): The Mechanic

Chapter 8: The Real Truth

Chapter 9: Take Me Home

Bonus: What a Dog


~Part 3~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Tony had finally reached his breaking point after his parent’s dying, himself being kidnapped, tortured, constantly living with shrapnel in his chest, learning that his weapons were being used for terrorism, fighting aliens, almost being lost in space, almost losing Pepper a good five times, finding out (Y/N), his absolute best friend, had cancer, her almost dying, then finally watching his friends die in an extra special vision from Wanda. If you think you’re life is fucked up… So, he built Ultron who threatened the Avengers lives, then the world with complete destruction. What a stand up guy. (Y/N) with her team, her ice magic, and her sharp tongue took down the bastard in a Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle that nobody would soon forget…not even if they tried. After Vision had lifted from his coffin, he related what Thor had always suspected of (Y/N): she had a piece of the Orb, The Power Stone, lodged in her heart, placed there by Hydra to spur on her ice magic. The only reason this worked was due to (Y/N)’s rare cardiac cancer. (Y/N) had been attacked for years by Hydra and other aliens for her involuntary gift, but she was too strong. Nobody would ever be able to kill or control the fiercely stunning girl who’s sarcasm itself, could kill a man. Never again (and yes, she has died before. Like a zombie, she’s not actually dead, so yay). Wanda lost her brother, Pietro, in the war which sent her, obviously, in a downward spiral of depression, but (Y/N) knew how to help her because she had also lost her brother years before to her own father. Steve and (Y/N) welcomed Wanda into their apartment where they all lived quite happily despite their far and recent pasts. Now, Steve, (Y/N), Wanda, Nat, Sam, Rhodey, and Vision are the new Avengers. And this is where the story continues.

Chapter 1: Age of Ultron (She Named Without, Hopefully, Infringing Too Much on Marvel)

Chapter 2: A Suit of Armor and Three Too Many Beers

Chapter 3: Home Run

Chapter 4: Magic

Chapter 5: A Shot to the Heart

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Bonus: Let’s Beat Them Into Shape

~Part 4~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: (Y/N)’s cancer and attacks get sorted out by Tony and Bruce in Malibu. Afterwards, (Y/N) faces her “father” by only blood in The Raft before he is executed (God, I just keep getting lazier and lazier with these summaries).

Chapter 1: The Mansion in Malibu

Chapter 2: The Killer Surf

Chapter 3: I Need Help

Chapter 4: A Peaceful Sleep

Chapter 5: Goodnight

~Part 5~ Avengers x Fem!Reader series: The Life of an Avenger

Summary: Eh, fuck it.

Bonus: Crazy Is, As Crazy Does

Prequel: Into the Rabbit Hole

Yet Another Prequel: Girl’s Day

Chapter 1: LAGOS

Chapter 2: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Chapter 3: I See Red

Chapter 4 (Part 1): Civil War

Chapter 4 (Part 2): Civil War

Chapter 5: A Sorrow Like The Sea

Chapter 6 (Part 1): Through The Looking Glass

Chapter 6 (Part 2): Through The Looking Glass

Chapter 6 (Part 3): Through The Looking Ass

Chapter 7: Destined For Nowhere

The Life of an Avenger Playlist



Chapter 10

When fate is involved, can Emma and Killian change their destiny so their love transcends time and space to give them their happy ending?

Chapters 1-epilogue- on AO3 and on Fan Fiction

On tumblr (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16)(epilogue)

Words ~6400     Rating T

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~             ~~~~~~~~~~

Killian (2012)

The next few days were a maelstrom of activity as the men made plans for their father’s body to be transported to England.  In addition to handling their father’s affairs, both had to make sure that their own businesses were taken care of and Killian was never happier for the efficiency of Tink.  She helped him rearrange or get coverage for all his cruises, as well as any other details for the business. Before he knew it, he and Liam boarded a plane, that would be one of several, taking them to Lymington, where their father would be laid to rest next to their mother.

As Anna had gotten sicker, she had taken Killian aside and told him that she had made burial arrangements for when it was her time.  Of course, she hadn’t told him that the plot had also included a resting place for Brennan, but after finding instructions in Brennan’s personal papers, several pieces of information that had come up, now made more sense. They arrived in Lymington in the early evening and after checking into a local Bed & Breakfast had a small meal and retired as both knew the next day would take a toll on their emotions.

Brennan was buried on a Tuesday, a week after his death, on a cloudy, damp day.  A small service had been held in Miami just before they left as both Liam and Killian knew their father no longer had connections, in this small town.  Knowing that he might need extra layers of clothing after being in the warm climate for so long, he had chosen black slacks, a dark gray wool sweater layered over a black henley, low black boots, and his black leather jacket. Pulling it on for the first time in a while since it was worn so infrequently in Florida, the leather still had some of the stiffness from when he had purchased it several years previous.

As Killian opened the door to leave the room, expecting to have to stop by Liam’s room, he was pleasantly surprised, to see him waiting in the hallway.  Walking down the stairs speaking in soft tones, the men were unaware of several pairs of eyes following them out the door.  A car was waiting to drive them to the cemetery, and climbing in, they sat back for the short trip.  Arriving they walked toward the plot where Brennan’s casket was waiting.  After a local clergyman said a few words and as the casket was lowered, Killian felt goose pimples rise on his arms and he noticed two spots of air around them appeared to glow, come together and then fade upwards.  As they disappeared, Killian looked around to see if they were still alone, as he thought for a moment that he had smelled his mum’s perfume.  Glancing over at Liam, he noticed a similarly befuddled look.  Liam raised his eyebrows in question, but since the clergyman didn’t seem to be aware of anything remiss, they turned back to the casket to see that it had reached its final resting place.  Shaking the hands of the attendant, they walked out of the cemetery and after dismissing the car, ambled toward town both lost in their own memories.

Killian was the first to break the silence, “Did you feel their presence back there?”

“I felt something Killian, and to be quite honest, I like to think that they reunited and moved on.”

“I like that idea also Liam.  I hope they find peace.  It seems now we’re the lost boys that dad always considered himself to be.”

“Except little brother, I have you, which keeps me from being completely lost.”

Since it was such a solemn moment, Killian decided to let the ‘little’ comment pass, “Aye, and I have you.”

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