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“It doesn’t matter who you play, at this level it gets highly competitive. We expect a dogfight when we get to Charlotte.” - Miami HEAT head coach Erik Spoelstra addressing the media after tonight’s 4-point #HEATwin over Charlotte via @miamiheat

TMZ News Report - Tyson KING Brown

9:30pm Friday 9th:   

                     ”Breaking News, Miami Police have just arrested NBA, Miami Heat superstar, Tyson Brown at his home at around 8pm tonight. Tyson who is also known by the name of ‘King’, is said to have been arrested for murder, although details are still developing. So far there is no word from Tysons’ rep or family and no official statement has been released.

10:45pm Friday 9th : 

                    “Sources are saying that dozens of armed police officers crashed a family birthday dinner which was taking place for Tyson’s fiancee, Nalani Lueche at their Miami beach front mansion. It was said that Tyson did not resist or react to the intrusion that had him forcefully removed in front of his family and his three year old son.

8:00am Saturday 10th:

“This just in, following the sudden arrest of NBA star Tyson Brown, Miami Police force have revealed details. Brown is indeed being charged for murder after the body of his former girlfriend Adrianna Jeffries was discovered in her apartment a few days ago. Police show that Adrianna was drowned in her bathtub. Still no word from Tysons rep.

9:45am Saturday 10th:

                    “It looks like Basket Ball star Tyson Brown will be spending the weekend in holding, as bail can not be requested until courts open on Monday. Police are insisting that his bail will mostly likely be denied as they have evidence that links Tyson to the murder. We have also been told that Tyson has been uncooperative with the questioning and instead has stayed mostly silent since his arrest last night.

10:30am Saturday 10th:

                     ”Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has called an emergency conference this morning in wake of the sudden arrest of Tyson Brown. Here is what he has said about the situation, ‘Tyson is expectational human being, over the years I have had the pleasure of watching the young man turn into the player he is today. I find it disheartening and hard to believe that the Tyson we all know and love would commit such a crime. I speak not only for myself but on behind of the rest of the team and staff that we will stick by Tyson until a substantial amount of evidence is provided or until he is convicted. Until then, Tyson will continue to have mine and the teams support during this time and as for right now, as per the NBA regulations, Tyson will be put on suspension until he beats the case and is able to play again. We would like to thank the fans for the continued support and understanding and ask that you please respect the privacy of Tysons family during this difficult time. Thank you’.  That was exclusive footage from Coach Spoelstra who addressed a room full of news crews, only moments ago.”

11:00am Saturday 10th:

                   ”An exclusive source has spoken to us directly informing that the autopsy of Adrianna Jeffries may suggest that she was killed weeks ago. Due to the deterioration of the corpse the neighbour of Miss Jeffries called the police resulting in them finding the battered corpse. Now the only question on everyones mind is, did Tyson kill her?”

11:25am Saturday 10th:

                   ”This just in! Reports believe that the ‘evidence’ against Tyson may be in fact a ‘witness’. After the finding of the body, police sparked up an investigation, prompting a party goer to come forward and reveal that Tysons fiancee and his former flame had an altercation in a Miami nightclub some weeks ago. Though was this motive enough for the Basketball star to kill his former girlfriend? Seems unlikely, but we are led to believe that the police would have had to have a least a substantial amount of evidence to make such a drastic arrest.

1:30pm Saturday 10th:

"Tyson Browns manager Remy Cage has finally released as short statement on behalf of Tyson, "He’s innocent”. Talk about getting straight to the point, no other word on Tysons condition or what is transpiring behind closed doors as of yet”.