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Movie Affair

Chapter V

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Good ol’ cliché, language and a bit of teasing.

A/N: Whatever is in italics isn’t the readers point of view. Please cooperate with me and imagine Aaron doesn’t have dreadlocks in that gif 😅. It was the best one I could find.


“I want you to know,” I press my shoe deeper on his throat and straddle his arm against my body, twisting it. “I’m not somebody you can mess with. Are we clear Jack?” He nods taping my leg repeatedly and I let go of my grip. He lays on the floor breathing heavily and I rest my hands on my knees. My body slightly trembling.

“Aaand that’s a wrap everybody! Good job you can go home for the day.” Ross (aka Jack) and I sigh relieved. I help him up and we smile. “I beat your ass” I say and he shakes his head. “Only because the script says you do” he says in a laugh and I roll my eyes. It might’ve been true, because I didn’t know crap about fighting. But I wasn’t about to admit that

“You don’t think I could beat your ass?” I ask kicking an eyebrow up, he chuckles looking at me “You can beat this ass any day you want” He says winking, having me laugh hysterically “Walking away now” I say heading towards my trailer.

Before I can reach the small stairs Liz, the girl from costume calls me. “Hey, uh, wanted to invite you for dinner tonight cuz you know. First week is over yay! Most of the cast & crew is going.” She says all too quickly. “Dinner huh, sounds like fun” I say nodding and she smiles, starting to walk away.

“Ok, I’ll text you and send someone for you. Don’t forget to hang your costume outside!” She says and jogs away. It was early, do I could head back to the hotel and spend some time at the beach or at the pool before getting ready for dinner.

I change quickly into shorts and a tank top, calling for an Uber. I hang the costume on my door as I make my way out. It was 1:00pm so if I was quick my chances of getting a tan where still high. I waited some minutes for my lift and got to the hotel in 10 more .

Getting down from the car my phone vibrates on my pocket. I take a look at it jogging inside the hotel. The screen reads Dad so I ignore it and put it back on my pocket. My dad and I… well, let’s just say he wasn’t too happy that I left home at such a young age. Or that I didn’t study for a “real” career. “What will you do when you’re not pretty and young anymore?” “You have the brains to do something better.” Were usually his opening lines. And today I wasn’t in the mood for that.

Once in my room I take off my clothes and put on a bathing suit with matching swimming shorts. I grab my glasses, a towel and my phone. Staring at my dad’s missed called. I bite my lip. We hadn’t talked in a while, since I moved out to be exact. That was some very long months ago. I took a breath looking outside a glass window towards the pool. For him to put his ego down and actually call me was a lot. I bet it was important, otherwise he would have just told one of my brothers to check in.

Sighing I walks towards my bed and sit down, pressing the call button. Two rings after he picks up. “And then my only daughter decided to enlighten me with a call.” He says and I roll my eyes, not able to contain a small smile. “Dad” “Daughter” I chuckle dryly. “You called sir?” “Yes indeed Y/N, there are family news” he says excitedly and I frown. “What’s going on?” I ask

“Your brother is going to propose to his girlfriend” his voice sounds full of pride and I take a wild guess “Sebastian?” I ask.

My dad snorts and laughs “You’re smarter than that sweetheart”.

My eyebrows kick up “Chris and Daneel?”

“Chris and Daneel” ha affirms

“That’s so great! I’ll call him right away”

“Eh eh, hold that thought, the girl hasn’t accepted yet.”

“She won’t say no to him dad, they’ve been together what? Three or five years?”

“I don’t know baby but we are having an expensive dinner with her family. So he can ask her then.”

“She has a huge family dad!”

“Yes she does, which is why I’ll ask you to bring someone, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, I don’t care.”

“Dad I’m filming a movie right now, I can’t just take off whenever I want.”

“It’ll just be a day, I know you’re far away but this is a happy moment, for all of us.” he insists

“In case you haven’t heard, Miami and Nevada aren’t that far away.” I mumble.

“You’re filming in Miami?” He asks low-key surprised

“Yeah I am.” I bite my lip.

“How.. how’s that going?” I frown

“Filming is going great dad… Um, until now I’m just a bit of a bad ass, so nothing too challenging.”

“That sounds nice sweetheart.” His voice is suddenly low and absent.

“Everything alright?” I ask unsure.

“Yeah, yeah. Just.. thinking about your mom.”

“Oh” I look down at my thighs and take a breath “Well listen I was about to go down to the pool so, I’ll think about it. I’ll ask at work if I can take two days and try to go alright?” I offer.

“Yes honey please, it’ll mean a lot to your brother. And we all haven’t seen you in a while.” I sigh at his low sad tone.

“I’d like seeing you all as well dad,”

“Well” he seems to regain his excitement “It’s in three weeks, you let me know sweets.” “I will dad” I smile to myself “Love you” “Love you too babygirl”

•••••••••••• 2:25 pm •••••••••••••

As soon as my feet touch the water I’m ready to get in. The sun was hot and there were just a few kids playing on the shallow part so I took the swimming pants off. Realizing later there were some guys playing volleyball a few feets away from the pool, some of the checking me out. I sat on the edge and eventually pushed myself in, ignoring their gazes until they went away. Relaxing almost instantly, it was a shame I couldn’t bring a drink to the water.

I swim on my back from side to side, closing my eyes, enjoying the sound of peace. When a splash of water to my face disrupts said thing.

I open my eyes expecting to see some little kid messing around but instead there’s no one. Huh, maybe he ran away. I close my eyes again when I feel bubbles tickle my back. I frown ready to move but a strong arm holds me around the waist and submerged me. What the actual hell.

I fight against it but the person it’s obviously way stronger than I am so I try to squirm away, but nothing. I start freaking out but this person pulls us both to the surface, pressing me against it’s chest. I gasp for air as a laugh shakes this person’s body.

“You didn’t see that coming?” He asks with a sokovian accent and my mouth drops. I start hitting his chest angrily “What the fuck Johnson!? You scared the hell outta me!” I yell trying to twist around to give him a good slap but his other arm keeps me in place. I feel him lean into my neck and I tremble when I feel his hot breath.

He’s gonna say something but he finds himself stopping. I want to ask what is he doing, but I don’t want him to stop doing it.

He wants to ask why does she get like this when he is close… Why is she so responsive to his actions. But he doesn’t, he knows I’d be inappropriate. And he isn’t sure if he’d know what to do with the answer. So instead he says

“Sorry bout that, but I need you to turn around, laugh and kiss my cheek or hug me or something, like if we were together.” He says lowly and I blink repeatedly. He wanted me to what. “Why?” I whisper, afraid that if I speak up someone might here. Even if everyone was feets away.

“Cuz there are some trouble looking guys checking you way too much and I’d hate for them to do something.” His voice is deep, he sounded sort of mad. My breathing falters as he let’s go of me and I stress under my skin. What the hell was I gonna do?! I slowly turn doubting my every step. My skin seems to want to burn off. I lock eyes with him, trying to hide the troubled look on my face. Was I scared of the men checking me out? Was I scared of what I was about to do? Was my heart pounding agaisnt my chest? Was I even breathing?! WHO THE HELL KNEW? Certainly not me. I put my arms around his neck walking closer. I don’t look at him, I’m focused on not giving myself away on how much I actually wanted him. His hands travel to my waist again and making me gaze towards him. “You’re scruff is really coming together” ugh me and my annoying ass mouth. Hell I said that for? He chuckles

“I can practically feel your heartbeat” he says and I smile nervously. “I’m just scared of those guys” I lie. Aaron was here, I was in his arms, if it came to that I was feeling rather safe really. “They won’t do anything as long as I’m here” he assures me and grabs my chin for emphasis. “That’s why I’m doing this Y/N ” he clarifies and I nod. He just 《had》 to remind me of this fact, internally i roll my eyes. Well then, if this was my only chance…. I might as well make a good use of it. I start leaning in, asking myself if I had the balls to do it. Would I truly kiss him? Take advantage of a situation like that? Oh God. I get a feeling on the out of my stomach, I look at his lips and when I’m milimeters away from them he wets them making my breath falter again. But I dodge them and rest my chin on his collarbone instead. Blood rushes through my head like crazy, I can feel it pumping through my veins and Aaron’s hand stress around my waist. I breathe in and out deeply, loudly, like if all this time I’d been holding my breath. And hell maybe I was

What now? I push away and chuckle, Aaron’s lips are pressed together and I play with the hairs on the back of his neck. I smile, did I just tease him?

“You really suck at acting” He says and my smile falters. “You think that’s convincing enough?” He says pulling me closer and I swallow hard. Oh shit this was really turning me on. I put my hands on his chest now, like if I was going to actually create resistance in the event of him kissing me. And for a moment I thought he was. But my BIG mouth had to go ahead and ruin that. “What if I don’t wanna convince them?” I teased and he frowned “Perhaps I like the attention.” I say smirking. I OBVIOUSLY did not, I don’t even know why I said that? Why was I still talking? Why did I even speak on the first fucking place. Aaron’s face falls completely and he lets go of his hold on me. Making me feel empty for a second.

“You should really be more careful” He says with a tone of angry on his voice. “I won’t always be around to look after you like a little kid.” He says and walks to the edge, getting out of the pool and leaving me there with my mouth half open.

What the hell had I done?

I see him walk towards the guys who are playing volleyball and join them. I blink fiercely a few times. I screwed up. Me and my BIG fucking mouth and screwed up and great fucking opportunity. I could feel it. And I wanted to kick myself for it. I get out with every intention of going back to the room. But I take a look at the water once more, so I simply put my pants on and dive in head first instead. Taking my time I sit at the bottom of the pool and let all of my air out slowly, calmy.

He finds himself looking over at the pool. At the very same spot where she dived in. Head running with thoughts. He worries when she won’t come out but relaxes when she emerges, taking a deep breath. He smiles, she was beautiful. He knew she truly didn’t like the attention, but he would act mad at her just a little longer. See where that takes him.

She repeats the little ritual over and over, until she’s relaxed again. And a few hours later she gets that text from Liz. She knew what she was gonna do, go out that night, drink, have some fun and even attempt getting lucky. Thinking maybe if she could get laid, her want for Aaron would go away. But oh how wrong she was.

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Who Hurt You? (Part 2)

Title: Who Hurt You? (Part 2)

Characters: Tony x Reader, Gibbs, McGee, Abby, Vance

Word Count: 2,538

Warnings: Angst, and a little fluff.

A/N: Here we are with the second part of this Tony Series! Hopefully you all enjoy this part too! The next part will be posted either a week from today, or sooner! Here is PART 1!

The tires to the car screeched to a halt as Gibbs pulled up to your apartment.  The three men climbed out of the car and looked around.  “Is he home,” McGee asked as you got out of the car, shutting the door.

You nodded, “yeah, his car is here.  He probably hasn’t moved, knowing him.”  Your boyfriend had quit his job as soon as he moved in, which didn’t help.  He wasted his unemployment on beer and cheap takeout food that you hated.  You had to use most of your money on bills, not that he cared.

“Let’s go.  [Y/N], keys,” Tony asked, extending his hand towards you.  He didn’t look worried anymore; his look was stern, just like Gibbs.  McGee was the only one who still looked concerned.  Maybe he was worried for your boyfriend.  The last time someone messed with either you or Abby, they ended up in prison.

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Title: Fatal Attraction (Part 3.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Diana (original female character)
Ike finds out who Diana really is.
Word Count: 1,906
Warning: None.
Author’s Note: I was going to make Ike find out a bit later in the story, but I couldn’t help it. I needed the angst. Fast, lol. Things are heating up now that Ike knows who Diana is and just exactly who she belongs to.

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

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So regarding Irma v2

So for those of you who didn’t see, we were gonna leave last night but decided against it (and I subsequently deleted the post) because Irma was gonna go through Miami and go through the rest of Florida before it slowed down to a category 2 and hit us.

It is no longer going through Miami.

You heard me right. It is now curving around the bottom of Florida and slamming *directly* into where I live. Meaning it’s not going through all of Florida, meaning it’s not slowing down. We don’t feel safe so we’re gonna pull a Wally and Get Outta Here.

Please everyone stay safe. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your time.

Okay today was completely calm but that doesn’t mean anything. This could just be the calm before the storm. They said this storm is gonna be worse than Andrew. I don’t remember Andrew, i don’t know if I’m old enough to remember it.

God help us all.

The Last few weeks when it rained, it rained HARD. It was like driving through a lake. That’s definitely NOT a good sign.


Thanks guy i am so glad everything turned out ok, but in all seriousness learn from my stupidity, if they tell you to evacuate then EVACUATE, screw your house. your life and your family comes first.

I was in miami but i heard naples got some flooding, hope everything’s fine.


Lots of frayed nerves over the last couple of weeks. My family in the Bahamas and Miami are safe. I heard from the Ambassador of the Bahamas to the United Nations who gave me a full report. My friend who lost everything in Hurricane Hector is recovering and grateful to the outpouring of love and support. I think her meeting @beyonce helped a lot. The Dr.and his family that rescued her has opened their home to her indefinitely. I still have not heard from my friend in #KeyBiscayne , so still saying a prayer she is ok.
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You heard right. Sorry to break everyone’s heart, but I’m headed down to Florida for a skating competition; hosted by the greatest skater of all time, Mr. Tony Hawk. This is a big deal for me. If I qualify then I can compete all over America! So, no pressure or anything. I’m pretty sure I’m ready to go..

Bags packed  ✓

Skateboards ✓

Plane tickets ✓

Why do I feel like I’m missing something….?

Back in Style: Chapter One

Camila and Lauren run into each other three years after their break-up. As easy and wonderful as getting back together sounds, the girls have changed. One holds a secret. The other holds painful memories of a terrible break-up. But the question remains: Do they start over or do they leave each other with memories of a past relationship?

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