miami collective

honestly my favorite line from “Uptown Funk” is definitely “make a dragon wanna retire, man” because that’s honestly such a great mental image. an elderly, tired dragon taking a look at Bruno Mars and going “alright then, that’s my sign. time to let the young ones have at it.” taking out their 401k gold hoard. moving to a cave in Miami. collecting dragon pension


Marc Ange, ‘Le Refuge’.

Light concrete Base and light concrete Pots, Metal, foam and fabric Stems
Metal, foam and fabric Leaves, Foam and fabric Cushions.

Dimensions : L 280 – 550 x W 300 x H 206 cm.

The Invisible Collection in collaboration with The Green Gallery.


Georgia Easton - Heal Me

Miami Dance Collective


“I should never have been allowed to walk into a store and buy this pop figure” I say aloud to myself as an adult, sitting here making my Rick vinyl figure kiss my bobble head of Stan Pines.