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“I should never have been allowed to walk into a store and buy this pop figure” I say aloud to myself as an adult, sitting here making my Rick vinyl figure kiss my bobble head of Stan Pines.


Miami Art Week: Mana Urban Art Projects x Bushwick Collective Block Party

GIfs by @samcannon

Watch out Miami, Bushwick is coming to town. We had to show some pride and check out the artists preparing their new pieces in Wynwood for the Bushwick Collective block party. There are 55 artists. The paint sponsor: Kobra. This has Perrier written all over it.

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The Never Released Air Jordan“Black Grape” 5s 

When the grape 5s released back in 2013, Jordan Brand then quickly followed with a all new blacked out version dubbed the “Black Grape” 5s. Although what was released to the public was nothing compared to the images above, instead they were released with an all black nubuck upper, while these never released samples are outfitted with a premium leather with the iconic hints of teal and purple. Would you guys have liked to have seen these drop instead?

Images Via: The_collection_miami


The Flowers Personified was another random shelf-grab that paid off nicely.  Miami has a strong collection of 19th century botanical texts, but this one is a bit different.  As translation of the French Les Fleurs Animées, it was published in 1849, and it features dozens of beautiful hand-colored engravings of familiar flowers as fashionable ladies.

In fact, the books bill themselves as “Modern botany for ladies; and Ladies horticulture.”  They’re also bound in beautiful leather publisher’s bindings, covered in elaborate gold stamping.  Definitely not your typical botany books!