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What's wrong with la la land?

you mean Hollywood Handjob? overrated and boring. Nothing against ryan and emma and everything against “we worked so hard to get this story told” when Moonlight’s playwright Tarrel Mccraney literally had the script for 10 years trying to get it made. I have never seen a commercial movie like Moonlight and it’s such an important movie and I’m beyond thrilled it got the accolades it did. Moonlight deserved it. No one could shut up about La La Land and It’s annoying when something is overrated. Sorry that doesn’t jive w ya.

I’m also biased. aside from all the good work Moonlight does for most importantly POC and less importantly the arts scene in Miami, Tarrel is an alumni to the same arts conservatory I went to. I’m proud of him. Proud of the movie.

I realize this ask was about La La Land but I wanted to follow suit to the Oscars and hijack this post to talk about Moonlight