miami 'heat

sin-aringiscaring  asked:

Hiiiii!! Idk if you like to do art that isn't zerover but I've had this mental image of Miami Morty sitting in Rick's lap and looking cute while Rick makes a drug deal... I'd draw it myself but I suck at drawing (like a lot) and I really like your art style 😅 if you're not into it that's okay!! Thank you 💕💕

oh my god. apologies for the late answer, btw, but here you go!!

 adding to this i’m very glad you like my art style!! it was fun drawing miami rick and most especially miami morty, and having played with a miami themed palette (which also broke my eyes, but i found the effort to use the layer modes to save my life) added to the fun of it, hehe. thank you for requesting!! <3