From Chris:

Recently, Jess and I dropped into a shop in Lahaina that sells old travel posters and ads. The more I looked at those giant posters with their beautiful girls and glowing sunsets, the more I thought how much I’d like to make one as well. Since we also needed a new limited-edition print for 2015, and since Nim and her girls are based in Miami, why not make her the first in a series of “Rescue Sirens” prints?

It seemed like a natural fit, so that’s exactly what we did. To preserve the feel of those old lithographs, I took the unusual step of using traditional watercolor instead of Photoshop to color Nim. Her flowing lines are inked by brush and then tinted on the computer.

Lounging in the blush of sunset, Nim beckons you with her smile and signature turquoise blue tail to come join her in Miami in this 13"x19" print. Signed and numbered in a closed edition of 150, Nim is printed on heavy-weight fine art paper and bears the embossed “Rescue” Sirens logo. Purchase this print at our San Diego Comic-Con International booth for $50, limit one per customer.

(Final print does not include watermark and text.)


Four star Miami commit, Sam Bruce. Can’t wait to watch this kid play