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Happy Birthday Baby - Conor Maynard Imagine

Summary: It’s your twenty-second birthday and you’re missing your boyfriend, but things are never what they seem.

Word Count: 1302

Author’s Note: This was partly inspired by my birthday last Wednesday, partly by the finale of Vampire Diaries and partly by @thatcherjoesuggimagines and her inherent love of my writing and particularly an original character I've created named Penny. For the benefit of the reader, I’ve changed all mentions of Penny to Y/N. This was also inspired by me reading every single Conor imagine that @suggxmaynard has written.

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“Y/N! Hurry your ass up!”  

Y/N rolled her eyes at the sound of Layla’s voice yelling at her from up ahead of her, always the impatient one that girl.

Tugging her jacket closer to her body, she sped up slightly, the heels on her boots clicking loudly against the pavement as she hurried to where Layla and Mia were waiting for her, less than patiently in Layla’s case.

“No call yet?” Mia asked her friend gently, her green eyes flicking over to her best friend and a small frown appearing on her face at the shake of the head she received in response.

It was her twenty-second birthday today, and Mia and Layla were taking her out for an evening, but she had no clue as to where they were going, or how they’d wound up in one of the richest parts of London.

However, as much as she loved her friends, she was missing her boyfriend deeply. Conor always went super big for her birthday in some massive and elaborate way that had her rolling her eyes at him, but she had come to enjoy the excitement he got out of planning something so extreme for her birthday. Besides that, she hadn’t even spoken to him today and was very very scared that he had forgotten her birthday altogether because someone else was on his mind.

She had always prided herself on being a chilled-out girlfriend, she generally didn’t object if a guy spent a lot of time with his girl-friends and she wasn’t crazy jealous or possessive because most of her friends were guys too. She had never seen the point in being crazy jealous … until Conor.

She wasn’t sure what it was about Conor that was so different to her other relationships but it made her skin crawl to even see another girl near him, and he was the same way with her, they had a very close and very physically affectionate relationship, so him going away as suddenly as he did for as long as he had, three weeks and four days, had been kinda rough on both of them. Neither one of them were fantastic at the whole ‘communication’ thing so after a while things became really hard and her doubts about their relationship had multiplied ten-fold.

She refused to be upset on her birthday, though. Even though her boyfriend was a moron and even though he’d forgotten her birthday, it was her day, not his and as such, she was determined to enjoy it.

“Either one of you mind telling me what we’re doing on this side of Regent Park? And why we walked? There would have been plenty of room to park on the side of the road …” Y/N commented as she jogged to keep up with their long strides, a sudden chilly breeze reminding her that it was March and not July - something she had tried to point out to them when they’d forced her into this lovely yet impractical ensemble.  

“Oh my gosh, quit your whining, we’re here you lil grouch,” Layla snapped, the three girls coming to a stop outside of a large and opulent house, the white porch that wrapped all around the home making Y/N feel oddly calm. But something still wasn’t adding up.

“Where is here, exactly?” She asked carefully, eyeing the house with mild intrigue, “I know I was the one who wanted to do something different tonight but honestly, I would have been fine drowning my sorrows in a bottle of wine and a neverending bowl of pasta,” she trailed off, taking a sharp breath when the thick and ornate front door swung open, the sound of rambunctious laughter spilling from the inside.

Nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

Because standing on that porch, with an impossibly cheesy grin on his face was Conor Maynard, wearing the jumper that had taken her nearly three months to knit because he wanted a Weasley jumper out of Harry Potter.

“C-Con?” Y/N could barely utter his name as she looked up at him, willing herself to believe this wasn’t another dream.

“Happy Birthday Baby,” As soon as the words left his mouth, she was running full pelt towards him, her heels clicking loudly against the pavement as she launched herself up the stairs and into her boyfriend’s arms, wrapped her own around him as soon as he was within reach.

Curling her arms around his neck tightly, she clung to his body, having to stand on her toes even with the platforms under her shoes. “You’re here,” she mumbled in disbelief, her face buried in his neck as she held onto him, the feeling of him in her arms again setting her body on fire. “You didn’t forget,” she whispered, barely audible as she registered that Layla and Mia had disappeared inside of the house, no doubt going to find their own boyfriends.

“Is that what you thought? That I forgot your birthday?” he chuckled softly, pulling back slightly to look at her face and not at all surprised to see the shy little smile on her face or the blush that was threatening to creep down her neck. “I will never forget you, I will love you till the day I die,” he grins as she rolls her eyes at him, shoving his shoulder slightly.

“Does everything have to involve a pop song with you?” she scoffed playfully, pushing him away in jest, only for him to use her extended wrists to pull her towards him again. Using their position to his advantage, he slipped one hand behind her neck and ducked down to seal his lips against hers in a sweet kiss.

Y/N had learned very early on in the relationship that Conor was good at using kisses to distract her. He was a very good kisser and the only boyfriend she’d ever had where she was completely content to just make out with him for hours and not feel the pressure to go to the next step. As such, she often got lost in his kisses and it was very easy for him to coerce her using this, which is why she really wasn’t overly surprised at the heavy feeling around her dainty wrist when they separated for air.

Pulling her wrist up for a closer look, she felt her eyes widen at the glimmering blue sapphires that blinked back at her, “I’m not gonna bother asking how much it cost, because I already know it would have been too much, and I’ve spent far too much of today being upset with you for forgetting,” she speaks softly, glancing up at him over the rim of her glasses.

Smiling at her softly, Conor ducks down again to press a smooth kiss to her cheek,  delighting in the blush he could feel against her skin. “Come on, let’s go get some cake so you can make your wish for Jack to be turned into a squid,” he chuckles, wrapping an arm around his girlfriend and leading her inside.

Humming slightly, she leant into his side as he walked them inside the house (which was as lavish on the inside as the exterior was) a tiny “I love you” being mumbled against his sweater before all of their friends launched into an extremely raucous version of Happy Birthday.

Conor didn’t need to reply for her to feel reciprocated and if his arms always seemed to linger around her waist and his lips didn’t stray far from her neck for the rest of the night, then that was okay too.