mia san mia

i’m on the verge of crying because i can’t believe this is how xabi and fips are saying goodbye to champions league in their careers, i also can’t believe the ref bad calls and that carlo didn’t sub off vidal early enough and subbed off lewy but i really can’t be mad at bayern. manu doing god’s work as always, mats and boa playing well even through injury and pain, we just fought as hard as we could. i’m really sad right now but i’m so damn proud of my team. mia san mia and let’s get that double for xabi and for fips.

K but this team is the best team EVER! Mats and Boateng playing even tho they weren't already recovered, Manu showing why he's the BEST goalkeeper in the world, Lewy running for every ball, Thomas coming into the pitch with such a great attitude, Philipp being as perfect as always and absolutely every single player giving everything they could, I love this team so bad and I'm so proud, DANKE BAYERN!! MIA SAN MIA
thank you fcb! ❤️ onto our next challenge!

thank you, manuel neuer. you’re literally a brick wall and you just can’t control some things in a game. in both legs, you just exhibited another performance proving you’re the best in the world.

thank you mats and boa. you worked your asses off during the 120 minutes. even with injuries, you didn’t want bayern losing with dignity. i applaud you, and i’m not worried about the mistakes my liebchens.

thank you, david alaba. you did everything that was expected from you, which isn’t surprising. you work your ass off every game and don’t receive recognition. but we see it.

thank you, fips. i’m sorry this had to be your last UCL game. i’m sorry we couldn’t give you the best exit, the situation was out of our ability. you went down fighting, like the captain you have always been.

thank you, thiago. seeing you transform as a midfielder this season has been amazing. you were by far one of our best players tonight. it devastated me seeing someone who works so hard lose it all so quick.

thank you, my ginger baby xabi. your last UCL game, and it had to be a loss. everything went wrong today, but seeing you take in your last minutes broke my heart. no one deserves this, especially not you.

thank you, arturo. we can’t blame you. you did what any rational midfielder would do. buts its ronaldo, the worlds biggest crybaby. you cannot blame yourself for anything in these two legs, and we understand you did everything you could for the team.

thank you, lewy. without you in the first leg was hard. but you made sure you were here for us in our downfall. you scored. you did your part. but sometimes, even that isn’t enough with real. and the refs. and being taken out sucks. but you put every last ounce of pride onto the field.

thank you müller, there isn’t words to express this match for you. you’ve been through this one before. you tried getting another one in the net, that was your duty. you always work hard, and i have no doubt you tried your hardest to make things work.

thank you costa and kimmich, for being there when we needed you. its hard to come into game where you are opposed against. you did everything you could to try to turn things around for us. helping us counter and make our attacks look vulnerable did more than you know. we can always depend on you guys to work hard without recognition.

thank you, javi. you had everyone going against you in the first leg. and undeserved red just devastated the team, and i know it killed you today watching us play without you. there isn’t an easy way to play aggressive against a team that buys the game. you did everything you could for us, and your passion says a lot.

thank you boys. we had everything go wrong for us tonight. 2 offsides goals. an undeserved red card. referee just favoring real madrid without even trying to make it not obvious. but we did everything we could tonight with 10 men. we fought until the end, and that’s where it all matters. they might say “it only matters who scores at the end”, but i’m so proud of you guys putting every ounce of dedication into your game tonight, and leaving nothing on the pitch. we shouldn’t regret nothing. we can only learn from this point forward. let’s put our treble dreams aside until next season, and we can improve and try again. its time to focus on bundesliga, and time to clinch another title. we have no excuses from this point forward, only results. we left everything we had tonight in madrid, but somethings aren’t in our control. auf geht’s, bayern! pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and back to winning ways. mia san mia until i die. ❤️❤️