mia is a poop

tumblr is so toxic because if you like something you are automatically trash for liking it when its harmless. you enjoy dangan ronpa? youre a piece of shit! you read homestuck? go fuck yourself you piece of trash! enjoy shingeki no kyojin? wow, you must be garbage! apparently its so fun to be negative & hateful about everything. please keep your hate to yourself & allow others to enjoy what they want

Hey guys i need a bit of help

i have a project i need to do for human development class (it’s part of our final) & i need you guys to send me questions requesting advice about self-esteem/relationships/school etc because i really dont think i can come up with enough questions on my own. i will answer all of your questions & some of them will be chosen to be used in my project. i will do my best to give helpful advice & please make sure your questions are not inappropriate for school & Ye ah uvu 

if you dont wish to ask questions please reblog this as a signal boost it would be much appreciated!!!!